Are Falken Tires Good

Falken tire is a popular name in the North American market after being introduced in Japan in 1983. Then two years later it also became famous in European market. At first, Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries came forward with this name. It became eminent as having light truck tires, passenger car tire and truck tires.

Now the name Falken is very well-known all over the world. It is popular for making ultra high performance tires. Since the invention the company has participated lots of motorsports’ events.

The good news is that it got the International Mirage Cup in 1988. The most important events they had participated were Formula Drift Series, Tudor United Sports Car Champoionship IMSA and lastly 24 hours of Nurburgring.

Are you thinking about having a good Falken tire? No, tension. The company has very famous 3 models along with a short purchase guide. All information is very helpful for you when you like to buy a good tire.

We are all time by your side to give you the right information. The following models are the best. You can go through them to choose the right one.  

What is a falken tires

The company came to light in 1983. A Japanese company named Sumitomo Rubber Industry launched the program. At first they tried to make tires for SUV’s, trucks and passenger cars. The brand is a now extensively popular all over the world especially in Europe, USA and Japan. It is one of the best performance tires for using different vehicles.

The brand now became very admired and experienced lots to make high quality best performance tires for vehicles. The super feature of the tires is that it has racecar tire technologies. It also enables to grip well and enhance handling. One writer of the Fallen Tires review has mentioned its features and how the technologies help to increase the ability of your vehicles.

Are falken tires good? 

Over thirty years in manufacturing as well as designing motorsports industry, Falken made quality tires. They have no compromise with the quality of the tires. They are so serious that even a single model attracts the consumers much. There are lots of innovative features with the tires. Model isn’t a factor at all. Quality is a must for the Falken. The company came with NEO TO1 model. Really, Falken is super quality tire for the next generation users. All are completely controlled by the computer as there is no variation of sizes and shapes. Falken tires last longer than any other brands in the market. If you think of a good tire, you have no option other than the Falken. Do you have any confusion? Buy the Falken and enjoy safe riding on the road.

Why Falken Tires?

Why falken tires?

Experience with motorsports

Falken has won the Mirage award in 1988 for producing best quality tire. The name came with its features in 1985 in Japan. The team participated lots of international motorsport events and racing including 24 hours of Nurburgring.

Falken became so popular for mainly two reasons. One is for producing high quality and other is the best performance of tires is the best. Another reason is new digital technologies with computerized system. So there is no negotiation with the size and shape of the tire. 

The popular brand participated lots of events and won many awards. Besides it took part in lots of racing events. The tire is trendy for standard design and size.

Specially designed

Tire manufacturers like to design tire for different purposes. They make tire for SUV’s, sedans and trucks. There are some special reasons for which they also make tire for all season especially for winter and summer season.

There are only few categories of Falken tires available in the market. It doesn’t mean that customers have few options to choose the best tire. Customers are very much satisfied with the quality of the tire. Few options don’t indicate that there is any leakage of the Falken.

Falken is the only especially crafted tire which demands the need of the consumers. It is one tire which meets the need of the user on the varying terrains as well as different climate. The review of the Falken tire covers up the various types of Falken tire found in the market.

Design Features

Low noise

It is a good news for the tire users that there is less noise of the Falken tire. The smart design of the tire helps not to produce more sound. 

The engineers of the Falken use Silent Core Technology which produce less sound. This technology helps it to create less sound while moving on the ground.

The benefit of the Silent core technology is that it creates a type of foam layer made of polyurethane and covers up the side of the tire. Polyurethane produces sound less than 10 decibel which is environmental friendly.                  


Falken tire is made in such a way that every tire helps fuel consumption. As a result users can save fuel for various vehicles. Engineers studied lots and able to know how heat can reduce the act of the tire in its molecular level.

The company has applied 4D Nanetechnology which absorbs heat. This technology helps decrease rolling, gives super performance and lessens noise level of the tire. So the users get benefit to use fuel as it develops fuel efficiency.

Other benefit of the 4D is that it helps to increase the performance of the tire on wet terrains. Finally it also decreases fuel consumption up to 5% that a great benefit for the users.


Why Choose Falken Tires?

The Japanese Falken is only one brand that is famous not only in Asia but also famous in Europe and America. The company doesn’t produce lots of tires. They are only famous for SUVs, sedans and light trucks, ultra high performance tires, summer and all season. If they produce lots of tires, the quality may be faulty.

So they don’t like to produce lots of products. If they have lots of product in the market, consumers get confused and fail to choose the best one. Falken satisfies various demands of the consumers. This tire is based in Rancho Cucamonga. It produces great performance light truck and car tires. These tires last longer than any other tire in the market.


The Falken applies an innovative technique namely Neo-T01. All of its design is completely computerized. Size and shape is always exact. Moreover the sidewall material of the tire is completely wrapped.

They apply another good technique so that there happens no deformation. Construction is excellent. Overall size, quality and quality don’t vary from one to another. When you open the eyes to buy a tire, you have no option other than Falken.

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