Top 9 Antares Tire Reviews

Antares Tire Company was founded in Guangdong, China. This company is still fairly new, having been founded in 2006. This company is under a larger umbrella through Zhaoqing Junhong Co., Ltd, which is integrated with R&D. 

The company sells to more than 90 countries. They believe in technological innovation and high-quality manufacturing. In the question of “are Antares tires good?”, we will dig deeper into their information throughout these Antares tire reviews. 

Stick with us as we cover the top 9 Antares tires review information for you to peruse.

Top 9 Best Antares Tire Reviews

Whether you’re looking for information on run flat snow tires or Antares Ingens A1 all-season tire review, we’ve got you covered here.

Much like the Antares Ingens A1 all-season tire – 205/55r16 91V, these tires are designed for all-season driving. The Antares Ingens A1 tire is designed to adapt to whatever environment you subject it to. 

These tires have tread that is innovatively created to give you improved control and maneuverability on the road. Antares Ingens A1 all-season tires are budget-friend, quiet on the road, and can help save you on fuel costs as well.

ANTARES INGENS A1 all_ Season Radial Tire-205/55R16 94V

Pros & Cons of Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Radial Tire 205/55R16 94V


  • Sizing is compatible with a variety of various vehicles and sizes.
  • These tires handle very well in the water with a comfortable grip.
  • Budget-friendly tire that delivers consistent results.


  • Increased mileage tends to increase noise levels on the road.

The Antares Ingens A1 all-season tire for 215/60R16 brings you a quiet ride down any type of road. These tires are designed to maneuver through various road conditions and weather issues. 

While these are not run flat snow tires they handle quite well in the snow and rain. Your driving experience will be smooth and you will feel safe and assured with your tires on the road. These tires are designed to reduce fuel costs as well.

Antares INGENS A1 all_ Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95H

Pros & Cons of Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Radial Tire 215/60R16 95H


  • These “H”-rated tires allow you to drive safely at higher speeds.
  • Highly tested Antares Ingens A1 tire to ensure grip and safety on all road conditions. 
  • Smooth and comfortable driving thanks to the tread design.


  • The tread seems to wear out much too quickly. 

In this edition of Antares Ingens A1 tires for 225/60R16 98H, you find another rendition of this well-made tire. With a load index of 98, these tires can handle a larger or heavier vehicle. The H-indicator lets you know you can enjoy higher speeds. 

The tread is well-designed to be functional on all-season road terrain. The tires function well in rain, snow, and dry weather. The cold air does not negatively affect them. You can also count on reduced fuel consumption.

Antares INGENS A1 all_ Season Radial Tire-225/60R16 98H

Pros & Cons of Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Radial Tire 225/60R16 98H


  • Tires are designed to last for 40,000 miles of all-season use. 
  • Budget-friendly tires that do not feel cheap to use.
  • Grips noticeably well in wet and cold weather.


  • Tire tends to produce excessive road noise

The 185 65R14 86 H Antares Ingens A1 tire is one of the most affordable options. According to Antares Ingens A1 all-season tire review information, this tire is well-made but also may not last as long as advertised. 

Specifications reflect this tire is designed to last up to 60,000 miles. This is an all-season tire that is extremely affordable. The tread is uniquely designed to perform optimally on the highway and handles well in wet or dry conditions.

Antares INGENS A1 All-Season Radial Tire - 185/65R14 86H

Pros & Cons of Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Radial Tire 185 65R14 86H


  • Tread is designed for comfortable highway driving.
  • Special grooves on tire to help with water driving safety and comfort.
  • Includes a warranty for tread life up to 60,000 miles.


  • These tires do have quite a bit of road noise compared to expectations. 

The Antares Ingens A1 all-season tire 205/50R17 93V option is a popular tire from Antares tires review. This tire can be a bit harder to find because it is one of their most sought-after models. 

The 93V rating makes this a great option for vehicles that are mid-weight and like to drive fast. The tire is designed for comfort and precision. It holds up well against various terrain and performs particularly noteworthy in wet weather.

Antares INGENS A1 All-Season Radial Tire - 205/50R17 93V

Pros & Cons of Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Radial Tire 205/50R17 93V


  • This Antes Ingens A1 tire is very popular and highly-rated. 
  • Enjoy a comfortable ride in any type of weather and road conditions.
  • Designed to perform well at high speeds with grip and control.


  • These tires tend to start bubbling and wearing much quicker than expected.

If you want something a bit more high-end than the Antares Ingens A1 tires, this might be right for you. These tires are made to stand up to the elements with differentiation in design and tread. 

This tire is extra thick with deep grooves and an eccentric tread pattern. This allows the tire to be functional for business or play on your vehicles. This tire is a bit more expensive but still highly affordable.

Antares SMT A7 All- Season Radial Tire-265/70R17 115S

Pros & Cons of Antares SMT A7 All-Season Radial Tire 265/70R17 115S


  • Tread design allows optimal braking and traction
  • Deep grooves and heavy tread allow you to off-road if you desire
  • Quiet driving on the highway


  • Lower speed capacity but still high enough for everyday use.

These tires are a heavy-duty tire option in contrast to the Antares Ingens A1 tires. You can tell these tires are made for durability and strength. They are a bit more expensive but still fall into an affordable price range for the use. 

These all-terrain tires are great for any season. They grip well thanks to a thick design and deep grooves. You can use these tires for your everyday driving or your off-roading pleasures.

 Antares SMT A7 All-Terrain Radial Tire - 235/70R16 106S

Pros & Cons of Antares SMT A7 All-Terrain Radial Tire 235/70R16 106S


  • Wild pattern and deep grooves allow you to enjoy any terrain
  • Tire holds up well against heavy-duty use.
  • Enjoy optimal braking and grip capabilities.


  • Road quietness is inconsistent and sometimes noisy

The Antares Comfort line is quite similar to the Antares Ingens A1 tire options but with slight improvements. 

These tires are considered performance tires and they are made to be ultra-heavy-duty. This makes the tire a bit more expensive but they still fall into an affordable range. The Comfort series is designed to be impact resistant while also providing optimal traction for varying road conditions.

Antares COMFORT A5-265/70R17 115S

Pros & Cons of Antares Comfort A5 265/70R17 115S


  • Tire is designed with steel cord to make it extra strong
  • Tread build and design provides optimal grip and traction
  • All-season tire that can stand up to excessive temperatures either way. 


  • This type of tire would benefit better from being a run flat snow tire

If you want to be prepared for your next off-roading adventure check out this option from Antares Tire Company. These mud-terrain tires are designed to be all season. You can use them on and off the road. 

The tread is designed with extra-large grooves and lugs to give you grip that won’t get you stuck in muddy situations. Additionally, these tires are enhanced with silica technology to ensure they last through your off-roading.

Antares DEEP DIGGER Mud-Terrain Radial Tire - LT285/75R16 122/1190

Pros & Cons of Antares Deep Digger Mud-Terrain Radial Tire LT285/75R16 122/1190


  • Off-road tires optimally designed for muddy terrains
  • Simple and effective technology that lengthens tire life
  • Premium safety features for any adventure
  • An exceptional option in the A1 tire & wheel lineup


  • An expensive tire option but premium quality.

Why Buy Antares Tires

Antares tire reviews are somewhat mixed across the board. This is primarily dependent upon what you are looking for in a tire. Antares Ingens A1 tires made in China does not mean they are not good tires to consider. 

When it comes down to it, Antares offers a full range of options from cheap tires to premium tires. Their cheap tires are budget-friendly and they may not be as great as $200 tires but they are good quality for the price. 

Their high-end tire options have raving Antares tire reviews and are well worth every dollar spent. You can rely on innovative technology and getting your money’s worth no matter which tire option you are choosing. 

You can easily see that Antares has a vast array of options. Starting with their low-end Antares Ingens A1 tire and leading up to their mud-terrain tires. They have affordable solutions for everyday driving as well as premium solutions for those needs. 

What’s great is you can easily find whatever you need through Antares. In terms of the question are Antares tires good, you simply can’t go wrong. These tires are designed to fill various needs and they are fulfilling that duty well.

Additionally, you will find an Antares tire warranty attached to your tires. The warranties have a range that varies based on the tire, but the minimal warranty is 40,000 on some of their all-season tires. This reassures us that Antares stands behind their product.

Antares Tire how to choose

How to Choose Antares Tires

Antares is still somewhat new to the market but over the years they have developed a name for themselves. Their tires are creditworthy if you give them a try. 

The Antares Ingens A1 all-season tire is the functional choice if you need a tire that is affordable. The fact of the matter is many of us need cheap tires and these cheap tires are well-made. If you need an affordable fix that you can rely on, these are the best choice for you. 

Which size and measurement of tire you need vary based on your vehicle. Be sure to choose a tire that is compatible with your vehicle. You should also pay attention to the load and speed ratings. These numbers will help ensure the tire can handle the functionality you intend to use it for. 

Consider the intended use of your tires. If you plan to be in the mud or in rough terrain, the A1 series tires are not right for you. Invest a little deeper and choose from the Comfort lineup or the Deep Digger options. These lines are designed for hearty terrains.

While Antares all-season or all-terrain tires are not run flat snow tires they are still well-made to stand up to the weather. Antares has certainly perfected the technology to handle wet roads extremely well. you can visit this page know more


Antares Tire Reviews FAQs

Where are Antares Tires Made?

In terms of Antares Ingens tires manufacturer details, all of Antares tires options are made in China. The tires are then distributed across the globe as an economical tire for replacement tire options. 

What Does 91W Mean on Tires?

Those numbers can be confusing so what does 91W mean on tires? This is a load and speed capacity number. The 91 indicates that the tires can handle a load of 1356 pounds per tire. The W indicates the tire can handle speeds in excess of 168 mph. 

What Does 98W Mean on a Tire?

When it comes down to it, what does 98W mean on a tire? The 98 is a load rating and suggests that each tire can bear 1,653 pounds. The W indicates the tires can handle speeds up to and over 168 mph. 

How Many Sizes Does Antares Offer?

Antares Tire Company offers more than 600 sizes of tires across the board. This takes all models into consideration. 

Does Antares Offer Run Flat Options?

Yes, Antares does have run flat snow tires available. They have 3 RFT options to choose from.

Final Words & Recommendation

When it comes down to Antares tire reviews, Antares has a lot to offer. From economical options that won’t break the bank to premium options, there is something for everyone. 

Our top pick of Antares tire options is the Antares Ingens A1 all-season tire 215/60R16 listed as #2 above. This tire has A+ ratings and stands up to the test. You simply can’t go wrong with this affordable tire if you need a simple all-season tire replacement.

If we were to choose a secondary winner, the Comfort tire in #8 wins. This is a premium tire but it handles rough terrains and all weather. You can use it for business or play, which makes it an adventure option.

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