Top 5 Dunlop Tires Review

Dunlop is a well-known brand that is listed in any number of tire reviews. Dunlop motorcycle tire review information reveals that they deliver high-quality options for motorcycles as well. 

We invite you to stick with us as we hash out the details.

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In this Dunlop Tires review, we will walk you through our top 5 Dunlop tire picks and share with you all the basics. We will cover all of the pertinent details and walk through pros and cons as well. These champion tires have a lot to offer and they can go for miles and miles. 

Top 5 Pick of Dunlop Tires Review

In this section, we will peruse the top 5 picks for Dunlop tires online. Don’t be afraid to look for “Dunlop tires near me” to see what is available locally for you either.

In this Dunlop motorcycle tire review, we present a black wall tire idea for a rear tire setting. This tire is designed to give you the best grip in wet or dry situations. 

The tread is optimally established for balance, grip, and stability. Additionally, these contain bias-ply construction to deliver a smooth ride every time.
Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire 170/80-15 (77H) Black Wall

Pros & Cons of WinRun Maxclaw HT All-Season Tires


  • These tires have an offset center groove that contributes to straight-line stability.
  • Your tread maintains a superior grip through a high mileage allowance. 
  • These tires have an extended size that is compatible with older bikes and cruisers as well. 


  • Not recommended for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

In the lineup of Dunlop signature tires reviews, we present Dunlop D404 150/80B-16. This rear motorcycle tire has the black wall and delivers all of the important safety features of a motorcycle tire. 

This is a standard tire that carries on to affordable Dunlop tires prices. The tire is soft but rides comfortable and can handle heavy loads. These tires are perfect for short commuting use.
Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire 150/80B-16 (71H) Black Wall

Pros & Cons of Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire 150/80B-16


  • Affordable tire option that delivers quality results. 
  • Ideal for commuting and cruising with grip and tread.
  • Smooth and comfortable ride for various types of bikes.


  • May not last for a large number of miles, depending on the type of driving you are doing. 

Tire reviews call this Dunlop rear motorcycle tire the best affordable tire. This tire is designed for smooth cruising. The tread provides grip and stability. 

You can expect a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, the overall design of the treads delivers grip that lasts for miles to come.
Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire 140/90-15 (70H) Black Wall

Pros & Cons of Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire 140/90-15


  • Easy to mount and seal for use.
  • Experience ultimate grip with turns and curves
  • This tire provides a smooth and quiet ride for a variety of bike types


  • Some of the Dunlop tires online ship out with age, meaning they were manufactured a year prior to delivery.

This model fits into Dunlop signature tires review categories and has a lot to offer for your bike. This front motorcycle tire has a black wall and fits a host of motorcycle, including old models and cruisers.

These tires are all-season tires that have a long life range. You can play or cruise in these tires and have long-lasting results well worth the dollar you spend for them.

Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire 120/90-18 (65H) Black Wall - Fits: Honda Gold Wing/Aspen/Int. GL1100 1982-1983

Pros & Cons of Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire 120/90-18


  • Tire fits a variety of models that are sometimes hard to find tires for
  • Helps bike to handle corners and stability with improved consideration
  • Affordable tires are a great value for the money


  • Ride is not as smooth if your speed gets too high

This front motorcycle tire is another great find. This stems from the Dunlop summer tires and was designed to fit BMW F650 1997-1999 models.

This is a black wall tire imprinted with the Dunlop tire prices we all know and love. These are designed for mid and small-sized cruisers and are not optimal for full-sized cruisers.

Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire 100/90-19 (57H) Black Wall - Fits: BMW F650 1997-1999

Pros & Cons of Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire 120/90-18


  • Compatible with several models that fit into small and mid-size categories
  • Your bike will handle and grip with unmatched fervor
  • Extremely affordable tire with high-quality feel on the road.


  • Is not recommended for Harley-Davidson bikes.
  • Do not carry a lot of mileage and may need replaced often.

How to Choose Dunlop Tires

Dunlop motorcycle tire review information points to the quality and affordability of these tires. Many of the models are versatile and multi-functional for a variety of bike types. Be sure to pay attention to the capabilities of each tire and whether it can satisfactorily handle the size of your bike.

Dunlop Tire Maintenance

The majority of Dunlop tires are designed specifically for rear or front of your bike. They each have specifications and clarifications as well.

For proper maintenance of your tire be sure to maintain appropriate air pressure. Additionally, you should routinely check your tread for ultimate safety. Some Dunlop tires need to be replaced with only a few thousand miles use so it’s important to routinely check them.

Dunlop Tire Performance

Dunlop Tires has a wide variety of options from street tires to adventure tires to off-road tires and everything in between. They even have a line distinguished for vintage bike models.

What you can expect from every Dunlop tire is a steady and firm grip. Every tire delivers unrenowned stability and comfort on the road. These tires are typically budget-friendly with a premium feel to them. 

Dunlop Tires Tutorial: What are Ultra High Performance Tires

Dunlop Tires Review FAQs

Why are Many Dunlop Tires Not Compatible for Harley Davidson Bikes?

Most of the tires in the Dunlop lineup will work with Harley Davidson. However, the D404 line is not recommended because it has a lower load capacity capability. 

How Do I Know for Sure Which Tires Will Work for My Motorcycle?

You can always dive deeper into questions and reviews on particular tire models. However, we recommend reviewing your motorcycle’s or manufacturer’s owner’s manuals. 

Why Are There Front and Rear Tires? 

These tires are designed differently to best handle their position on the bike. Front tires and rear tires experience different forces on the road. 

What Causes Cupping on Tires?

Cupping is essentially irregular wear on a tire and is influenced by a lot of factors. This happens on nearly any tire over time. Use your tires with care and practice routine maintenance procedures. 

How Can I Clean my Motorcycle Tires?

Use a gentle solution of warm water and mild soap. You can clean sidewalls and striping or lettering. We do not recommend heavy-duty cleaners as they could cause the rubber to degrade.

Final Words & Recommendation

Overall, Dunlop tires offer a variety of quality tires at prices we have labeled as Dunlop tires prices. We say this because it’s rare to find an affordable tire with quality such as what Dunlop is able to put out. 

When it comes to choosing our favorite pick from this top  Dunlop tires review list, we find it challenging. You simply can’t pick just one. 

However, as we peruse the list we settle on two favorites. One for the rear and one for the front. For the rear tire, we prefer the Dunlop D404 140/90-15. This tire has a great price point and is much more versatile than some of the other tires, with a higher load capacity.

For the front tire, we like the 120/90-18 tire. Our reasons are almost the same as with the rear tire. This tire is versatile and compatible with a large range of banks and load capacities.