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Arizonian Tires Review – Reliable Tire for a Rider!

Arizonian tires are a private-edition tire that is produced by Cooper tires. The Cooper Arizonian is an affordable tire that has earned a reputation. These tires are sold exclusively through discount tires. What makes the Cooper Arizonian tire standout is the affordability from a good brand. 

If you’ve never heard of Cooper Arizonian silver edition tires, you’re in for some knowledge today. We will share with you 2 Arizonian tires reviews to shed some light on the tire line. We will cover a lot of ground about Arizonian tires and let you know what to expect.

The Best Arizonian Tires Review

In this Arizonian tires review, we will cover the best Arizona brand tires. We will give you some basic information on their well-known silver edition tires and bring you up to speed on your best options.

This used tire directly from Arizonian tires is straight from the Arizonian silver edition tires series. This tire is well-designed to fit family sedans, crossover SUVs, and minivans. These tires are well-made to keep your family safe in your family vehicle.

The tread is designed to extend the life and give you comfortable use through all seasons. The lateral grooves and zig-zag stripes give you a smooth and comfortable ride. These Arizonian Silver Edition iii reviews tell us the tires are the perfect replacement tires for your family ride. 

Arizonian Used 195,55R16 Tire

Pros & Cons of Arizonian Used 195/55R16 Tire


  • Long-lasting deep tread designed for a good grip on wet or dry roads. 
  • Functionally designed to fit family cars such as crossovers and minivans.
  • Comfortable driving tires that provide a smooth ride.


  • The tires in this listing are used and it is unknown how extensive the use has been.

If you’re seeking a comparable alternative to the Arizonian silver edition iii, this Westlake might be it. These tires are nearly identical to Arizonian silver edition tires in functionality and affordability.

These Westlake tires are budget-friendly and the quality is not compromised by the cost. The tread is well designed to give you all-season traction. You can drive comfortably no matter the road conditions. You also will feel safe and in control thanks to the grip of the tread design.

The tread is intricate so you can experience the best stability and safety through wet driving conditions. These radial tires truly are all-season and they are well worth your perusal. 

Westlake RP18 All- Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95H

Pros & Cons of Westlake RP18 All-Season Radial Tire 215/60R16 95H


  • Compatible with a large variety of small to mid-range vehicles.
  • The tread design allows you to rotate the tires multiple ways to extend the life of the tire.
  • All-season performance available in T, H, or V-speed rating options. 


  • The tread tends to wear down much too quickly.

How to Choose Arizonian Tires?

Arizona brand tires are well-known for their affordability. Arizonian tires offer Arizonian silver edition tires and Arizonian silver edition iii tires. Of course, each line offers its own unique blend of characteristics. 

The Cooper Arizonian line was specifically designed to provide a budget-friendly option tire. You can exclusively buy the tire from discounttires.com unless you want used tires. As you can see in the listing above, used tires are available from other retailers. 

When it comes to choosing your Arizonian tire, there are specific things you should watch for. For instance, what size of tire is compatible with your vehicle. The Arizonian silver edition 3 tires are primarily designed for mid-size sedans, minivans, and crossover vehicles. This points to the tire being a tire well-designed for family cars.

Additionally, you will want to review the speed and load ratings for the tire you purchase. Be sure that these are in line with the uses of your tire and vehicle. Ultimately, you want to ensure that you are getting the right tire for your intended use. This will make the tire much more reliable and efficient for you.

Why Choose Arizonian Tires?

There is a lot of information to peruse in regards to Arizonian silver edition tires reviews. You will see mixed results in the inquiry. If you do some research on Arizonian silver edition iii consumer reports, the tires pass the test. 

These are not your high-end premium tires. They are specifically designed to be affordable and efficient. And the tires work quite well for that purpose. In a classic case of you get what you pay for, Arizonian tires give you just a little bit more.

These tires are well-designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. The tread design on the Cooper Arizoniantires grips well and handles in wet and dry conditions. What’s more, is you can feel safe and in control with these tires on your vehicle.

Video on Arizonian Silver Edition III - All Season Tire - Discount Tire

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we will cover some common questions related to Arizonian tires. This is intended to provide you with some additional information to back those Arizonian tires reviews. 

Who Makes Arizonian Tires?

Arizonian tires are made by Cooper tires. This line of tires was made specifically to provide an affordable listing and they are distributed solely through discounttires.com. 

What Makes the Arizonian Silver Edition Stand Out?

The Arizonian silver edition also includes Arizonian silver edition iii. These tires stand out because they are highly affordable. They are made with consistent, reliable quality. 

What Types of Arizonian Tires Are There?

In the Cooper Arizonian tire lineup, you will find a range of options. These options include all-season tires, passenger tires, performance tires, touring tires, and truck tires. 

What Is One of the Best Features of Cooper Arizonian Tires?

Cooper Arizonian tires have earned a name for themselves because of their handling in all-season conditions. 

Where Are Arizonian Tires Made?

All Cooper tires are American made, including the Cooper Arizonian tire line.

Final Words & Recommendation

Overall, the Arizonian tires review reveals that these tires are reliable and budget-friendly. When you need something in your range, these are an optimal option to consider. 

Our top recommendation of tires in our review would be the Cooper Arizonian tires any day. These tires have proven to be effective and affordable. You simply can’t go wrong with that.