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GT radial Touring VP Plus Tire Review

GT radial touring VP plus is known to be affordable and dependable. It is an all-season tire that works well on both dry and wet surfaces.

It is environmentally and budgets friendly. The GT radial company monitors quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. They even go as far as bringing in inspectors and the use of automated inspection machines to detect the minutest error and correct it. GT radial tires are produced by Giti Tire, a leading global company based in Singapore.

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What is GT radial touring VP plus?

GT radial touring VP plus tires are the latest products of its company, Giti group, which has manufactured millions of products for the last 20 years or more.  

  • Design features of GT radial touring VP plus tire
  • Rubber tire compound with an asymmetric tread pattern
  • Large outside tread blocks
  • Notched center rib

Are GT radial touring VP plus tires good?

When you have a set of GT radial tires on your vehicle, you can be sure of the best, because they would have gone through rigorous processes. GT radial tires are excellent and reliable for any car as they are all-round tires.

GT radial tires are perfect in a dry and wet environment. They give an excellent steering grip to the vehicle. The tires are durable and very affordable; it comes with very low noise and enhances ride comfort. They are also very good at fuel consumption.

GT radial Touring VP Plus Tire Review

It is a touring tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The tire is an all-season one that works well in all weather. The tire has excellent controllability of the steering wheel. It is durable.

The symmetric pattern of the tire helps to increase the comfort level of the tire. The close contact with the ground always absorbs the shock of driving, which largely contributes to the reduction in noise or vibration.

GT Radial Champiro Touring A/S all_ Season Radial Tire- One Size 102H


  • Flexible rubber
  • Wide circumferential grooves
  • Shoulder tread block 
  • The symmetric pattern of tread

Pros & Cons of GT touring VP plus 225/60R16 98H A/S all-season tire


  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Good steering grip
  • All-weather tire


  • It is expensive
  • Vulnerable to damage when overloaded or under pressured

This is an all-weather tire designed for comfort, control, and security. It provides an outstanding grip on wet and dry ground surfaces.

It is used for wagons, family sedans. It has an advanced tread compound that gives it a low rolling resistance. This, in turn, results in low consumption of fuel.

GT Radial Champiro Touring A/S all_ Season Radial Tire- One Size 91H


  • Has four, extensive center grooves
  • Stable shoulder block
  • Advanced tread compound
  • Tread blocks with lateral grooves and sips

Pros & Cons of GT radial Champiro VP1 Tires


  • The tire is prevented from hydroplaning
  • Helps to manage fuel
  • Has excellent braking


  • It is not designed to be a high-performance sports tire
  • Doesn't work well on snow and ice

Things to consider when buying GT radial touring VP plus tires

Buying tires for your vehicles is essential, but knowing the right ones to get is more important. You do not want to spend so much on tires, and they end up not giving you the desired result.

Things to consider when buying GT radial touring VP plus tires

There are quite some features to consider when choosing a particular tire to buy. Once you know the brand you want to go for, the next thing is to choose the right ones for your vehicle. Most people want to get low-cost tires without being sure of their performance. Not all lost cost tires are wrong, though, but it pays more to get ones that will last long and perform well throughout, no matter the price.

To buy tires, you must consider:

  • Tire code: This contains the specs of the tire, the load and speed ratings, diameter, tread width, aspect ratio, and the tire type.
  • DOT code: This contains the tire size, plant code, brand characteristics, manufacture week, and year.
  • UTQG code: shows the tread wear, traction, and temperature of the tire.
  • You should also look out for the tire types; they can be all-season, performance all-season, ultra-high-performance tires, and the likes.
  • Replacement indicator of GT radial touring VP plus tires
  • The performance of your tire is crucial for your safety and that of the car. When your tires start wearing out and lose traction, then you should know your tires need replacement. 
  • Your tires need replacement when the tread bar is aligning with the tire tread. All tires have tread wear bars that form between the treads at smaller depth. If the tires start wearing out, the bars become aligned with the tread.
  • If the tread wear pattern of your tire is getting uneven, then the need repair.
  • Constant wear at the shoulder or sidewall of the tire indicates problems and should be repaired

GT Radial Wet Braking Test vs Budget tyres - Full test.

GT radial Touring VP Plus Tire Review FAQs

Does my driving habit affect tire life?

Yes, it does. High speed generate too much heat, which increases the rate of tire wear.

Does it matter if I replace my tires with old ones?

If you have to replace your tires, it means they got damaged or worn out. Replacing with old ones isn't the best of ideas; you never can tell what damage the old ones had before they were abandoned. 

How much weight can my tire carry?

The maximum load the tire can carry is written on the sidewall of the tire. It differs for all tires, you can know yours by checking the sidewall.

When should I check the air pressure on my tires?

It is best to check the air pressure after it is parked for at least 3 hours, and also early in the morning before setting out.

How long should my tires last?

Several factors affect the lifespan of a tire. It depends on the tire maintenance done on the tire regularly.

Final Words & Recommendation

GT radial touring VP plus tires are manufactured for drivers that value comfort, safety, and durability for their tires. The tires are all-season and can perform in any weather condition.

Go for these tires for your vehicles to have a smooth ride always.