Top 5 Nitto NT05 Review

High-performance tires can be hard to choose. There are so many options that claim to be high-performance but are actually lacking. On the other hand, high-performance tires can also get really expensive really fast. 

In this Nitto NT05 review, we will walk you through our top five Nitto NT05 choices. We will share the details you should know as well as some pros and cons. Each tire is unique and each one has its own characteristics. 

Stay tuned to find out more about the Nitto NT05 and the brand overall. 

Top 5 Pick of Nitto NT05 Review

Below you will find our top 5 Nitto NT05 reviews.

If you’re into drag-racing, check out these Nitto NT05 drag racing optimal tires. While they are not just for drag-racing, they will work well for that purpose.

These summer tires hold their own against Nitto NT05 all season tires with the exception they aren’t meant for snow. They are great optimal for dry grip and traction at super high speeds. Corner like a pro as well with this tread.

Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire - 315/35R17 102Z

Pros & Cons of Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire 315/35R17 102Z


  • The shoulder blocks have been reinforced for precision cornering.
  • The tread has a center rib to always grip the dry road.
  • Comfortably and safely accelerate and drive high speeds.


  • Designed primarily for dry road use only.

From the Nitto NT05 tire rack comes this premium high-end tire. The price tag speaks for itself. This tire is a high-end ultimate performance option.

In a Mustang Nitto NT05 review, these tires are highly sought after. They look great and they have optimal grip. They also make another precision Nitto NT05 drag racing option in the lineup.

Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire - 275/40R20 106Z

Pros & Cons of Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire 275/40R20 106Z


  • These tires perform well in both wet and dry situations. 
  • The tread provides a superior grip, even as you add miles. 
  • These tires help to accelerate quickly with little to no burnout. 


  • Tires do not perform well in freezing temperatures or cold and snow. They are designed to be comparable to summer tires. 

The 25540r17 Nitto NT05 tire is a high-performance tire designed to give you the ultimate grip. Additionally, this Nitto NT05 drag racing option speaks for itself in acceleration capability

The tread is designed for the perfect grip. The tires are lightweight and quiet. They corner well and work the best in summer conditions.

Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire - 255/40R17 98Z

Pros & Cons of Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire 255/40R17 98Z


  • Solid middle strip helps the tire to grip the road completely.
  • Tread is perfectly designed for ultimate grip and traction.
  • High-performance tire designed for sporty cars and sedans. 


  • Tire has minimal stretch and may require a slim rim. 

If you’re looking for a Nitto NT 05 all season tire, you may want to consider this high-performance summer tire. While it’s not designed for snow, it drives well in the cold as well as wet or dry conditions.

These tires have undergone advanced Nitto NT05 test procedures on the track to ensure they are worth every dollar. These tires are street tires with a Nitto NT05 drag racing feel.

Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire - 265/35R18 97Z

Pros & Cons of Nitto NT05 High-Performance Tire 265/35R18 97Z


  • Ultimate grip with an efficient tread design.
  • These tires work well both on and off a racing track.
  • Accelerate comfortably and quietly with these premium tires. 


  • This tire works best on dry ground and summer temperatures, despite other descriptions. 

This tire receives another great commendation for a Mustang Nitto NT05 Review. They have the best sticky traction without all of the added road noise.

These tires provide an extreme grip on the road and take every corner nicely. You can’t go wrong with high speeds or acceleration. You might even be able to use these tires to your advantage in a race.

Nitto NT05 High Performance Tire - 235/40R17 90Z

Pros & Cons of Nitto NT05 Tire 235/40R17 90Z


  • High-quality stick from an optimally designed tread.
  • You can take corners at high-speeds and not worry about the traction. 
  • High-performance summer tires that have much to offer for Nitto NT05 drag racing needs.


  • The tires wear much faster than they should. 
How to Choose Nitto NT05

How to Choose Nitto NT05

This line of tires from Nitto is primarily designed to imitate Nitto NT05 drag racing style. It is optimally designed for style and grace while also performing at high speeds. 

Here are several things you may want to consider as you put these options to the ultimate Nitto NT05 test.

How Does Nitto NT05 Perform in Dry Weather?

These tires are designed to operate at their best in dry and warm weather. What you will find is they are not recommended for snow, ice, or freezing temperatures. But when it comes to dry land, these tires are far superior to many comparable options.

Are Nitto NT05 Really That Bed in Wet Conditions?

Most of the Nitto NT05 tire rack options are designed to work for wet and dry situations. These tires work BEST on dry land, but they still perform acceptably on wet roads as well. Nitto is very open about the scale of performance rating from wet to dry land. 

The Nitto NT05 275 40R20 is the best option for wet and dry driving. However, it appears that most models handle wet driving as well.

So Are These Really Bad in the Snow?

All Nitto NT05 models are equipped with a warning that they are designed primarily for dry driving conditions. The details of the tires informs us that they are not recommended for freezing conditions or snow and ice. 

This is a common characteristic of high-performance sport designed tires.

Testing Nitto's NEW Street Tires NT05 Max Performance!

Nitto NT05 Review FAQs

Are Nitto NT05 Tires Quiet on the Road?

Yes, these tires are designed to give you a quiet drive. 

What is One of Nitto NT05’s Best Characteristics?

One of the most notable design characteristics for this line is the center rib in the tread that provides the ultimate sticking grip. 

Can You Mix and Match Tires?

It is common to mix tires, particularly for sports purposes. Many people prefer to place Nitto NT05 tires on the front for corner handling. They then put Nitto Radial or Nitto Invo review tires on the back. 

Do Nitto NT05 Tires Have Much Stretch?

The stretch is minimal on these tires because of the tread capability and design. You may need to downsize your rim or consider purchasing a larger tire if you are worried about stretch ability. 

Where Can You Buy Nitto NT05 Tires?

You will most likely be able to find or order Nitto NT05 tires from any local tire dealer. Even some big box stores like Wal-Mart are able to distribute them. 

Final Words & Recommendation

Nitto NT05 tires are well-designed high-performance tires that will deliver when put to the test. In this Nitto NT05 review, we find that these tires are designed for sports precision. They work best in the dry but could also perform ok in the wet. 

When it comes to choosing our favorite pick of the top 5 options shared here, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Our top pick is the Nitto NT05 275/40R20 shared at line item #2. We chose this as our top pick because it is the most versatile option.

This one has a mid-range price and delivers premium results as well. It can be used to dress up your sleek sedans and sports cars and handles well in both wet and dry conditions.