How Far Can I Drive On A Spare Tire

If you have a flat tire, you know how frustrating it is to get your car back to its normal operation. Not only does a flat disrupt your travel, it also takes time and money to replace.

For this reason, manufacturers began leaving a space-saver spare. But spare tires have never been used as a permanent replacement of the original one.

After you change the flat tire and install your spare, you might be wondering: how long can you drive on it?

In this article, we’ll tell you just how far you can drive on a spare tire, what the key differences in types of spare tires are, and best practices for driving on a spare tire.

Driving a Spare Tire: For How Long?

Manufacturers usually attached spare tires that match the original installed ones. But since manufacturers realise spare tires are used less frequently, they think it doesn’t make much sense to use the same material as the full sized tires.

For this reason, you shouldn’t drive over 50 miles with your spare. However, if you must drive longer, do not go more than 70 miles. A spare tire is not built to completely replace a tire, but to assist over until you get your tires fixed.

You also shouldn’t drive faster than 50 mph on a spare tire. That’s because it has far less traction and durability than the standard tire.

How to Drive Safely on a Spare Tire

To drive safely on your spare tire, follow these best practices:

Check your spare tire’s pressure regularly: When your spare tire is not in use, ensure to check them if they have the proper pressure.

Give extra space and time to brake: Spare tires can cause your vehicle’s anti-lock brake system (ABS) light to turn on, or for your ABS to not function properly. So, ensure to brake early and give extra space and other vehicles to avoid accidents.

Drive with extra care: Spare tires don’t have advanced treads, making them susceptible to slipping or hydroplane. So exercise extra care when driving with spare, especially in extreme weather.

Replace your spare when necessary: Most spare have a lifespan of eight years. Ensure to replace it after that.

How Fast Can You Go on a Spare Tire?

You must understand that a spare tire varies depending on the type you have, the size varies too. Here are the two types of spare tire and their maximum speed required.

1. Full-size Spare Tire

Full size spare tire can be a matching spare tire of your traditional tires. They have the same size, weight, and perhaps, even brand. Driving with a full-size spare tire, especially on the highway, meaning you cannot exceed a certain limit.

However, you can be able to drive more than 70 miles without lowering the speed. This spare tire can go on a maximum speed of 90 miles if you stretch a little.

2. Donut Tire

A donut spare tire is often smaller than the regular tires as they are designed to be light, space-saving, and portable. It aims to replace your flat tire until you get to the nearest automobile shop. Most donut spare tires have a tire pressure of about 60 PSI.

Donut spares are small, light, and have minor tread construction than regular tires. So, the fastest you can go on them is 50 mph, and the farthest you can drive is not more than 70 miles. This limitation makes it unsafe to drive on a donut on the highway.

Do I Need to Drive Differently with a Spare Tire?

A spare tire could change the way the vehicle is handled or comes to a stop. If the roads are wet from rain or other precipitation, you should even give more care when driving on a spare tire.

So when driving on a spare tire, take things slower, giving yourself more space in traffic and steadily applying pressure on the brake pedal when the vehicle needs to stop.

Wrap Up!

Having no idea how fast you can drive on your spare is dangerous. Whether you are using a full size or a donut spare, never drive it beyond the ideal speed or the worst can happen.

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