Top 3 STR Wheel Reviews

STR Racing is a company well-known for their high-quality wheel options. Their wheels are strong, sleek, and stylish. While their niche was originally racing, they have a variety of wheels, including racing, forged, and off-road options. 

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STR Racing believes in both on and off-road style and they deliver for the tracks and the streets. They come out with new designs regularly, and the 2020 styles are going to bring some great competition to the streets.

In the following STR Wheel reviews, we will cover our top 3 picks from STR’s offerings. We will share with you what makes each of these stand apart from the crowd. In the end, it’s up to you to determine if STR wheels are right for you.

Top 3 Pick of STR Wheel Reviews

Below you will find 3 reviews of the top STR wheels on the market. These are not necessarily provided in a specific ranking order.

These gold wheels from STR Racing are quite similar to the popular STR 514 style that stands out with its gold finish. 

These wheels have a gold concave spoke design that is intricate and stylish. This is a large-lip wheel option that is perfect for the racing scene. The gold stands out and is surrounded by a silver-plated finish, giving it a unique appeal.

STR Racing STR601 Gold Wheel with Machined lip (20x10.5"/5x115mm, +20 offset)

Pros & Cons of STR Racing STR601 Gold Wheel with Machined Lip


  • Gravity cast wheel designed to be functional and lightweight
  • Available in 4 sizing options
  • Available in 3 color options including gold, gunmetal, and black


  • The silver rim is bright against the center color and tends to stand out. This may not fit all styles.

Unlike the simple star design of the STR 607, this model has a heavy and eye-catching pattern with a 10-spoke design. The design is unique and fits with many of the more popular rim designs on the market. 

This concave wheel with a mesh designed rim is one of the older models that is becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on. That means you should jump on it while you can still get it. It also means you will have a unique style that can’t be matched. 

STR RACING STR615 Silver Wheel with Painted Finish and Machine Face (19 x 9.5 inches /5 x 114 mm, 40 mm Offset)

Pros & Cons of STR Racing STR 615 Silver Wheel with Painted Finish


  • Gravity-cast design optimally built for speed and racing
  • Available in a variety of finishes, including custom options
  • Built for vehicles that are compatible with larger tires, which is nearly any racing vehicle style


  • Only available in 19 and 20-inch sizes which may limit compatibility

This neon blue STR 607 gives you an inside look to the tenacity behind STR Racing designs. This wheel is unique with a flat star inlay that is concave and simple. 

The simple design makes the wheel stand out that much more. The neon blue is also sleek without looking tacky and overstated. You simply can’t go wrong with this racing-designed wheel that is built to house the perfect racing tires. 

If you’re not a fan of the blue, you can look for other finishes that still complete the look quite nicely.
STR RACING STR607 Neon Blue Wheel with Painted Finish (19 x 10. inches /5 x 4 inches, 35 mm Offset)

Pros & Cons of STR Racing 607 Neon Blue Wheel


  • Neon blue that is sure to make your wheels stand out in a good way
  • Graceful curving star design that is concave and simple
  • Sleek and stylish rim that is built for high-quality and durability


  • It is difficult to find this style on the market

How to Choose STR Wheel Reviews

When it comes to choosing your best STR Wheels, you should first determine what you are using them for. 

STR has perfected several styles. Their most-known style fits into the racing category but they have other high-quality options available. Once you consider your use, you should then contemplate your personal style and choose something that suits your character and your vehicle.

Why You Should Consider This Tire

STR Racing has a history of providing high-quality STR Wheels to the market. They continue to identify trends and styles and update their catalog accordingly. 

Many of STR’s older styles are becoming hard to find. The company has been popular amongst the racing community and finding the older styles helps to set vehicles and their wheels apart from the crowd.


Maintenance for your STR Wheels is quite simple. Proper maintenance comes with proper care of your tire and proper storage of your vehicle. You should protect your wheels against the elements as much as possible by storing your vehicle in a protected area when not in use. 

Aside from that, you can best care for your rims by washing them at home instead of in a car wash. Use gentle soap and warm water on a soft rag that won’t scratch the surface of your rims. Keep them clean to avoid scratches and scuffs.

STR Wheel Performance


STR Racing has designed their rims to provide you with high-performance and grace on the streets and on the race tracks. Their performance is primarily unmatched. You can expect high-quality and luxury. 

The primary downside to STR Wheels is that their compatibility is somewhat more limited than many of their competitors. Many of their styles fit a select few sizes. However, size is the only limitation to the styles.


STR Wheel Reviews FAQs

How Many Styles Were Added to the 2020 Catalog?

STR added 4 styles – 2 off-road, 1 forged, and 1 racing style. 

Can STR Do Custom Color Options?

STR offers an extensive selection of colors and finishes. They can also complete custom colors upon request. 

Where is STR Racing Located?

STR’s home location is in Santa Fe Springs, California. 

Is It Easy to Contact STR Racing?

If you need to make contact for your STR Wheels needs, their contact information is readily available on their website. 

Did STR Racing Increase Prices with Tariff Changes in 2018?

STR opted to not raise prices at the time of the tariff. However, they did review prices in January and make some minor adjustments.

Final Words & Recommendation

These STR Wheel reviews are designed to provide you with some insight as to your options from the company. 

Our top pick is the STR 615 option at #2. This wheel is both sleek and stylish and has the gravity-cast design that STR is known for.