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195/65 R15 Rims: Know More About the Newest Rims for Your Car

Tire pressure is an extremely crucial aspect of vehicle operation. Ensuring tires are properly inflated or under-inflated can save fuel and wear & tear on your tires. Having the right type of rim installed on the vehicle will make all the difference to the ride quality. Few people consider one factor is the new 195/65 R15 rims.

Rims are critical in determining the ride comfort and handling performance of a vehicle. People often try to use their old rims on the new car. Using the wrong size of the rim on a new car can compromise the steering and handling capabilities of the vehicle.

It can also result in tire pressure issues that may cause overheating and potential tire failure. Changing rims to the right size will result in better ride performance.

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What are 195/65R15 rims?

195/65R15 rims are a type of rim that is 195 millimeters wide and has a diameter of 65 inches. This is a common type of tire size on almost every car, van, truck, and SUV in the market today. These rims are very popular in the United States and can often be found on imported vehicles. The vast majority of newer vehicles that have been made from 1995 onward will use a 195/65R15 tire as standard equipment.

What are the benefits of using 195/65R15 rims?

195/65R15 rims are a popular choice for drivers looking for performance and fuel efficiency balance. The smaller rim size allows the tire to deform more when it comes into contact with the road, providing better grip and handling.

Because of the smaller diameter, it is also possible to lower a vehicle's center of gravity by lowering the rim size. This reduces rolling resistance and increases vehicles' fuel efficiency. In addition, larger diameter rims give drivers a more planted feel to the car at higher speeds. 195/65R15 rims are also favored for their lower cost.

It is common for those who purchase a new vehicle to want the best deal possible, and this can often cause them to choose 195/65R15 rims. These rims are very affordable, allowing consumers to purchase all the equipment they need without breaking the bank.

Benefits of using 195/65R15 rims

  • The 195/65R15 rim size is a common size found on many vehicles.
  • The 195/65R15 rim size is a good size for various driving conditions.
  • The 195/65R15 rim size provides a good balance of performance and fuel economy.
  • The 195/65R15 rim is also an affordable size that allows consumers to purchase all their equipment without breaking the bank.
  • These rims can be found on various vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, or coupes. 195/65R15 rims are also available in different widths and specs - there are no end limits to what kind of tire you could mount onto it.

What are the different types of 195/65R15 rims?

There are three 195/65R15 rims types: steel, aluminum, and chrome. Steel rims are the most common type and the cheapest; aluminum rims are lighter and more expensive than steel rims, and chrome rims are the most costly. The following list explains each type of 195/65R15 rim and its benefits:

Steel rim: These rims are made from a mixture of iron, silicon, and manganese, creating an alloy that is hard yet very durable. Steel rims are the most common 195/65R15 rim types and are very durable. Steel rims are extremely heavy, weighing between 8-10 pounds each. However, they are very strong and can stand the wear and tear of everyday driving. They are recommended for drivers who have a rough and aggressive driving style.

Aluminum rem: Aluminum rims are a great option for drivers who have an aggressive driving style. This alloy is heavier than steel rims but lighter than chrome rims, and it is extremely durable and provides great shock absorption. Aluminum rims are recommended for drivers who have a "street" type of driving style and enjoy seeing other vehicles' pitting on the road.

Chrome rim: Chrome rims are a classic style for vehicle rims, and they are durable and lightweight and offer good shock absorption. These rims are recommended for drivers who like driving in a classic style and don't mind replacing their vehicle's wheels occasionally.

Mastercraft Stratus AS All-Season Tire - 195/65R15 91H

Mastercraft Stratus AS All-Season Tire - 195/65R15 91H
  • Tire Only - Wheel Not Included
  • 50,000 Mile Treadwear Protection
  • Advanced All-Season Tread Design
  • Deep, Lateral Shoulder Slots
  • Spiral Nylon Overwrap

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The Mastercraft Stratus AS is an all-season tire ideal for people who just want a good deal on a top-quality tire. As a versatile tire, Mastercraft offers a great deal for those looking for a tire that can be used in all weather conditions.

It has all the advanced features you'd expect from a high-performance tire, which helps it perform and deliver on safety. The Mastercraft Stratus AS has a deep, lateral shoulder slot that allows it remains stable at high speeds.

A reinforced sidewall makes it resistant to cuts, while the reinforced tread pattern makes it a good choice for wet weather. Featuring a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, it offers drivers who want to maximize their tires' performance a way to protect against uneven wear.

Haida Racing HD921 Summer Performance Radial Tires

Set of 2 (TWO) Haida Racing HD921 Summer Performance Radial Tires-195/45R16 195/45/16 195/45-16 84V Load Range XL 4-Ply BSW Black Side Wall
  • Treadlife: N/A
  • Season: Summer
  • Performance: Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger
  • Load Range XL, 4-Ply Rated, 4-PR

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Haida HD921 is a performance and high-performance tire for young drivers, sports enthusiasts, and first-time car buyers. The Haida HD921 delivers excellent road traction both in dry and wet conditions.

Having directional tread improves the tire's performance in summer weather and increases its stability and grip on the road. A circumferential groove in the tire prevents hydroplaning, while a solid center rib improves steering response.

Enhanced fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions are also results of the tire's lower rolling resistance. Besides reducing road noise in your vehicle's cabin, the tire's sidewalls protect the wheel from any damage.

Radial Crosswind All Season UHP Tire-195/45R16 84H

Crosswind All All Season UHP all_ Radial Tire-195/45R16 84H
  • Performance sedans, coupes, compact vehicles, and CUV vehicles
  • Rated V, W, and Y
  • Solid center rib gives enhanced handling and performance

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The Crosswind All-Season tires are designed to be ultra high performing. All-season, the symmetrical tread provides the driver maximum road contact and will enhance braking in wet and dry conditions.

Changing weather conditions have met their match in the Crosswind All-Season tires. The tire is rated M&S for all-season traction and performance. Under various conditions, tires with large shoulder blocks provide excellent cornering and handling stability. Crosswind All-Season tires come with exterior rim protectors to prevent curb-related damage to the wheels.

Tornel Classic All-Season Touring Radial Tire

Tornel Classic All-Season Touring Radial Tire-195/75R14 195/75/14 195/75-14 92S Load Range SL 4-Ply WSW White Side Wall
  • Treadlife: N/A
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Touring
  • Car Type: Passenger
  • Load Range SL, 4-Ply Rated, 4-PR

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The Classic Tornel is one of the best all-season tires manufactured for passenger cars and SUVs. It enhances ride comfort and provides increased safety due to great road holding.

The Classic has a negligible vibration level. The symmetrical ribbed pattern also improves high-speed performance and cornering seamlessness. As a touring, all-season tire, the Classic has high-speed performance, superior cornering, and a low level of vibration.

195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire

195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire
  • 195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire

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The 195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire offers a winning combination of performance and safety. The 195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire is a summer tire in a Blackwall design. It is a High-Performance All-Season tire made specifically for sports coupes, sedans, and minivans.

The 195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire is designed with a Maximum Performance Profile. The 195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire offers a smooth and quiet ride with impressive traction in light snow conditions.

This 195/55R16 tire has a load index of 87 and is rated for up to 415 lbs, depending on the application. The 195/55R16 Iris Ecoris 1955516 Tire provides up to 11,000 miles of even tread wear. Tires are made with DuraShield, an advanced system that protects against punctures, cuts, and cornering debris.

Hankook Ventus V2 concept 2 All-Season Radial Tire

Hankook Ventus V2 concept 2 All-Season Radial Tire - 195/50R15 H
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Load Capacity: 1047.0
  • 3D effect on block edge evenly distributes road surface contact for optimal handling and braking
  • HPSR (High Polymer & Specific Resin) Compound – ensures outstanding traction and braking on wet roads

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Hankook's Ventus V2 Concept2 tire is an economical, all-season tire for sporty coupes and sedans. This Hankook tire focuses on style and all-season performance, whether dry, wet or even snowy.

Fuel economy is improved with Ventus V2 concept2 tires thanks to their high-grip, silica-enhanced tread compound. Featuring an interlocking center rib flanked by notched shoulders and intermediate blocks, the tread is directional. Water is drained away from under the contact patch by four wide circumferential grooves, which enhances wet traction.

The 3D intermediate tread blocks, shoulder block notches, and sipes provide more biting edges. Despite the high speeds, the footprint pressure is maintained by two wide steel belts and spirally wrapped high-density nylon. This is an excellent high-performance tire for the money.

How to choose the right 195/65R15 rim size?

When choosing a 195/65R15 rim size, it is important to consider the type of vehicle and the driving conditions. The 195/65R15 rim size is good for a passenger car or light truck driving on the highway, and it is not a wise choice for vehicles driven in extremely rough conditions.

5 Rim specifications for the 195/65R15: Diameter: 17.5", Width: 5", and Height: 2.6" 

Check out other rim sizes: Rim diameter – The rim size is commonly measured in inches, widths, or millimeters. Diameter and height are related - the width of a tire can be changed if the rim's thickness is changed by stuffing the sidewalls with air (usually at the front). Also, look for tires that have more than 50% more width on rear tires than those with a 31-50% increase). 

How to choose the right 195/65R15 rim type?

When choosing a 195/65R15 rim type, it is important to consider the tire's size and width. Most 195/65R15 tires are designed for standard rims, but a few oversized and undersized options are available. 195/65R15 Rim Taper & Width

If you intend to use a high-performance tire, you should also choose a rim that has been designed for that specific purpose. This will ensure you get the best performance out of your new tire. Some rims will be designed to work best with a high-performance tire, and there are ones for low-performance tires.

How to choose the right 195/65R15 rim color?

When it comes to picking the right rim color for your car, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is the type of car you have – is it a sports car, a luxury car, or something in between?

The second is the color of your car – is it black, white, silver, or another color? Once you've answered those questions, it will be easier to pick the right rim color for your car. Many modern car models choose two main rim colors: black and silver. This is true for both low and high-end cars, so it is vital to choose the right color. Silver car rims

High-performance and luxury cars often have black rims, while more affordable cars will have silver rims.

What to Look for When Buying Rims and Tires

Tire and rim combos are not as simple as they may seem. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best tire and rim combo for your vehicle.

The first thing you need to do is determine what size tire you require. If you want a standard size, you can choose from all of the sizes your local tire store offers. However, if you want a larger or smaller size than you can find, fewer options will be available to choose from.

Next, you will need to figure out what type of vehicle your tires will be going on. This is significant because the type of vehicle will determine the best kind of rim for your tires and vice versa. For example, a car with rims that would slip on the rim's surface could use tires with low bead profiles to prevent this from happening.

How to Choose The Right Rim for Your Car?

The 195/65 r15 rims are the most popular type of wheel globally, and they are usually used in light trucks and SUVs. Approximately 20 inches wide and 7 inches high, they have a diameter of 20 inches.

Steel rims with 195/65 r15 tires weigh more than aluminum alloy wheels since they are steel. On the other hand, steel provides better traction and braking performance than its counterparts.

The 195/65 r15 is a tire size that was designed to provide a balance between fuel efficiency and performance. It is not as wide as the 205/55 r16 but slightly taller than the 195/65 r14. The height difference helps to improve traction and cornering stability, and the width difference provides better handling at high speeds.

What factors should be considered when choosing 195/65R15 rims? 

When choosing the right 195/65R15 rims, a few factors should be considered. The size and width of the rim are significant, and the overall diameter of the wheel. It's also critical to make sure that the rim will fit the car properly and that there is enough clearance between the wheel and the vehicle's body. There are also a few factors that should be considered, such as the color of the rim and its finish.

To choose 195/65R15 rims, you should consider the following:

Visual Size: Rims should be visually balanced, and they shouldn't look too wide, skinny, or odd overall when the rim is in its intended position on the vehicle.

Tire Compatibility: Certain rims and tires will behave differently; determine if your preferred exercise changes if you switch wheels. To compensate for different-sized tires, you might need to re-space your rims.

Rim Width: The proper fit of the rim and tire width can improve handling, braking performance, control stability, and cornering ability. Furthermore, a good fit allows all wheels in the set to look balanced and align correctly in their respective vehicles or other equipment. 

Rim Color: The rim color can make a blatant impact on the appearance of either wheel. Colors and styles are key to creating an attractive-yet functional image for people to notice once they're done looking.

How do I care for my cast aluminum alloy rims? 

You can probably clean your car's disc wheels yourself, but it's uncertain. While cleaning your aluminum alloy rims, get some wipes and goo-gone for that extra clean appearance and mirror shine. Follow those up with a good quality polish wax or the like; otherwise, your rotor will get warped due to permanent marks. 

To ensure their durability and longevity over time, these rims must be kept away from rain and other forms of water.

How do You Know Which Size of Rims Fit Your Vehicle?

Choosing the right size of rims is an invaluable decision for your vehicle. You need to know which size of rim is right for your car to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive.

Many factors determine the best rim size for your car, but the most important factor is the width of your tire. Before you buy new rims, you should measure your tire's width. Tire dimensions are usually written on the sidewall of each tire, or they can be found in a tire size chart. You can use online tools to choose the correct rim size for your vehicle if you don't know how to measure rims.

How to Choose Which Tire Fits Your Driving Needs?

The rim size determines the size of a tire. It's helpful to know the difference between these two things because tires that are not compatible with your car will not be able to fit on your rims. When looking for the right tires, it's important to know what type of vehicle you have to find the correct fit for.

A tire's size is determined by its diameter and width. The size in inches is written on the side of a tire and can be found in a chart online or at a local auto supply store.

The most common sizes are: P195/65R15, P205/60R16, P205/55R17, P225/45R18, P235/50R19, and P245/45Z

How to Measure Your Car's Rim Size and Find the Appropriate Tire Fitment for It?

195/65R15 rims are measured by their overall diameter and width. The overall diameter is measured in inches.

The width is measured at the widest point of the rim. The rim size is expressed in the overall diameter and width.

For example, a 195/65R15 tire is 195mm by 65mm diameter and 65mm wide.

The first step is to determine the diameter of your car's rim. It is pertinent to note that there are two ways to do this. One way is by measuring the rim's inner diameter, which is done by finding the distance between the inside edges of your rims. The other way is by measuring the outer diameter of your rim, which can be done by finding the distance between the outside edges of your rims.

The second step would be to find out what type of tire you want for your car and then determine what size it has. Once you have found out what size it has, you can use a conversion table to find out what size your car's rim needs to be. It will then work with that tire fitment.

How to install 195/65R15 rims

Installing 195/65R15 rims is not difficult, but it is important to take your time and follow the proper steps. Prior to beginning, make sure your vehicle is on a level surface and that the parking brake is engaged. Place the wheel on the hub and attach the lug nuts, ensuring they are tight.

Lower the car to the ground and torque the lug nuts to the manufacturer's specifications. Lastly, check your tire pressure and make sure that it is within the manufacturer's specifications for the vehicle.

Changing your car tires is a pretty easy process. It can be done by following these simple steps:

  • Find the jack and jack stand
  • Put the stand under the car
  • Lift the vehicle with the jack until you feel pressure on the tires (usually about 12 inches).
  • Loosen, but do not remove, the lug nuts on one side of the vehicle
  • Remove lug nuts from another side of the vehicle 6. Pull off the old tire and replace it with a freshly inflated one
  • Tighten lug nuts to appropriate torque setting (generally 24 to 32 ft-lbs)
  • Allow the tire pressure to equalize before using the jack again
  • 8. Continue with another wheel, repeating steps 6 and 7
  • 9. When finished, remove the stand and tools 

How to maintain 195/65R15 rims

If you want to maintain 195/65R15 rims, you should first make sure they are clean. Then, you can apply a coat of wheel wax to them to help protect them from the elements. If you want to get them back to factory condition, use a shot of dishwashing detergent and warm water to wash the entire wheel. Then use a rag to dry the wheel and apply the wheel wax.

To keep the wheels in shape, clean them once every month with a pressure washer and never drive them on salty roads.

What tire widths fit my wheelrim?

For example, a tire width of 175mm to 225mm is appropriate for 6" rims. Below is a chart with the answer.

Replacement OE (original equipment) tires should be used with wider aftermarket tires since only a few tire widths will match each rim width.

Here are some charts that can help determine what tire width you need based on the wheel/rim width.

However, it should be noted that the resultant tire list is incomplete, as several tire sizes are missing. Specifically, we refer to tire width (i.e., section width) and tire aspect ratio/series in this context. Rim diameter is not included. Only one or two tires out of the list would meet the requirement that they have an overall diameter close to that of OEM (original equipment) tires. The charts below present the metric tire data for passenger cars only.

Use the Tire Size Calculator - Tire Dimensions to compare your selected tire sizes to your original equipment tires dimensions. There are many reasons to do this.

These charts should also be used with our rim4tire calculator, which is complimentary. If you choose a tire size from the charts or the rim size calculator, then do this one more check in the Wheel/Rim size calculator:

Learn how to measure rim width for selected tire sizes to double-check that your selected tire size corresponds to your rim's width range below these charts.

What Are The Benefits of Using 195/65 R15 Rims?

195/65 R15 Rims are great for your car because they are light in weight and can handle high speeds.

195/65 R15 Rims provide a lot of benefits to the driver. One is that they are light in weight which helps handle high speeds. They also have a low rolling radius, which means you can turn tighter with them on your vehicle.

The Pros & Cons of Choosing a 195/65 R15 Rim

The 195/65 R15 rim size is popular for many cars, and it is the most common rim size and is good for all-around use. This rim size is suitable for most cars, has sufficient clearance for tyres, and has a longer life than smaller or larger rims. When driving in snow or off-road, the bigger rims can get stuck more easily, and the car may be slower due to its heavier weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to Buy 195/65R15 Rims

If you are looking for a place to buy 195/65R15 rims, there are a few different places that you can go. You can either go to a local tire store or go online to find a retailer. If you are looking for a good deal, you may want to consider looking online, as you can often find lower prices.

Does it make sense to put 195/65/r15 tires on 205/65/r15 wheels or wheels?

It is possible to put 195/65/r15 tires on 205/65/r15 wheels/rims.

It is important to measure the width of the tire and rim before purchasing.

The correct inflation pressure must be used to ensure the proper safety and performance of the tire and wheel combination.

For a 195 65r15 tire, what size rim should I get?

The tire size is 195/65/15. The rim size is 16 x 6.5 (J)

To qualify for a 0 rim, the rim must have a diameter of R15 and a width of at least 5.5" or 7".

Other popular rim widths for this size are 6" and 6.5".

The Aspect Ratio is also a factor to consider when mounting tires on rims - the 195/65R15 has an Aspect Ratio of 65%.

To find out the rim you need for a 195 65r15 tire, measure the diameter of the wheel at its widest point.

Then add 2 inches to that number. This will be the size of rim you need to buy.

For example, if the widest point on your wheel is 20 inches, then you'll need a 23-inch rim.

What are the differences and similarities between 195/60R15 rims and the 195/65R15 rims?

The rims for 195/60R15 are the same as for 195/65R15, and this means that the rims for these tire sizes will have the same dimensions.

Is it possible to take a rim from a 195/50R15 tire and put it on a 195/65R15 tire?

Yes, it is possible to switch out your tires for a different size and type – no problem. The rim size is the same so that it will fit.

What widths of rims fit my tires? 

The rim widths for tires with a 195/65 R15 size are 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0 inches in response to the original question. The following websites can help you determine wheel size: Wheel/Rim Size Calculator and Measuring rim for 

Tire Size chart - https://www.tyresizecalculator.com/charts/tire-width-for-a-wheel-rim-size-chart

Which is better: 195 65 r15 or 205 55 r16 rims?

There are many tire options available for cars. Two of the most popular sizes are 195 65 r15 and 205 55r16 rims. So, which one is better?

Well, that depends on what you're looking for. If you want a tire designed to last a long time and offer good fuel economy, the 195 65 r15 would be better. You may want to consider the 205 55r16rims if you want tires that will give you better acceleration and handling, the 205 55r16rims would be better.

How can I use this rim to improve my car's performance?

Rims are an influential part of a car's performance, and they help improve the car's handling and braking. Different types of rims are available, and each has its benefits. Here are some tips to improve your car's performance:

  1. If your car has a limited slip differential, consider adding a locker to it. An improved differential will help to improve your car's acceleration.
  2. If you've got a stick shift, install a 3rd or 4th gear shifter to avoid using all four gears. This will improve your car's acceleration.
  3. If you plan on modifying your car, make sure to use the correct sized rim.

Are there any drawbacks to using this kind of rim on my car's wheels?

There are no drawbacks to using this kind of rim on your car's wheels.

Do 195 65 r15 rims work?

Alternatives to tires include 195 65 R15. It has been an easy and viable solution for years due to its low profile and fewer performance limitations than many other options. 

How is 195 65 r15 different from a 16-inch rim?

195 65 r15 rims are constructed from aluminum, making them lighter and easier to install than steel wheels.

What is the best car rim for gas efficiency?

The width of the rim is a key factor in choosing a low-profile alloy wheel that will increase fuel efficiency.

Will a tire with a 65 aspect ratio work on a rim that currently has ...

A tire with a 65 aspect ratio will work on a rim that currently has a 55 aspect ratio. The smaller the number, the taller the tire.

Can I put 215/65/R15 tires on a rim that has 195/65 ...

Yes, you can put 215/65/R15 tires on a rim with 195/65/R15 tires.

Does anyone know if these 2008 civic rims are compatible with 195 ...

The 2008 Civic rims are compatible with 195/50R16 tires.

Can I put smaller than stock rims on my vehicle?

You can put smaller than stock rims on your vehicle as long as they are the same size or larger in diameter.

What size rim do I need for a 195 65R15?

A 195 65R15 tire will fit on a rim between 15 and 16 inches in diameter. The tire's width is also critical, as it must be wider than the width of the rim.

Can I put 195 tires on 185 rims?

Yes, you can put 195 tires on 185 rims.


195/65 r15 rims are a popular choice for tires on most cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs today. This size provides a suitable balance of performance and fuel efficiency, but it's critical to ensure that the right size is installed on a newly purchased vehicle. Using the wrong size of rim can lead to decreased performance and fuel efficiency.

195 r15 rims are high-performance tires most commonly found on cars today. When you have two sets of tires on at the same time, as stated in your vehicle's manual, this rim can handle 4 tires perfectly. 195 r15 wheels are good for all cars, not just honda civic.

Adding 205/55 R16 tires to your car will give an amazing look while also performing well. They will also improve the grip, which enhances your driving experience and makes you feel safe at all times when rolling down the road. For your vehicle safety, we suggest you get a 215/60 r15 tire set for these rims so they will last for years to come.