Top 3 Venezia Tire Reviews

Venezia Tire is an Italian tire company that has dedicated their business to designing performance tires. Their tires are designed to meet a variety of needs and styles and are considered high-end tires on the market. 

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In the following Venezia tire reviews, we will cover several of their top tire options. From Venezia Crusade SXT to Venezia Tires Crossroad XT and everything else from the tire rack, they have a variety. What you will find of these performance tires is that some aspects are better than others, this is true of nearly any tire on the market.

Top 3 Picks of Venezia Tire Reviews

The following are our top 3 picks from Venezia’s tire rack and everything you should know about them.

This white sidewall tire is sleek and functional. This tire comes from the Venezia Tires Classis 787 line and is an affordable option. 

This high-performance tire is designed for a passenger vehicle as a summer tire. It is not classified to stand up to winter weather and road conditions. With this tire, you can give your everyday sedan a classy and modern look.

Venezia White Sidewall 97S Tire - P215/70R15 215 70 15 2157015

Pros & Cons of Venezia White Sidewall 97S Tire P215/70R15


  • Tires have ultimate grip on both wet and dry roads.
  • Tires stick and brake well.
  • Tires drive comfortably and quietly.


  • These tires seem to wear much more quickly than they should.

These Venezia Crusade SXT tires are an all-season tire. They are designed to give you the perfect grip with a tread pattern that is both rough and grooved. 

These tires are designed for small to mid-sized cars. They get premium traction and control on any surface and in any weather. Additionally, you can expect to drive both quietly and comfortably with these tires. These are designed to be one-of-a-kind with half-closed shoulders and interchanging buttresses.

Venezia Crusade SXT 195/65R15 91H BSW

Pros & Cons of Venezia Crusade SXT 195/65R15 91H BSW


  • All-season tires that handle well in all road conditions.
  • Your car will drive quite comfortably with this tire in place. 
  • Affordable tire that operates extremely well on dry roads and optimally on wet roads.


  • The road noise with this tire is a bit excessive.

This is another affordable tire from the Venezia Tires Classic 787 line. These tires are comparable to the Venezia Crusade HP 24535zr20 95w xl tires that were recently released. 

The Venezia 787 direct from the tire rack is from Venezia’s original lineup of tires. This particular option has a white sidewall to give your everyday car a classic look and make it stand out. This simple design addition adds just a bit of flair.

Venezia 787 P225/70R15 100S WSW

Pros & Cons of Venezia 787 P225/70R15 100S WSW


  • This tire has effective tread that gives a great grip on both wet and dry roads.
  • The tire provides premium braking capability with deep sticky grooves. 
  • This tire is best designed for mid-sized sedans so you can make them slightly classy. 


  • These tires seem to wear quickly on the tread, leading to reduced comfort in driving. 

Types of Venezia Tires

Venezia has a broad range of tire types. Ultimately their options break down to fit the following categories:

  • Venezia Crusade SUV
  • Venezia Crusade SXT
  • Venezia Tires Crossroad XT

In each of these categories, Venezia then has a range of choices including performance tires and all-season tires. Venezia’s tires are budget-friendly and fit several vehicle classes optimally.

How to Choose Venezia Tires

When it comes to choosing your tires from Venezia’s tire rack, the list of options is not as overwhelming as some brands. However, you may still need to know if you should choose Venezia Crusade HP 24535zr20 95w xl, Venezia Crusade HP 22540zr18, or Venezia Crusade HP 27540zr20. 

Of course, the tire you need may vary based on your personal style and your vehicle. These are typically the primary factors. Take your tire decision one step beyond this factor and determine your driving conditions.

Are you going to need an all-season tire to be prepared for any weather and roads? Are you just in the market for a performance summer tire? These are all factors you should consider when you are determining what to choose from the tire rack.

Why You Should Consider Venezia Tires?

Venezia Tires are a budget-friendly option. While they seem to wear pretty quickly, you still get a lot of life out of these tires.


For the best maintenance of your tires, we recommend that you practice routine maintenance. You should practice routine maintenance with any type of tire you use on a vehicle.
Routine maintenance actions include.

  •  Regular rotation cycles
  • Checking air pressure and applying air as needed
  • Balancing tires every 6-12 months
  • Checking tread and wear
Venezia Tire Reviews


According to Venezia Tire reviews, you can expect these tires to be comparable to the majority of traditional everyday tires. While these are not high-end tires that are perfect for literally everything, you must understand they are still optimal.

These optimal tires have good tread design that allows for a premium and comfortable grip on the road. When it comes to acceptable performance functionality, Venezia delivers that in a budget-friendly approach.


Venezia Tire Reviews FAQs

Which Venezia Tire Rack Option is Best in the Snow and Wet Conditions?

We recommend checking out various Crusade HP all-season tires for optimal wet or snow driving. 

Can You Use Venezia Tires for Racing?

Venezia tires, particularly Venezia Crusade SUV options are great for highway or open-road racing terrains. 

Do Venezia Tires Have a Warranty?

Venezia’s tire rack options do come with a warranty and registration offer. The warranty is a mileage and defect warranty. 

How Do I Make the Tread Last?

One of the most effective ways to manage your tread life is by monitoring your tire pressure. 

Are Venezia Tires Safe?

Yes, Venezia tires pass all D.O.T and A.O.T. inspections and requirements for safety.

Final Words & Recommendation

We hope that these Venezia tire reviews reveal to you that Venezia has options well worth your inspection. 

Our top pick is the Venezia Crusade SXT option listed in #2. This tire is an all-season option that works well in various road conditions. Even better, it fits a tight budget scale as well!