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Best Blacklion Tires Review – Makes Blacklion Tires Outstanding?

If car tires mean a lot to you, then you must go ahead and read this review right until the end. Primarily, your car was built to run on the road. Considering that your car tires are the only part of the vehicle that makes actual contact with the road, it should give you a hint of its relevance.

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The importance of the car tires installed in your vehicle cannot be overly stressed. There are a countless number of tires out there to choose from. While this is excellent news at first, it is easy to get confused about which one to go for. The thing is, with tires, there are quite a few things to consider; durability, grip, balance, strength, friction, traction, drift and handling, and so much more. It all depends on what your specific needs are.

Blacklion Tyres

When buying tires, the first step is to set your priorities. What are the qualities you want the most from your next set of new tires? Is it handling, performance, durability, or value? Or, is it a combination of two, or three? Basically, what are your priorities? Once you’ve set out your priorities, we can help you do the rest from here.

No matter what your priorities are, value for your money is most likely at the forefront of your list. So, sit tight as useful reviews like this one can prove to be very useful in helping you with your decision making.

What is Blacklion Tires?

Blacklion tires are an excellent all-season brand of tires that are built for performance, support, and durability. Blacklion does not precisely make any mileage or economy claims in their marketing. They do, however, say that they're focused on providing excellence in “handling and superior road-feel.”

The Blacklion tire is a brand that is prided for being a low-rolling-resistance tire for passenger cars. This is another term for saying that the tire has an excellent fuel economy, which is why many customers patronize the brand. The company offers that you can save up to $500 in fuel over the life-span of the tires when compared to other competitors.

Description and Design Features of Blacklion Tires

Blacklion has a lineup of tire varieties to their credit. There are passenger tires, massive duty tires, truck tires, and lots more. When it comes to physical features, Blacklion tires are usually straight to the point focusing on more accurate traction, well-defined grip, and so on. Also, the brand’s Blacklion logo is expressly molded into the tire’s tread line surface. 

Description and Design Features of Blacklion Tires

The Best Blacklion Tires

Blacklion has a vast dynamic array of tires that are designed to suit various needs, driving conditions, and seasons. Some of the best products from Blacklion include the following:

Blacklion Model

Tread Type

Performance Category

Blacklion Champoint BU66

All Season

High Performance

Blacklion Cilerro BH15

All Season


Blacklion Voracio A/T BA80

All Season

On/Off-Road All-Terrain

Blacklion Voracio H/T BC86

All Season


Blacklion BA126 

All Season


Blacklion BLR01 

All Season


Blacklion Champoint BU64 

All Season


Top 3 Picks of Blacklion Tires Review

This Blacklion tire is excellent for touring all year round. The product gives a premium experience for almost any passenger vehicle. The design and materials used to assemble the product make it deployable on practically any modern car.

Blacklion Cilerro BH15 - Neumático radial para todo el año, 2156016, 95 V

Pros & Cons of Blacklion Cilerro BH15 all_ Season Radial Tire-2156016 95V


  • Excellent grit
  • Sturdy tires
  • Excellent traction
  • Good balance
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not excellent for snow and icy terrains

This Blacklion tire features an affordable all-season tire that has a brilliant design focused on providing traction, handling, and grip all season long. Also, it is excellent for fuel economy. This tire is fully designed to support various driving styles. It also gives great comfort to the passenger.




  • Reliable for wet and dry traction
  • Excellent handling
  • Very budget-friendly


  • Not excellent on snow and icy terrains

This tire offers excellent grip, traction, handling, and balance. It is also an excellent all-season tire with the ability to adapt to some of the most challenging terrains.




  • Reliable on both dry and wet traction
  • Excellent handling
  • Great support and smooth driving experience
  • Budget-friendly


  • May struggle on snow and icy terrains

Things to Consider When Buying Blacklion Tires

It is essential to consider a few essentials when buying tires, not only Blacklion tires but also with other tires as well. Bear in mind that the production process, quality, research, and development of one brand may differ significantly from another. While one company can cobble up some pieces of rubber to form a tire, another could have theirs thoroughly researched and produced. Thankfully, one among the brief list of companies that fall under the second category is Blacklion.

When buying car tires, the first thing you should consider starts with you first; what are your priorities? What qualities are you looking to advance in your new tire? Is it value, performance, durability, adaptability, or what and what? After you might have carefully considered your priorities, then you can go on to look out for the following:

Things to Consider When Buying Blacklion Tires

Tire Size and Construction

One of the common mistakes customers make when trying to get a replacement for their car tires is picking the wrong size. Usually, you would find a code on the sidewall of your previous tire that tells you the tire's exact size and capacities. From this information, you can understand what specific capabilities you want to improve on with your next tire. Below is a sample of the code you can find on the sidewall of your car tire.

P195/60R16 63H M+S

  • P – Tire type
  • 195 - Width of the tire around the tread (units: millimeters)
  • 60 - Aspect ratio of the tire’s sidewalls in comparison to the width
  • R – Radial construction
  • 16 - Diameter of the tire’s rims (units: inches)
  • 63 – Load rating
  • H – Speed rating
  • M+S – Showing that the tire is fit for driving all-season long

Speed Rating

The speed rating of a car’s tire ultimately interprets into the tire’s aptitude to dispel heat, or at least prevent its buildup. Heat is a tire’s immediate adversary, and every time the tire comes in contact with the road, there's bound to be some. The more tires get heated up, the faster they wear-out, and the quicker they will break down.

Ultimately, tires with higher speed ratings tend to dispel more heat on longer trips compared to those with lower speed ratings. Tire speed ratings are rated within 99 miles to 186 miles per hour, that is, 159.3 to 299.3 kilometers per hour.

Load Rating

This is another very significant factor to consider. The load-capacity rating number inscribed on the tire’s size code points out the capacity of load that a single tire can carry. Ultimately, you’ll need four of them for your vehicle. Whatever you do, you must not select a tire with a load-carrying capacity below what your car needs.


Another essential variable to note is traction, which is very crucial as this tells you about the tire’s ability to hold to the road. It also speaks about the tire’s balance. You can also try to test it on dry, wet, and snowy terrains, or check out reviews for its performance on different grounds.

Blacklion Tires Review FAQs

Is there a manufacturer’s warranty on this product? 

Yes, there is.  The manufacturer has offered a one-year limited warranty. 

Is Blacklion Tire a good Tire?

Yes, more than a few customer reviews indicate that the product is of excellent quality.

If my Tire malfunctions, what should I do?

You must first carry out an immediate examination yourself to ascertain what is wrong. Check to confirm if you have mounted the tires correctly. If you still experience any further challenges, contact us through our service centers. 

Where Can I buy Original Blacklion Tires?

You can get quality Blacklion tires from certified vendors nearby or certified online vendors like Amazon.

What is the Best Blacklion Tire?

All Blacklion tires are of premium quality. The choice of which specific tire to go for depends exclusively on what your car’s needs are.

Final Words & Recommendation

Blacklion tires offer incredible value for all-season performance. They are ideal for any savvy bargainer and also provide a long life expectancy. Blacklion tires are specially built for durability, performance, and dependability. They easily exceed any low expectations and offer a fantastic feel on or off the road. While the prices are not the lowest in the market, they do provide excellent value for the money.