Top 4 Best Solar Tires

The importance of tires can’t be overemphasized. They are crucial parts of the vehicle and are factors that determine the performance of a car. Buying a wrong tire will jeopardize the performance of your vehicle and increase the cost of you having to replace the tires every time.

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If your tires are the wrong size, lack traction, or does not have treadwear, the performance of your vehicle will still be hindered whether you have the best car engine around or not. That is why you need a solar 4XS tire for your vehicle, and we shall discuss these tires in this solar tire review.

The advantages of using excellent tires are quite many. For instance, using tires like solar 4XS is known to reduce fuel consumption by 20%. This is due to the air pressure of the tire.

What is Solar Tire?

It’s not very clear on the company that manufactures solar tires. However, it’s believed that a Japanese tire company known as Sumitomo Rubber Industries manufactures a wide range of solar tires and other tires like Falken and Ohtsu tires.

The solar 4XS tires are popular tires in the market that are affordable and ensure an all-season road performance. These solar brands of tires are also fuel-efficient and are perfect for long-distance roads.

Design Features of Solar Tire


A tire with good traction will give your vehicle an excellent grip to the ground. This means that your tires will be able to move on the ground without your vehicle sliding or rolling on a slippery road. All solar tires have this incredible traction.

Besides, the tires have a water evacuation system whereby the grooves on the tires divert water from the tires to the sides, making it suitable for wet roads. They work well on snowy roads and dry roads as well, but they work best on dry roads. 

Treads Wear

The treadwear of a tire determines its longevity. However, some factors can affect the treadwear of a tire. Climate, road terrain, heat are factors that  the rate at which a tire can wear off. A tire with a treadwear of 45000-100000 miles is said to have excellent treadwear and will last long. That means there will be no need for tire replacement anytime soon. 

Ride Noise

For increased performance, you must purchase tires that have no ride noise. All solar tires produce minimal sound while driving, which is good, especially if you are driving on a highway. Most noise emanating from tires is due to the airflow within the tread blocks.

Modern solar tires come with superior tread designs that reduce the sound caused by the airflow, thus, reducing the ride noise.

Our Top Picks 4 Best Solar Tires

The solar4xS plus all-season radial tire is a high-performance tire that is superior in quality, design, and one of the most affordable tires you can find in the market.

Like all solar 4xS line of tires, this tire combines the perfect treadwear, no ride noise, and traction to bring about a distinctively unique construction. Whether you intend to drive on a wet or dry surface, this set of tires are equal to the task.

This tire is rated as an all-performance tire that will give you proper handling and minimize fuel consumption.

Solar 4XS Plus 195/65R 15 91H - Neumático radial para todas las estaciones

Pros & Cons of Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-195


  • Good value for money.
  • Offers excellent traction.
  • It is economically good because it consumes less fuel.


  • There is no warranty on the tire.

With deep lateral grooves, this tire diverts water in the center of the tires to its side to ensure that tires move on wet roads. A blend of excellent traction and tread wear makes this tire a viable option for use.

When it comes to all-round performance, the solar 4xS all-season radial tire works well on all road terrains. Whether you decide to drive on rough or smooth roads, this tire has excellent traction that will prevent your vehicle from rolling. From impressive construction to design, this tire is worth every penny.

Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-215/60R

Pros & Cons of Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-215/60R


  • Suitable for all road surfaces.
  • It’s a high-performance tire at an incredible price.
  • Economical in fuel consumption.
  • Excellent traction.


  • Comes in limited sizes.

The hallmark of all solar tires is their ability to ride well on roads without generating noise. This noise is due to the amount of airflow within the tread blocks, and this hinders the performance of the vehicle.

The solar 4xS plus all-season radial tire is no different from all solar tires that have zero sound production. The superior tread designs ensure that the noise emanating from the tires is reduced drastically for increased road performance. While providing excellent traction, these tires hold well on roads, thereby preventing rolling on wet roads. Being an all-season tire, this tire works in all weather conditions.

This tire is outstanding in all areas and will easily win the heart of any road driver.

Neumático radial multi Mile Solar 4sx+ para todas las estaciones 225/60R17 99H

Pros & Cons of Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-225/60R


  • The price is excellent.
  • Rides perfectly without producing any noise.
  • These tires have excellent grip on roads.


  • These tires are not covered under warranty.

Most road drivers are usually bothered by the amount of fuel a tire consumes. The solar 4x5 plus all-season radial tire is that economical tire that you need. It’s fuel-efficient and developed to perform in all seasons.

This tire provides excellent traction that grips well on all road types while coming at an affordable price. Despite the affordable price and impressive construction, this tire rides fast on roads. It has an H-rated speed rating of 130 mph, which is an impressive speed.

It has a mileage of 45,000 before the treads to wear off, which means that this tire is durable.

Neumático radial multi Mile Solar 4sx+ para todo el año, 185/65R15 88H

Pros & Cons of Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-185/65R


  • This tire is surprisingly affordable, despite the high specs.
  • It offers incredible road performance.
  • Great tread for improved road grip.


  • The tire may not be durable.
Solar Tire speed

How to Choose Solar Tire

The problem most buyers face is that they don’t know what they should look for in a tire. Once they have the perfect size for their vehicles, they feel it’s okay. When it comes to buying solar tires, size is not only the determinant factor. It goes beyond that. Many factors influence a persons' buying decision, and below are a few of them.


The H-rating is a standard measurement for determining the speed of a vehicle. All solar tires have an excellent speed rating of 130 mph. This means they can comfortably travel at that speed without the tires breaking down. The speed is good, particularly for those who travel for long distances along a highway.

Fuel Consumption

The air pressure of the tire is one of the factors that determines the fuel consumption level of a vehicle. The more the air pressure, the more the tire is likely to consume fuel.

Also, it is known that tires that are manufactured using original equipment contribute to fuel efficiency. Since all solar tires are made using authentic materials and have low air pressure, you can count on them to be fuel economical. That is helping you to cut down on the cost of using fuel daily.


Every tire has its load index. For solar 4XS tires, each one can come in as 91kg for 16 inches and 88kg for 15 inches, respectively. For an SUV or a passenger vehicle of about four people, that means the vehicle can carry about 364kg or 352kg of passenger’s weight (91kg or 88kg stands for each tire and passenger’s weight). This means that you can take a lot of weight or heavy in your vehicle without having to worry about the tires breaking down.


The price of any tire usually tallies with the quality, and this is what a buyer mostly focuses on. Most people have the notion that the more expensive a tire is, the better the quality. While this is true to some extent, solar 4XS tires do not conform to this opinion. That is because a solar tire is three to four times less expensive than some tires, while it offers more in terms of quality and performance. The prices of all solar tires are affordable,and this makes them great value for money.

Other factors in determining the choice of a tire are traction, treads wear, and ride noise.

Why is Solar Tire Smarter than Others?

Solar tires have everything you desire in a high-performance tire. They put their customers first in everything they do, and that’s one of the things that accounts for their success. The tires are ideal for SUVs, sedans, passenger vehicles, etc. They are made with an excellent tread that ensures they last long. Solar tires make use of advance construction to get the best of design and performance out of their tires.

Why is Solar Tire Smarter than Others

When to Change the Solar Tire?

Replacing a worn-out tire is inevitable and vital as long as it’s been used. It enhances safety, maintains its high performance, and enables fuel efficiency. The ideal time to change your solar tire is when it exceeds the stipulated treadwear mileage. However, if your tires are yet to overtake, you can change them after 2-3 years of use.

Wireless and Solar Powered Tire Pressure Gauge For Older Vehicles

Best Solar Tires FAQs

Can wrong inflation cause my tires to wear out quickly?

Yes, they can. Other factors may include improper mounting and installation, poor driving conditions, and defective tires. 

What is my right tire size?

There are quite some ways to determine that. You can check your vehicle’s manual, the sidewall of the tire, or take the vehicle to a local repair shop.

What is the maximum speed on a solar tire?

The maximum speed is 130 mph.

How can I determine if my tire is not performing well?

There are a variety of ways to know that. Once you begin to observe that you are continually buying more fuel than you used to, it’s a sign that your tires are not performing well.

Also, if you start to hear noise from the tires while on a highway, that’s a sign that your tires are up for a change.

What is the maximum mileage before my tire can wear out?

Most solar tires have a maximum mileage of 45,000.

Final Words & Recommendation

Solar tires are easily one of the most affordable set of tires you can find around., They provide users all the things they need for a tire. They hold well on roads, are fuel-efficient, and have an excellent treadwear that makes it suitable for long journeys.

Based on the different solar tires reviewed, I would recommend the solar 4xS plus all-season radial tire-195- based on its all-round road performance and the solar 4XS plus all-season radial tire-185/65R, based on its excellent road grip. If you ever need to buy a tire, go ahead and purchase one in this solar tire review. you can visit this page know more