How to Make a Cat House Out of Old Tires

A cat house made out of old tires is a great way to recycle and upcycle. Plus, it’s a fun project that you can do with your kids. Here’s how to make a cat house out of old tires:

1. Start by collecting some old tires. You can usually find them for free at your local tire shop or auto body shop. 2. Once you have your tires, clean them out well.

Remove any dirt, grime, or debris from the inside and outside of the tire. 3. Next, cut the top and bottom off of each tire so that they are open on both ends. 4. Stack the tires on top of each other, starting with the largest tire at the bottom and working your way up to the smallest tire at the top.

5. Use screws or nails to secure the tires together at the seams. Make sure everything is nice and sturdy before moving on to the next step.

  • Find some old tires that you don’t need anymore
  • You can usually find these for free at a garage or repair shop
  • Cut the tires in half so that each tire is only about 3 feet tall
  • Stack the halves of the tires on top of each other, with the widest part of the tire at the bottom and the narrowest part at the top
  • Use some heavy duty zip ties or rope to secure the tires together
  • Make sure that any gaps between the tires are small enough that your cat won’t be able to squeeze through them
  • Place a piece of plywood or other sturdy material over the top opening of the tire house, and secure it in place
  • This will be your cat’s door
  • Put some hay, blankets, or other bedding material inside the tire house for your cat to sleep on

Old Tire Cat Shelter

Are Tires Toxic to Cats

We all know that cats are attracted to rubberband-like objects. They just can’t help but bat them around and chew on them. And we’ve all seen those videos of cats playing with tire inner tubes.

But are tires toxic to cats? The answer is yes, tires can be toxic to cats. The main ingredient in most tires is Styrene, a synthetic rubber compound which is also used in many other products such as food containers, carpet backing, and insulation.

While Styrene is not acutely toxic, it can be a skin irritant and if ingested in large quantities it can cause gastrointestinal upset. Some studies have also linked exposure to Styrene with cancer in animals. So while your cat may enjoy playing with a tire inner tube, it’s best to keep them away from actual tires.

If you must store tires on your property, make sure they are out of reach of your feline friend!

How to Make a Cat House Out of Old Tires


How Do You Make a Cat Shelter Out of Tires?

If you’re looking for a way to recycle some old tires and help out some local kitties, why not make a tire cat shelter? It’s a quick and easy project that only requires a few materials, and it can make a big difference in the lives of outdoor cats. Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by cutting the top and bottom off of two tires. You’ll want to leave about 6 inches of tire remaining. 2. Stack the two tires on top of each other, with the open ends facing out.

3. Place a third tire on top of the stack, upside down so that the open end is facing in. This will be the roof of your shelter. 4. Use duct tape or another strong adhesive to secure the three tires together at their seams.

5. Flip the entire shelter over so that it’s resting on its roof (the third tire). Cut a door into one side of the shelter large enough for a cat to comfortably enter and exit. If you like, you can also cut some ventilation holes into the sides of the shelter.

Are Tires Toxic to Pets?

Are tires toxic to pets? The answer is unfortunately, yes. Tires are made of many different chemicals and materials, some of which can be toxic to pets if ingested.

The most common tire ingredient that is harmful to pets is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide can be found in tire treads and can cause gastrointestinal issues if consumed by pets. Other harmful tire ingredients include lead, mercury, and arsenic.

These ingredients can leach into the environment and potentially harm animals who come into contact with them.

How Do You Make a Simple Cat Shelter?

If you’re looking to make a simple cat shelter, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. First, you’ll need to decide what kind of materials you’ll use. Some common options include straw, hay, cardboard, or even blankets.

Once you’ve chosen your materials, you’ll need to figure out the best way to insulate the shelter. This is especially important if you live in an area with cold winters. Finally, you’ll want to make sure the shelter has plenty of ventilation so that your cat can stay cool in the summer months.

How Do You Make a Homemade Cat House?

If you have a cat that spends time outdoors, you may want to consider making them a homemade cat house. This will provide them with a warm, dry place to take shelter when the weather is bad or they just need a break from the elements. Here are some tips on how to make a homemade cat house:

1. Choose an appropriate location for the cat house. It should be in a spot that is protected from the wind and rain, but also has good ventilation. 2. Decide what materials you will use to construct the cat house.

Many people use wood, but you could also use cardboard or plastic. 3. Cut out all of your pieces according to your chosen design and then assemble them using screws, nails, or glue. 4. Make sure the door of the cat house is large enough for your cat to comfortably get in and out of.

You may want to install a flap over the door to further protect them from the elements. 5. Line the inside of the cat house with soft bedding material like blankets or towels. This will provide insulation and comfort for your feline friend.


If you have some old tires lying around, put them to good use by making a cat house out of them! This is a great project for anyone who loves spending time outdoors with their feline friend. Plus, it’s a great way to upcycle those old tires instead of just throwing them away.

Here’s how to do it: 1. Start by cutting the top and bottom off of one tire. You’ll then need to cut a doorway into the side of the tire.

Make sure that the doorway is big enough for your cat to comfortably fit through. 2. Once you’ve cut the doorway, flip the tire over and place it on top of another tire. Secure the two tires together by drilling holes through them and then screwing in some bolts.

3. Now it’s time to add some insulation to keep your cat warm in their new home. You can use old blankets or towels for this step. Just stuff them into the space between the two tires before securing the top tire in place with more bolts.

4. Finally, give your cat house a roof! Cut another tire in half and then bolt it onto the top of the structure. You can also add a door flap made from an old piece of fabric for extra protection from the elements.

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