GTA 5 How to Unlock Low Grip Tires

To unlock the Low Grip Tires in GTA 5, you’ll need to complete a few specific missions. After that, you can purchase them from any Los Santos Customs shop. The first mission you’ll need to complete is “Bury the Hatchet.”

This mission is unlocked after completing “Fame or Shame.” In this mission, you’ll need to track down and kill Trevor’s former drug partner, Martin Madrazo. After killing him, return to Trevor and he’ll give you the keys to the Low Grip Tires.

The second mission is “Flight School.” This mission is unlocked after completing “The Merryweather Heist.” In this mission, you’ll be flying a plane through some tight spaces.

If you can complete it without crashing, Trevor will give you the keys to the Low Grip Tires.

One of the coolest features in GTA 5 is the ability to unlock low-grip tires. This allows you to have more control over your car when driving on slippery surfaces. Here’s how to do it:

1. Enter a vehicle with standard wheels and press Up on the D-pad to enter the customization menu.

2. Scroll through the options until you reach “Tire Type.”

3. Highlight “Standard” and press X/A to select it.

4. Now, hold down X/A and press left or right on the D-pad to cycle through the different tire types until you reach “Low Grip.” Press X/A again to select it. 5. You’ll now see ” Low Grip Tires Unlocked” appear at the bottom of the screen.

You can now exit out of the customization menu and enjoy better traction on slippery surfaces!

Why can’t I Put Low Grip Tires on My Car Gta

If you’re like most people, you probably think that putting low grip tires on your car is a bad idea. After all, they can’t handle as much power and they’re more likely to slip and slide around on the road. However, there are actually some benefits to using low grip tires on your car.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Low grip tires can improve your car’s handling. If you live in an area with lots of twists and turns, then low grip tires can help you stay in control of your car. They provide less traction than regular tires, but that also means they don’t grip the road as tightly. This can make it easier to take corners without sliding out.

2. Low grip tires can extend the life of your brakes. When you have regular tires on your car, they tend to wear down your brakes more quickly because of all the stopping and starting. With low grip tires, there’s less friction so your brakes last longer.

3. Low grip tires can save you money in the long run. Because they don’t wear down as quickly as regular tires, you won’t have to replace them as often. Over time, this can save you quite a bit of money on tire costs. Of course, there are also some downsides to using low grip tires on your car GTA .

For one thing, they don’t handle as well in wet or icy conditions since they don’t have as much traction. Additionally, if you get into an accident while using them, insurance companies may not cover the damages because it was due to driver error.

Gta 5 How to Unlock Low Grip Tires


Q: How Do I Unlock Low Grip Tires in GTA 5

If you’re having trouble getting a grip on the slippery roads in GTA 5, you may be wondering how to unlock low grip tires. Low grip tires can help your car handle better wet or icy surfaces, but they’re not available from the start. Here’s how to get them:

To unlock low grip tires in GTA 5, you’ll need to complete the “Aidil’s Odd Jobs” mission. This mission is given by Aidil Nasir, who can be found at his auto shop in Strawberry (just southeast of Franklin’s house). To complete the mission, you’ll need to deliver some rare cars to him from across Los Santos.

Once you’ve delivered the cars, Aidil will give you a choice of three rewards. One of these is the ability to purchase low grip tires from any tire shop in GTA 5. These special tires cost $500 each, but they can make a big difference when it comes to traction and handling.

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In order to unlock the Low Grip Tires in GTA 5, you must first complete the “Shift Work” mission. This mission is given by Ron Jakowski and is available after completing the “Mr. Philips” mission. After completing the “Shift Work” mission, you will be able to purchase the Low Grip Tires from any Los Santos Customs shop.

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