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Top 6 Continental Pure Contact Tire Review

Every automobile user has the right to a prestigious tire with a smooth and joyful ride, and the continental purecontact tire is just the right pick.

The pure contact tires brought by continental will give you an amazing and comfortable ride as it guides you in the comfort of your wheel.

Continental tires range in various prices and grades. It is made add to your car a touch of its beauty and elegance. Though they might be a little expensive, with close consideration, it is worth every dim.

This continental purecontact review will show you why you should give in a little fund into establishing real vehicle poise and style.

Who Makes Continental Purecontact Tires?

The continental purecontact tires are manufactured by the continental company in Germany. The Continental AG company has been in business for the past 150 years producing excellent and durable car tires.

Design Features of the Continental Purecontact Tires

The continental purecontact tires are built for vehicles like sedans, sports cars, caravans, and luxurious cars. In fact, continental purecontact tires are made for people who enjoy the fun of real driving and car speed science without worrying about tire shredding.

It is a purecontact tire built with the one of a kind technological system, EcoPlus. It is made from a series of well-structured silica tread; this EcoPlus system will help balance your vehicle and keep you comfortable. It also gives room for reducing the level of resistance, letting you arrive at your destination with a little amount of fuel spent.

It also features healthy balance and speed through various types of roads- wet, dry or snowy and a nicely patterned design to add beauty to your car.

However, even if it wears off, the tuned working system enables this car to notify its user of its best performance at various times. It has dry, wet and snowy letter engraved to help the user know it's most efficient usage at the time.

Top 6 Best Continental Purecontact Tires Review

If you have a knack for taste and quality, then this purecontact continental tire is what you need.

This tire is meant to give an all-round riding pleasure whether during the hot, wet or snowy seasons. With its 16" rim tire, it also has an EcoPlus Technology that is enabled by silica to give you fantastic road contractions, reduces fuel spent and helps your tires last stronger. This 92V capacity can also give you comfortable riding experience.

CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All- Season Radial Tire-205/60R16 92V

Pros & Cons of CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All-Season Radial Tire-205/60R16 92V


  • Very affordable
  • The reduced wearing of tires


  • Might struggle a bit in wet roads.

When you think you have seen enough, then another beautiful tire comes in.

This 91V has an excellent comfy technology that keeps you balanced and absorbs vibrations throughout your journey. It's well-structured tire designs adds to your vehicle class, giving you a total package of beauty and elegance. Not to mention it's the ability to slash through snowy and wet roads. And what it does on dry roads will blow your mind altogether. 

 CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All- Season Radial Tire-205/55R16 91V

Pros & Cons of CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All-Season Radial Tire-205/55R16 91V


  • It is cost-effective
  • It is wider


  • It may be difficult to go through snowy weather.

This 17" rim diameter continental tire is designed for a different type of, from the regular, luxury sports cars. Let's review some of its features.

It's 10" thread debt make it durable and not easily worn out. It bounces features is easy for your vehicle to go through portholes without affecting you. Its silica technology gives you a memorable and silent ride through all weather conditions.

CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All- Season Radial Tire-245/50R17 99V

Pros & Cons of CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All-Season Radial Tire-245/50R17 99V


  • It is long-lasting
  • It is cost-effective


  • It might be difficult to go through wet roads.

If you are tired of the noise that accompanied your vehicle, then get ready for this riding masterpiece.

This tire comes with an incredible 19 inches rim diameter giving it's more grazing and screeching power. This all-round turner comes with a mixture of quality, beauty, and performance. Whether you are aiming for a long ride or a city tour, this 100V purecontact tire blazer will grant you a comfortable ride. Coupled with its EcoPlus system that reduces wearing off and saves fuel, your journey is about to get amazing.

CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All- Season Radial Tire-255/45R19 100V

Pros & Cons of CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All-Season Radial Tire-255/45R19 100V


  • Very affordable
  • Durable
  • Makes zero noise


  • It is heavy

If you have a love for speed and quality, then this continental purecontact with ecoplus technology will give you exactly that.

This 100V tire is built with silica treads which helps reduces the effect of the road even during screeches. And help maintain a proper highway and individual balance. These all-season tires are designed to maintain contraction with the way. It's getting better with its snow, wet and dry engravings that whenever it can not sufficiently serve any of those options. What better way can you think about safety while driving? This continental purecontact tire has gone it!

CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All- Season Radial Tire-235/55R18 100V

Pros & Cons of CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All-Season Radial Tire-235/55R18 100V


  • It is quite
  • It has EcoPlus Technology


  • Because of its weight, it may not suitable for all car types

This tire rack continental purecontact review because of some unique features. Let find out.

This 18 inches rim tire is just perfect has it will suit any car of your choice. Its comforting system will absorb vibrations as it takes you through any type of road without feeling the impacts. That's not all. This brand will help you save costs with EcoPlus Technology that reduces wearing out and saves fuel also. So, whether you are engaging in a short or long drive, this baby got your back!

CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All- Season Radial Tire-225/40R18 92V

Pros & Cons of CONTINENTAL PURE CONTACT All-Season Radial Tire-225/40R18 92V


  • It is very affordable
  • It is quite


  • Because of its small size, it may be challenging to go through medium snow.

Why Choose continental purecontact tire?

There are a whole lot of reasons for anyone to select a continental purecontact tire. Let's mention a few.

1. Very affordable

Continental Purecontact has very affordable. However, the standard 15-inch tire will go for about 90 dollars or so.

2. EcoPlus Technology

The EcoPlus system is one of the unique features of continental tire design. It enables this tire to go through various levels of contractions without wearing off and having imbalance.

3. Reduced Noise System

Continental purecontact tires have silica structured thread that gives it a noiseless ride.

4. Tuned Performance

The continental purecontact tire has the letters- S, D, and W- engraved on its surface. These letters will disappear or wear off with continual usage. If the letter "S" wears off, it means the tire will not function well during snowy weather. The same goes for D(dry weather) and W(wet weather) when they wear off. 

When to replace the continental purecontact tire?

Although, replacing your continental purecontact tire depends on a whole lot of factors like how often it is used, what function it's used for, etc. However, you can replace your car tire if

  • Your tire depth wares are below 1.6mm. At this stage, it is legally advised to change it.
  • According to the company, Continental, they suggest that tires should be changed during summer when it's at 3mm and 4mm. And any depth below this is regarded as an adequate depth.
  • Also, using tires and spare tires for more than ten years is not advised. So, tires older than ten years should be checked for signs or markings.

Continental Tire PureContact with EcoPlus™ Technology

Continental Pure Contact Tire Review FAQs

How much does it cost to replace one continental purecontact tire?

This depends on the type of tire you are changing to as some continental pure tire ranges from 90 to about 112 dollars per tire

What is the meaning of LS in tires?

LS means luxury sports tires. They are touring tires for every season that help users enjoy silent ride experience.

Where are continental purecontact tires manufactured?

Continental tires are made in Hanover, Saxony in Germany.

For how long should continental purecontact tires last?

Various tires manufacturers have advice car users to replace their tires six years beyond the average date of manufacturing. Also, you can use tires up to 10 years provided that you get due yearly tire checking.

Are continental purecontact tires the best?

Continental purecontact tires are one of the best tires since it comes with a variety of amazing functions such as balance, less worn off function, EcoPlus technology, etc.

Final Words & Recommendation

I hope you have enjoyed reading each product as I have enjoyed writing them. Writing this review has brought about a greatly increased my love and awareness to the benefits of this continental purecontact tires. And I had a lot of fun in this Continental PureContact review. I would recommend Tire-225/40R18 92V. Though it is heavy, it contains and it's able to achieve all the functions of the various season usage effectively.