Top 5 Aeolus Tires Reviews

Engines are like the heartbeat of every vehicle and without it, it is impossible for them to move. So is the tire. A good tire is essential for anyone that wants to have a wonderful riding experience whether in the rainy, snowy or dry weather conditions. Tire gives strength and balance to your vehicle.

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The engine of a vehicle and the tire act simultaneously as the engine speed is determined by the size of the tire. A larger tire will move slowly than a small tire at a certain velocity while a small tire will move faster at that same speed.

In this article, we are not just talking about any type of tire but the heavy-duty tire. So, if you deal with heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, trailers, etc. or need some helpful tips on how to get the best tire to buy, then count yourself lucky. Because today, I will be reviewing not just any type of heavy-duty tire but the Aeolus Tires.

But before we start with the Aeolus tire review, let's get some important information about Aeolus tires.

Who Makes Aeolus Tires?

Aeolus tires are manufactured by Aeolus, a Chinese company founded in 1965. Aeolus is a member of the ChemChina Rubber Group.

However, Aeolus specializes in producing quality tires for normal vehicles as well as trailers and trucks at a very affordable price.

What are the Types of Aeolus Tires?

Aeolus tires can be grouped into various categories according to their functions and type of vehicle usage. They include:

  • Passenger Car Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • Medium Radial Truck Tires
  • Snow tires
  • Off-The-Road Tires

Having said it all, let's get into the Aeolus review. If you want to get the best option, then you have to be patient to read every jot of this article. Follow me.

Our Top Picks 5 Aeolus Tires Reviews

If you need a fast and reliable tire for your long-distance hauling then it is the best Aeolus tire for you.

This heavy-duty tire 22.5-inch rim diameter will bring more joy and efficiency to your work. With its strong shoulder design, this amazonite wheeler can cover up to 75 miles per hour. That's not all, it is built with a unique treads depth of about 32 that gives it strength and makes it immune to fast wearing off, letting you save more funds and time as you go down frictions from the road. It's symmetrical designs also a considerable attraction to the road letting it graze through fields, snowy and rocky surfaces. Don't you just love it!

Aeolus HN377 ULTRA 14PR Tire, 11R22.5

Pros & Cons of Aeolus HN377 ULTRA 14PR Tire, 11R22.5


  • It is durable
  • It's affordable


  • It is very heavy

This Aeolus tire will give your vehicle more strength and balance as you toggle through various mechanical tasks.

The ADL37 will take you through any surface-whether rough, snowy or dry- with almost zero impact. It's 22.5" rim will absorb vibrations from impacts and give you a fulfilling hauling experience. It gets more interesting. With its built-in 29/32 tread depth, you need not worry about wearing off, this road champion will prevent fast threading helping you save more and use more. This tire is a respecter of your every break function with its well-patterned design, it gives high contraction even when going through slippery or steep surfaces.

Aeolus HN377 ULTRA 14PR Tire, 295/75R22.5

Pros & Cons of Aeolus HN377 ULTRA 14PR Tire, 295/75R22.5


  • Its cost-effective


  • It's heavy

This Aeolus tire review will amaze you, let me tell you why.

This jagged-spiral patterned tire is bound to give you an all-rounder steer function making it easy for you to go through any type of weather conditions. With its thick threading features, it can take you up to 81 MPS without significant wear off bringing out the best hauling performance.

Aeolus HN267 14PR Tire, 11R22.5

Pros & Cons of Aeolus HN267 14PR Tire, 11R22.5


  • It is durable
  • Easy steering options
  • It's affordable


  • May be difficult to use in slippery surfaces.

Looking for a tire to serve you perfectly both within and out of track? Then this Aeolus tire rolling resistance ability is what you need. Let's talk about it.

This HN596 has a more in-depth thread system and box-like tyer designs that will keep your machine more fitted to the ground. This anti-aging and friction lover will help you serve your engineering purpose-within or off-road- without fast tire shredding. This track or off track giant has a 24.5 inches diameter and can go as far as 56 miles per hour. So what are you waiting for? Start getting more efficient experience in your building or any construction project, and on time too.

Aeolus HN596 16PR Tire, 11R24.5

Pros & Cons of Aeolus HN596 16PR Tire, 11R24.5


  • It serves all-purpose functions
  • It has a high contraction


  • It is heavy

In for a tougher and more challenging task? Then this heavy duty Aeolus tire review is exactly what you need.

This HN06 has a bigger rim dimension of 24.5 inches making it stronger and reliable. It also makes it less vulnerable to wearing off and immune to tearing and scapes. The jagged-straight design makes it easy to go through dry, wet and smooth surfaces without compromise making it perfect for any quick or short distance delivery.

Aeolus HN06 14PR Tire, 11R24.5

Pros & Cons of Aeolus HN06 14PR Tire, 11R24.5


  • Very strong and durable
  • It is Cost-effective


  • Not suitable for slippery roads.

How to Choose Aeolus Tires?

There are a number of things one should look out for before getting or choosing an Aeolus tire. To mention a few.

1.Load-bearing Capacity

It is the maximum amount of load the tire can carry. You can check this out in the Aeolus instructions manual or contact an expert before to check for you.

2. Maximum speed limits

It is the highest speed the tire can run and this speed differs. Aeolus tires have their speed ratings pointed out the maximum speed it is safe to run the tire and they usually come in the forms of alphabets M,L,  etc. You can check them out by clicking the product's speed rating button; if you are buying online.

3. Rim Diameter

When choosing a tire for your truck, make sure that the rim diameter of your wheel matches that of the tire. It is usually measured in inches.

4. Other Dimensions

 You can also look out for dimensions like aspect ratio, section rings, etc.

When to Replace Aeolus Tires?

It can be difficult to know when to replace a durable tire, but here are some tips to guide you on when to change your tires

1.During Damage

Damages resulting from road, portholes, or other impacts, may require you to change your tire. However, if you are unsure of the impact, you can consult the help of an expert for inspection.

2. Aging

The lifespan of a tire can be difficult to ascertain but with continual usage, it is advised to a regular check-up. This is because as the tire becomes old, it loses its tightness which is unsafe.

3. Threading Depth

With continual usage, tires wear off. Although the ideal wearing off depth varies in various countries it is advised to consult a specialist to check your tire depth to be on a safe side. However, according to Aeolus, tires should be changed when they get to 2.0 mm. This also applies to spare tires.

Why Aeolus Tires is Best

Aeolus tires are manufactured and tested under some strict conditions which as made them known one of the best tires for

  • Top-quality tires
  • Very affordable
  • Vibrations free
  •  Strong surface grip, etc.

Introducing Aeolus Tires

Aeolus Tires Reviews FAQs

What causes vibrations?

Vibration results from car damage and demands immediate checking. You can contact an expert to inspect your tires, steering region and shock absorbers as this may result in fast wearing off of tires.

How do I preserve my tires?

Keeping your tires after changing them is important because it can alter their life span and physical looks. If you are storing your tires on a wheel rim, make sure to stack them on each other or hang up but do not keep them upright as it can affect its shape. In the absence of a rim, you can keep your tires standing. Also, tires should be kept in a dry, cool and dark place.

Can I fix tires myself?

If you have the right knowledge and experience, yes. But if not, it is better to get a specialist to help you fix it.

Why should I get new tires?

It is important to buy new tires because they give you a better driving experience and lower fuel usage.

Should I clean my tires?

After usage, it is wise to clean tires to remove stones and diets especially if you intend storing them, as it can help increase their lifespan.

Final Words & Recommendation

Giving due consideration to this review, it is certain that Aeolus is a brand that has come to stand the test of time and its tires should be considered by all automobile drivers. However, if you deal with more on/off activity, then Aeolus HN596 16PR tire is the best for you as it will help you shuttle in and off-track with efficiency.