How to Remove a Tire From Rim

Many people own cars. They are somewhat aware that the maintenance of tire and wheel of the car is very important task. If they go to the repair shop, they have to spend money to repair the tire. With least effort they can do the job at their house. Here is the guide to show you the whole procedure. 

You need to remove scratches and corrosion from the car at first. Then you will be able to replace the tire very easily. This guide will show you the way to do your job very effortlessly and comfortably.

If you are able to remove the tire from the car, it will save your money. Not only that, you will enjoy safe driving no doubt. In the similar way, you can’t deny the maintenance of your engines, filter and fluid. But you must give more importance on the removing of the tires from the wheels.

Good tires and good condition of the wheel ensures the best performance of the tire. You can very speedily move on the road if these conditions are well. Moreover, you will enjoy a safe journey on both wet and dry condition. Lastly you will be able to break the car instantly.

If you drive having a bad wheel and outdated tires, there is more possibility of falling in a serious accident. Any moment an outdated tire may go flat on the road. Besides the traction you get from old tire is not enough especially in wet weather.

A cracked wheel can break down any time on the road. Engine factor is also responsible factor in such cases. Additionally if you go with loose bolts and nuts of the wheel, you can be got off the car at any time.

These types of happening are very common for a car driver. Suppose you are a car driver, you normally want to avoid such situation. If you like to avoid these situations, you have to follow this guide. It will help you to enjoy a comfortable and safe journey with well fitting tires and wheel.

getting Ready to Remove a Tire

Getting Ready

To remove a tire from the vehicle, you should get some basic knowledge about it. If you are an innovative here, you have to think again and again to do the job. Inexpert technicians should follow some instructions and acquire some basic skills to do the job. An expert can remove a tire from a car easily, but an inexperienced engineer will face some difficulties no doubt.

As you are a beginner to this field, you should call in an expert to take help for doing your work. He or she will show you the way to remove the tire from the car.

Lastly you should arrange all the necessary equipments for doing it. Before starting the job, see once again all are in your tool box or not. I will show you the list below. May be, you have all tools in your garage. Therefore, you need not buy all tools. These things will help you do all the jobs smoothly. Lastly, you should better to have a good investment.

Method 1: If you want to Remove it without Machines (DIY Method!)

Here is the first way to change a tire from the vehicle. In this step, it seems that all are very useful. Especially you don’t need any tool to do the job. The steps are stated below:
Things you have to arrange:

  • Tire lubricant for using it on the rubber-rim joint
  • Pry bar
  • Valve core removal tool
  • Tire changing screwdriver.

Step 1: Take out the tire air valve

Lay down the tire on a level surface and get the air valve. Use a valve removal tool to adjust it with the air valve. Move it counterclockwise as long as the cylindrical metal valve removes from the tire.

Step 2: Drive the car for separating the tire bead

A bead is closely adjusted with the tire of the car. You need no tool to do your work. Only you should drive the car for a short space.
Remember that you are moving ahead with the rubber of the tire. This will help to detach the bead from the groove.

Step 3: Use your feet to take the sides off the Pry Bar

In this step, the tire of the vehicle is very easy to remove. Firstly take the tire on the earth. Then use your feet to the rubber part of the tire for enforcing pressure.
Here you must be sure that the tire would not change its place. There are two ways to do it. One, you can use a carpet to keep the tire. The other one is to use pressure on the surface of the tire.

At the time of pressuring of the tire, keep the front part of the tire down. Normally the rubber tire loosens more and more.

Step 4: Apply the Tire Lube

Perhaps this is the last level to make the tire loose from a metal rim. If you use the tire regularly, this can stuck the tire with the rim. For such case, you can use lube within the joint of the rim and tire to make it loose.
Say, you have no lubricant near your head. You can do this work easily by making handmade dishwasher soap. We suggest you to use such lubricants which are specially made for automotive.

Step 5: Lift the Tire over the top Lip of the Rim

Here is the finishing line to take off the tire from the rim. The things you need are just a pry bar and a screwdriver. Press the rubber part of the tire by your feet to the external side. Then slide the pry bar below the rubber part. Do it as long as the bead remains above the rim. With the help of the screwdriver do the same process for the rest of the tire until the bead goes above the rim. 

Do it up to you get the total bead is up the rim to the all parts of the tire. Keep pressure within a constant level, otherwise it would do harm to the tire.

Step 6: Take the Tire out

Here the tire will completely be loosened from the tire rim. Now you can separate the tire from the pry bar. You are doing this job for the all sides of the tire.

How to Remove a Tire from a Rim (Using Machine)

Moving tire from the rim by the hand is a good way to remove tire from the rim. But there is a risk here. A new one can face problem to do so in such case. It is a good way to use a manual tire changing machine for such case.

Essential Tools–

  • A plywood board
  • Screwdriver and bolts
  • Manual Tire changing machine
  • Air valve removal tool

Step 1) Machine Setup

A strong surface is a must to keep the machine. Give a plywood board for keeping the machine on it. Keep the machine to the surface are very well. Some bolts and a screwdriver is a must here to adjust machine with plywood to keep in its place strongly.

Step 2) Take the Air Off

In this second step, your first duty is to find the air valve. Its color may be metallic or black. Use an air removal valve to take off air from the air valve. Be sure inside the tire, there remains no air.

Step 3) Set the Tire on the Tire Changing Machine

Adjust tire with the tire changing machine. You will get a little triangular shaped nub to the base. Keep the wheel flat and add its rim with the nub. Then keep the tire changer arm down of the peak of the rubber area. Apply the clump to be sure that the tire is kept well and set up perfectly.

Step 4) Use the Changing Rod

At the time of purchasing the tire changing machine, you will see a changing rod with it. The rod aids you to take off the tire out of the rim. Keep one end of the changing rod with the rim-tire joint. Then press the rod to grab the other side of the rod. If you do it gradually, the tire will expose from the rim.

When you will complete one side, and then over turn the wheel. Do the same process for the other side also. If you find the total procedure is complicated, you may take help from the manual book. The book comes with the changing rod. Go through the manual to know the process well. Follow the instruction well to do your job easily.

Step 5) Remove the Tire from the Rim

When you will complete the above process well, you get the tire separate from the rim well. Now you may take help from your two hands. You should better use some grease to do the process easily. Grease helps the process to complete well.


  • When you face problem to remove the worn or old tire from the rim, you can take help from the tire removal machine. There are many shops where you get tire removal machine. This machine will make the job easier for removing tire.
  • At the time of removing tire, don’t be very quick. This may leave scratching on the rim. So better to be gentle to do the work. Protect the rim from the ground and sharp instrument with cloth, rubber mats and some other materials.

How to remove a tire from a rim

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