Top 4 Niche Wheels Reviews

Niche is a leading wheels company that offers a niche in the world industry. It makes for a nice play on words to know the company has lived up to the very definition of their title “Niche”. 

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From old school Niche wheels to Niche Targa and Niche Essen they have options for a variety of luxury styles. Stay tuned for these top 4 Niche Wheels reviews to get you informed on just what the company has to offer.

Top 4 Pick of Niche Wheels Reviews

Below you will find our top 5 Nitto NT05 reviews.

Give your luxury vehicle the gift of gorgeous wheels. Designed for vehicles like the BMW, Lexus, and Land Rover, these shout high-end detail. 

The Verona is one of the old school Niche wheels options with a sleek modern look. It has a 7-spoke design with a machined metal look and comes in black. These are one of the more affordable Niche options on the market.

Niche M150 Verona 18x8 5x114.3 +40mm Black/Machined Wheel Rim

Pros & Cons of Niche M150 Verona Black Machined Wheel Rim


  • Designed for luxury vehicles but compatible with everyday vehicles as well.
  • These wheels look stylish and modern
  • High-quality design built to last


  • Niche wheels lug nuts do not match the color of the wheel and may stand out. 

When it comes to Niche wheels durability options, these Vicenza model wheels are perfect. 

This high-gloss black wheel has bolt patterns with 12 slim spokes that really draw the eye. These are super eye-catching and scream luxury wheels to those who notice them. These are similar to Niche Essen rims but a better price point.

 20x10 NICHE Vicenza M152 Gloss Black Wheels 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern with +40 Offset

Pros & Cons of Niche Vicenza M152 Gloss Black


  • A gorgeous glossy wheel from old school niche wheels options
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles from luxury models to low-end models. 
  • Includes a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


  • These come from an older line of Niche wheels and may be hard to find information for.

Niche Misano wheels are one of the most popular styles Niche has to offer. These have beautiful detailing that is sure to stand out on any vehicle. 

With a tiered design that takes the spokes from wide to narrow, these look sleek and savvy. The center has a deep concave to make the Y-shaped spokes stand out even more. What’s more, is the Niche wheels lug nuts match the rim color.

 Niche M117 Misano 18x8 5x114.3 +40mm Satin Black Wheel Rim

Pros & Cons of Niche Misano Wheels M117 Black Rim


  • Niche Wheels UK provides a delightfully stand out option with a unique design.
  • Quality meets Niche wheels durability standards. 
  • Luxury design made for everyday use.


  • Limited compatibility with some models due to the bolt pattern.

The Niche Targa option is another sleek and simple option. This is a 5-spoke U-shaped design that stands out from its deep concave center. 

The double dark look gives the wheels a hint of two-toned color while really being completely black. They are machined down to a matte base with a glossy finish on the spokes. The colors and shape draw attention to the detail of the rim, making it eye-catching and attractive.

Niche 1PC Targa 20X8.5 5X120.00 Matte Black Double Dark Tint (15 MM) Wheel

Pros & Cons of Niche Targa Black Double Dark Tint Wheel


  • A simple design that catches the eye
  • Unique two-toned coloring makes features stand-out
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles besides luxury vehicles


  • The Niche wheel lug nuts are bright silver and stand out against the double dark color.

How to Choose Niche Wheels Reviews

Niche wheels has a wide variety of wheels to choose from. You can browse through the old school Niche wheelslineup or take one of their newer options for a spin. Niche wheels even has a variety of color finish options you can choose from.

Why Should You Consider This Tire?

Niche wheel are considered luxury wheel options. They are optimally designed for luxury vehicles like Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar, and Lexus. However, they are typically compatible with economical vehicles as well.

These are made to be high-end but can often be found at a mid-level price point as well. Be sure to review the bolt setup and requirements for your wheels before you take the leap to ensure they are compatible.


Maintenance of your wheels and rims is pretty simple. To keep them clean and shiny, you should wash them with gentle soap and water.

Car washes are not recommended unless you know they use a gentle soap formula. The acid-based cleaners used at most car washes can cause your rims to break down or lose their shine and color much more quickly.


Your rims are sure to stand out to everyone you pass by. Whether you drive a luxury vehicle or not, these wheels scream luxury. Niche wheels durability is unrenowned and they are well-known for being high-quality wheels.

2015 Mustang GT | Niche Vicenza

Niche Wheels Reviews FAQs

Are forged wheels better than cast?

Forged wheels provide increased durability and strength to the wheel. This offers you extensive performance and style in one simple upgrade. 

How do I know my wheel offset?

The offset of the wheel is the distance from the center line of the wheel to the hub mounting. This distance is measured in millimeters. 

Are all of Niche wheels forged?

Niche offers a wide variety of forged aluminum wheels. 

Do I have to worry about forged wheels cracking?

Cracks are more likely to occur with cast wheels. In exchange, forged wheels are more susceptible to bending. 

What colors do Niche wheels come in?

You can have custom finishes applied to any Niche wheels. They have color matching options, powder coat finishes, tinting, and even textures to choose from.

Final Words & Recommendation

Overall, from our Niche wheels reviews, our favorite option listed is the Niche Misano wheels from #3. This wheel has a unique design that is eye-catching and sleek in one simple setup. These wheels are easily available and are a popular style that will bring luxury to any compatible vehicle. 

Niche wheels has a lot to offer their consumers. In fact, many of their wheels are customizable. Just call up the Niche wheels phone number and talk to someone about your specifications to get the job done right.