How to Dispose of Old Tires in Louisiana

In Louisiana, old tires can be disposed of at a tire recycling facility or a landfill. Tire recycling facilities will take your old tires and recycle them into new products, such as rubber mulch or playground surface material. Landfills will accept your old tires for disposal, but they may charge a fee.

  • Find a local recycling center that accepts old tires
  • The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has a list of tire recycling facilities on its website
  • Take the old tires to the recycling center
  • Some centers may charge a fee for disposing of the tires
  • The recycling center will then shred or recycle the old tires into new products, such as rubber mulch or playground mats

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Tire Disposal near Me

There are a few options for tire disposal near me. The first is to take them to a local recycling center. This is the most environmentally friendly option, as the tires will be recycled and used again.

However, it may not be the most convenient option if you don’t have a recycling center nearby. The second option is to take them to a landfill. This is not the most environmentally friendly option, but it is usually the cheapest and most convenient option.

You can simply drop off your tires at the landfill, and they will dispose of them for you. The third option is to hire a company to pick up your tires and dispose of them for you. This is usually more expensive than taking them to a landfill yourself, but it can be worth it if you don’t have time or transportation to get them there yourself.

How to Dispose of Old Tires in Louisiana


How Much is Tire Disposal Fee in Louisiana?

The tire disposal fee in Louisiana is $1.50 per tire for passenger vehicles and $3.00 per tire for commercial vehicles. This fee is used to help cover the cost of disposing of waste tires and to help fund programs that encourage the recycling or reuse of old tires.

How Do You Dispose of Worn Tires?

When it comes time to dispose of your old and worn tires, there are a few different options available to you. You can take them to a tire recycling center, where the tires will be shredded and used in other applications. Alternatively, you can sell your used tires to a scrap yard or private buyer.

And finally, you can simply throw them away in the trash. If you choose to recycle your tires, most tire recycling centers will require that you drop off the tires at their facility. They will then shred the tires and use them as fuel for incinerators or as filler material for things like asphalt pavement.

Selling your used tires is another option available to you. Scrap yards and private buyers are often willing to pay for used tires, as they can either resell them or use them for their own purposes (such as tire swings). The amount of money you’ll get for selling your used tires will vary depending on the condition of the tire and where you sell it.

Finally, if none of the above options are feasible for you, disposing of your old tires in the trash is always an option. However, before doing so, check with your local waste management regulations to see if there are any specific guidelines or requirements that must be followed when disposing of tires in this manner.

What is Ldeq Waste Tire Fee?

In Louisiana, the Ldeq waste tire fee is a $2 per tire tax that is imposed on the sale of new tires. The money from this tax is used to fund the state’s waste tire recycling and abatement program. This program was created to help reduce the environmental impact of discarded tires and to provide a revenue stream to support waste tire recycling efforts.

The Ldeq waste tire fee has been in place since 1991 and has generated over $20 million for the state’s waste tirerecycling program.


It’s important to dispose of old tires properly because they can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. In Louisiana, there are a few different options for disposing of old tires. You can take them to a tire recycling center, a landfill, or an incinerator.

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