Top 7 Toyo Tires Review

No doubt, the quality of a tire on any surface type is one of the factors that determine the performance of a vehicle. A tire is meant to ensure the comfort, and overall safety of both the driver and its occupants. Nevertheless, a bad tire will not give you any form of assurance. If you are looking for that tire that you can depend on, it is Toyo tires. This article will focus more on Toyo tire reviews.

Toyo tires are the ultimate tires. Apart from guaranteeing safety and comfort, they have other features that you the liberty to go out anytime you like in your vehicle. Their continuous innovative ideas have made them be industry leaders since the inception of the company when it comes to tires manufacturing. They manufacture tires for a variety of vehicles, whether is low-end or high-end while ensuring that customers get the utmost satisfaction.

Who Makes Toyo Tires?

Toyo tires were founded by a Japanese, Mr. Rikimatsu Tomihisa in 1940, with its headquarters in Japan. The tire company opened its subsidiary in the USA in 1975 and since then, extended its offices and tire manufacturing plants to Italy, China, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Holland.

Toyo tires established themselves as a dominant brand in the 1980s when they dived into motorsports tires manufacturing. Their products won them several racing championships and since then, their innovative ideas have kept them on top in designing and distributing excellent vehicle tires with consumer satisfaction in mind.

Design Features

Toyo tires are designed with 3 polyester construction and shoulder blocks that enhance durability and traction during off-roading. The tires balance whether you are traveling on snowy roads, sandy or rainy. When driving on snowy roads, the tire blocks, and sipes that you have control over the road by maintaining a strong grip.

These tires are tough in appearance. The tread blocks that you overcome any type of road by having a smoother ride.

Some terrains have hard turns. Toyo tires tread enhance better control and you better handling to pass through these hard turns easily, without having to risk your vehicle.

Unlike some tires that emit vibrations and constant noise, Toyo tires are designed to have sturdy shoulder blocks to withstand road surface impact. The tires come with a silent wall that prevents airflow between the threads, leading to lower noise generation.

Top 6 Toyo Tires Review

The Toyo Open Country tires are fuel-efficient tires that are designed for both on-roading and off-roading. They have a high 3-ply polyester casing that makes it durable to wear for a long period. If you plan of going on a long journey and you are thinking of the tire to buy for that, the open country MT mud-terrain tire is the ideal option.

The best thing about the open country Mt mud-terrain tires is that they don’t come at a high price. The tires are affordable and in line with the Toyo company pricing policy.

 Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 35 x 1250R20 121Q

Pros & Cons of Toyo Open Country MT Mud-Terrain Tire


  • Great for off-road driving.
  • Heavy and excellent for load-carrying.
  • Drives well in the rain.


  • The tire produces a loud noise while on the road.

Another open country tire version. The AT-II 10 Ply radial tire is the extreme version that suitable for both on-road and off-road terrains. The tire has an aggressive tread design that rides in a quiet mode. It offers great traction and wears for a long period of about 65,000 miles.

AT 11 10 radial tire features an aggressive silent wall and tread block that makes it tougher on any road type. Whether you are driving your SUV on a snowy road or not, the polygonal blocks and sipes it possible to withstand the weather condition. Groove with these tires and have a rest of mind getting stuck in some windy or snowy road.

 Toyo Open Country A/T II 10 Ply Radial Tire-275/65R20 126S

Pros & Cons of Toyo Open Country A/T II 10 Ply Radial Tire


  • Tires are excellent on snow conditions.
  • Designed aggressively to withstand road wears.
  • Block designs and silent wall ensures that this tire is noiseless on road.


  • Not suitable for wet roads.

The MT designs of open countries are known for one thing, their ability to survive wear for a long period on any weather condition whether winter, snow, or any other weather condition.

Designed for on-roads and off-roads, these tires are environmentally friendly with features such as aggressive sidewalls, great construction, polygonal blocks, and sipes, etc. Not forgetting that these tires have a strong grip on roads to ensure braking and balance, should you carry loads in your truck.

Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 33 x 1250R20 114Q

Pros & Cons of Toyo Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire


  • Excellent traction for easy grip.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Solid polygonal blocks and sipes ensure the balance of vehicle on road.
  • The tire is durable.


  • Slightly expensive.

In need of a tire that offers a quiet ride? The open country A/T 11 all-terrain radial tire is that tire that you have been eagerly waiting for.

The versatile tire has excellent traction and a great tread life that makes it resistant to wear. With a treadwear warranty of about 65,000 miles, you are assured of driving your vehicle on any terrain.

Polygonal blocks and sipes ensure the great performance of these tires on snowy, or wet terrains.

 Toyo Tires Open Country A/T II All Terrain Radial Tire-285/70R17 117T

Pros & Cons of Toyo Open Country A/T II All-Terrain Radial Tire


  • Suitable for all terrains.
  • Affordable.


  • Have problems navigating through hard turns.

Toyo proxes T1R tires are high-performance tires that are designed for minivans, sports cars and sedans. It comes with a fine tread design that enables it to move on wet roads. Solidly built to wear for a long period with its improved construction and excellent grip treas compound. Afraid of traveling on wet roads? This tire will get it done for you.

This tire is designed in a classic shoulder rib-band to improve driving on dry and wet roads for increased performance. If you are looking for the right tire for your sedan, you won’t be mistaken by purchasing the Toyo proxes.

Toyo Tires PROXES T1R Performance Radial Tire-195/45R15 78V

Pros & Cons of Toyo Proxes T1R Performance Radial Tire


  • Tires grip well on the ground.
  • Great value for money.
  • They are not noisy on the road.


  • Tires are not good on snowy roads.

Open Country A/T 11 all-season radial tire has excellent traction that enhances braking. Go on a trip to in the snow, in the rain, or in the summer, this tire is a tire for all seasons.

These tires have good grips on roads. It is never sticky and has great sustainability skills. Above all, the fine tread blocks and excellent silent wall makes it possible for this tire to move on any road type without producing a hell of a noise. Aggressive, affordable, excellent construction is what describes the Toyo open country A/T 11 all-season radial tire.

 Toyo Open Country A/T II all_ Season Radial Tire-285/75R17 121S

Pros & Cons of Toyo Open Country A/T II All-Season Radial Tire


  • They have deeper treads.
  • More aggressive tread looking patterns.
  • Produces no noise.


  • Tires are not that great off-road

Why Choose Toyo Tires?

Excellent Traction, Control, and Tread Life

Traction has been what Toyo tires are known for over the years. Their tires are not sticky and firmly holds onto any road, irrespective of the terrain. One of the reasons why the tires have great survival capabilities is because they have polygonal blocks and sipes. These tires have been tested in all environments, so you are sure of excellent traction.

Excellent Traction, Control, and Tread Life


Toyo Tires have been designed to have long-term value and have limited impact when moving on surfaces. This is to ensure quality and performance.

Affordable Price

Despite being superior in quality, Toyo tires are affordable when compared to its counterparts. They have a strict pricing policy that ensures prices of tires are affordable and don’t go overboard. This is one of the reasons why consumers purchase Toyo tires.


All Toyo tires are resistant to wear and tear over a long period. Their tires are designed to use up as much heat as possible, especially on long journeys to make them last longer. That account for the reason beyond all Toyo tires exceeding the projected mileage specifications.

Variety in Size and Design

Toyo tires company is not restricted to only manufacturing sedans. They come in different sizes and designs to suit vehicles like trucks, SUVs, etc. They make tires for sports cars and large-high-quality tires ranging from 18 inches to 30 inches passenger car tires.

The variety in sizes and design offer vehicle owners flexibility and the freedom to choose whatever tire that is suitable to their vehicle. According to Toyo tires, there is a tire for every vehicle. This further strengthens their superiority, toughness, and balance. The tires are meant to survive on rugged terrains, hard surfaces, snowy or windy roads, etc.

Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires Review FAQs

What is the mileage warranty on Toyo tires?

Most Toyo tires have a mileage warranty of 40000-100000 miles.

How do I buy a Toyo tire?

Visit, find the nearest dealer near you when you use the dealer finder tool and decide which is the right tire for purchase.

Which is the best toyo tire for a passenger car?

Toyo manufactures the Extensa, Spectrum, Versado, and the Poxes TPT models for passenger cars and minivans. Each tire model comes with its own features and capabilities so the choice entirely up to you. Notwithstanding, some of them comes with its cons. For example, the proxes model produces a slight noise. However, each of them has an amazing mileage in tread wear.

Can a Toyo tire survive in wet and snowy roads?

Most Toyo tires can survive in wet and snowy roads. The Extena models, for instance, are known for their ruggedness on roads.

What is the best toyo tire for an SUV?

Depending on the choice of tire, a driver can either choose to purchase the Open Country or the MT models. However, MT models survive better in winter and snow conditions when compared to the Open Country models.

Final Words & Recommendation

Toyo tires are deemed worthy tires, based on the factors that we have considered, such as affordability and performance in this Toyo tire reviews. The brand has never stopped in developing innovative ideas that in creating and delivering excellent superior tires for all vehicle types.

Their practice of contributing to a safer environment by reducing the use of thermal energy has further suggested the company’s idea of ensuring consumer’s protection. Toyo tires are tires for all.