The Best Pantera Tires Review

You might not overthink it, but choosing the best tires for your car is very vital. When you think about how much the tires are accustomed to each day, you'll understand how critical the process is. Tires can be quiet or loud while driving your car. These sounds could affect your car, whether it's moving slowly or not.

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Certain tires are designed to be multipurpose tires. That is, they can run on any road type, whether it’s asphalt, ice and snow, mud, sand, gravel, and heavy rain.

In this article, we'll be analyzing the Pantera tire review. This article will help you discover useful information about Pantera tires.

Who Made Pantera Tires?

Pantera Tire is a unique brand from Tire Alliance Group produced by Sentury Tire.  Presently, this brand included a wide range of vehicle road kits with various tire sizes. Pantera offers a combination of superior performance and exceptional value at competitive prices.

How Many Types Of Pantera Tires Are They?

The Pantera tires are of different types, depending on the car and season. You may want to ask, are Pantera tires any good? We'll answer that shortly in this guide.

These types of Pantera tires include:

  1.  Pantera Supertrac M/t
  2. Pantera Supertrac H/t
  3. Touring Composition A/S
  4. Sport SUVs
  5. Supertrac A/T


Driving on rough surfaces has gotten better with this tire. It's designed for the best off-road challenges. This Pantera Supertrac M/T possesses The best rubber to tread ratio effectively removes dirt from tires in extreme off-road conditions.

It is designed with three layers of durable polyester lace, and high-strength steel belts on the side walls effectively prevent rock and sediment from breaking through. The various shoulder block shapes are optimized for better road management and control. Also, the angular structure of the side and elongated canals promotes better drainage to improve the stopping and handling on wet and wet soils.

However, this tire has optimized profile protection, drilling resistance, and super stable arms. Its channels are optimized for wetlands and ruggedness.

Pantera Touring CUV A/S all_ Season Radial Tire-225/65R17 102H



  • The best rubber to tread ratio effectively removes dirt from tires in extreme off-road conditions
  • Three layers of stable polyester fabric and high-strength steel sidewall cords effectively prevent rocks and sediment from breaking through.
  • Various forms of shoulder blocks have been optimized to improve management and control of unpaved roads
  • Lateral and longitudinal tube construction promotes better drainage to improve braking and handling on wet and wet soils.


  • Freezing can cause difficulties because it can harden the tire tread and reduce the grip on the road

A holiday trip won't be a problem with the touring Pantera A/S. The touring Pantera A/S helps you save fuel every mile, while the tread design ensures you remain stable and comfortable for miles.

Touring A/S's reduces rolling resistance and thus contributes to improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. And if you do, you will also reduce your exhaust emissions. You protect the environment and save energy simultaneously.

Four longitudinal grooves guide the road water, and side channels guide under the tire. This tire provides solid ribs in the middle of the tire, which guarantees stability when driving straight ahead.

The arm is equipped with a heat-resistant rod to maintain a stable tread block and to prevent irregular wear. For the same reason, the design also increases the stability of high-speed curves.

The all-season tires for car touring is a complete profile mix with a spectacular design in which the middle rib is very stable.

Pantera Touring CUV A/S all_ Season Radial Tire-235/50R18 101W



  • Tread compound further reduces rolling resistance for better fuel economy
  • Protect the environment through lower exhaust emissions
  • The four canals extend width for road water, while the side channels guide the tire
  • The lever is integrated into the heat-resistant rod to maintain a stable tread block and prevent irregular wear
  • The design also improves cornering stability at high speeds
  • Optimized profile width and alignment of noise development through quiet resonance and road noise


  • It may not provide enough protection for people who live in harsh climates

How to Choose a Pantera Tire

Choosing a car tire is easy, but it's hard to find the right one for your car. You can make mistakes in the selection and slow down the performance. Also, the error could affect the ability of your vehicle tire to deal with any weather conditions.

Is Pantera tire, right? Yes, and they are of different types. Besides, most car tires can be divided into three main types: all year round, summer and winter. Most people buy tires all season because this is easier and cheaper than buying a set for winter and one for summer.

All-season tires with S and T speeds are known for excellent grip in all weather conditions and long mileage and are generally suitable for classic cars and SUVs.

Seasonal performance tires are available with H and V quality from much newer vehicles, especially those that have seductive enthusiasm or improved wheels. They usually have better cornering grip than S and T speeds in all tire seasons, but performance tires may not wear out during.

Highly efficient summer and summer tires are usually offered in ZR, W and Y speed levels for sports cars and sedans.

All-season and off-road truck tires are, of course, available in large sizes and are developed for towing and towing light trucks and SUVs.

When to Replace Pantera Tires

Replacing your Pantera tires is very important when safety, fuel efficiency, and durability are top priorities. Pantera car tires are usually replaced every 3-4 years.

Why are Pantera Tires Suitable for your Cars?

This tire is ideal for vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, passenger compartments, and minivans. If you often have to do long laps in different weather conditions, this is the best tire you can get.

Pantera: Restore or Pro-Tour

Pantera Tires Review FAQs

How Does Wrong Wheel Alignment Effect Your Tire?

Wheel alignment ensures that vehicle wheels are always set to the angle specified by the manufacturer. Improper wheel alignment can increase tire wear and cause the vehicle to pull sideways while driving.

What Is My Tire Size?

This information is essential when ordering a tire replacement. You can find it in the car manufacturer's manual or on the sidewall of the tire.

What Is The True Pressure For My Tire?

Proper tire pressure is not only crucial for safety but also fuel efficiency. You can find the right information about your vehicle in the manufacturer's manual. In many cars, this detail is on the edge of the driver's door (and sometimes on the fuel cap).

Why do my tires wear out quickly?

A variety of reasons explains why your tires wear out sooner than expected. Wong inflation, incorrectly ordered vehicles, driving conditions, worn vehicle parts, tire rotation, and many other reasons amount to the premature weariness of your tire. 

Physical inspection is needed to determine the reasons why your tires wear out prematurely. Without this inspection, there is no way you are going to know.  

What do I need to know about tire repair?

Driving the wrong tire is repaired dangerous. Improper repairs can become unreliable or cause further damage to the tire. Tires can collapse suddenly and cause severe or fatal injury.

Final Words & Recommendation

The touring Pantera A/S helps you save fuel every mile, while the tread design ensures you remain stable and comfortable for miles.

Touring A/S's reduces rolling resistance and thus contributes to improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Having gone through the best Pantera tires reviews in this article, we hope you can choose for yourself now the tires of your choice.