Top 11 TSW Wheels Reviews

TSW is a long-standing aftermarket wheels company. In fact, they are one of the oldest companies still in business. 

This company was founded in the 1960s by a Formula One driver. From its initial startup, the company has significantly evolved and even changed names and hands. Not only has the alloy wheel line been overhauled but there are new designs as well.

In these TSW Wheels reviews, we will take you through our top 11 picks. When we’re through, you will want to look up your TSW dealer to get your choice of wheels!

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Top 11 Picks of TSW Wheels Reviews

We will share with you coverage for TSW Valencia wheels review and TSW Nurburgring review information plus more. TSW offers a variety to choose from and many are compatible with various models of vehicles.

In terms of TSW wheels price comparison, you almost can’t beat these beautiful Snetterton-style wheels. Snetterton offers some of the largest lip sizes available. 

These wheels have a rounded concave look with Y-shaped spokes that look intricate and ornate. These are a 1-piece wheel with a 40 mm offset. These wheels are silver with a mirrored lip. They are shiny and elegant while not being overstated.

TSW Wheels Snetterton

Pros & Cons of TSW Wheels Snetterton


  • Contains a structural integrity 5-year guarantee and a 2-year warranty. 
  • Available in various sizes from 17-22-inches
  • Sleek and stylish in a luxurious design


  • Style primarily replaced by TSW Nurburgring as they are more lightweight and easy to handle.

The TSW Clypse is a titanium wheel with brushed metal. This is a new and unique design that is made to stand out. Thanks to the look, the wheel appears to be fully-forged and expensive-looking but is actually rather affordable.

The lug nuts are even inset into the casting to make this wheel striking and luxurious in one simple setting. This is a classic style that we predict will be a big hit through TSW.

TSW Wheels Clypse

Pros & Cons of TSW Wheels Clypse


  • 10-spoke style built with high-quality titanium
  • Concave design for maximum durability
  • Design speaks of luxury but fits in with almost any car type


  • Limited information available as this is a somewhat new style

If you’re looking for something off the straight narrow of the TSW Amaro wheels style, check out these bad boys. The Aileron is in a design field all their own. 

These wheels have thick winding spokes that almost resemble the style of a windmill. But of course, they do so with rich taste and perfection. These are one of the more expensive options when it comes to TSW wheels price charts.

TSW Wheels Aileron

Pros & Cons of TSW Wheels Aileron


  • Unique design that you won’t find just anywhere
  • Comes in 20, 21, or 22-inch size options
  • Perfect for sedans, coupes, and even crossover vehicles


  • Snap-in center cap is hard to get in tight and may fall out.

In this TSW Nurburgring review, you may just finally understand what the hype is all about. This is one of the most popular styles from TSW. 

This particular option is found in a bronze metallic finish but you can find many other colors and finishes as well. This wheel is from the rotary-forged series which makes them lightweight and solid at the same time. The design is an attractive concave Y-shaped pattern.

TSW Wheels Nurburgring

Pros & Cons of TSW Nurburgring Wheels


  • High-end forged wheels
  • Includes a nitrogen valve stem cap
  • Well labeled and easy to install to tires of your choice


  • The quality of the lugs seems to be inconsistent but should be covered by manufacturer warranty

The Chapelle wheels are another alloy option from TSW. These rims are created with a design that gives them a sense of character. These don’t have your traditional spoke design but rather a double-bar star design that looks great on any vehicle.

TSW Wheels Chapelle

Pros & Cons of TSW Wheels Chapelle


  • Designed to stand up for racing superiority
  • Unique style that you won’t find on just any vehicle
  • Available in various styles, fitments, and finishes


  • The inset lug nuts are sometimes hard to maneuver

You’ve seen us share the TSW Snetterton here already but check out this TSW dealer custom wheel. Custom wheel options display a bit of glory that simply can’t be beat. 

These wheels have mirrored coloring and lip effect. The design is a Y-shaped concave that speaks of luxury and riches without the price tag. These rims are a bit pricy but for customization, they are rather affordable. You simply can’t beat this look on any vehicle.

TSW Snetterton Custom Wheel Hyper - Silver with Mirror Cut Lip 19" x 8", 35 Offset, 5x120.65 Bolt Pattern, 76.1mm Hub

Pros & Cons of TSW Snetterton Custom Wheel


  • Mirrored design gives a sleek and stylish appearance
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles
  • Sleek and eccentric design that is common yet unique


  • The mirrored lip can be hard to keep clean and looking nice

The TSW Tabac is another game-changer. This is a somewhat new design that you won’t find in the TSW Valencia wheels review. Surprisingly, this is one of the more affordable options of TSW, despite its unique notoriety. 

The styling of the spoke is aggressive yet perfectly accented for ultimate performance. Additionally, this wheel is designed to be sturdy and desirable.

 TSW TABAC Custom Wheel - 19" x 9.5", 20 Offset, 5x120.65 Bolt Pattern, 76.1mm Hub - Semi Gloss Black Rim

Pros & Cons of TSW TABAC Custom Wheel


  • Open spoke design in a deep concave setting that gives ultimate racer style
  • Custom wheel with an aggressive and high-performing look
  • Semi-gloss color keeps the rim looking clean and sharp


  • Fitment compatibility is limited to select models thus far

The TSW Avalon is another style that is in a category all its own. You simply can’t beat the grace and finish that is found on this wheel set option.

This new design includes the sport mesh lip that is popular in racing designs. Additionally, the contour of the spokes makes them standout. The angles are accented and optimal, giving the rim a lightweight feel and design for optimal performance.

TSW AVALON Custom Wheel - 18" x 9.5", 39 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 76.1mm Hub - Bronze with Brushed Face and Machined Lip

Pros & Cons of TSW Avalon Custom Wheel


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Lightweight design to allow you not to be held back
  • Angular and modern in design that gives these rims an individualized appeal


  • This style is still fairly new and there is limited information available

We already bragged about the style and grace of the Avalon design. Check out this TSW dealer custom design Avalon that puts the wheel into a category all its own. 

You simply can’t beat the brushed bronze finish and the machined lip of this forged wheel. This wheel is designed to look great and perform great and it will do just that. This wheel does have a high TSW wheels price attached due to the custom nature.

TSW AVALON Custom Wheel - 19" x 10", 25 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 76.1mm Hub - Bronze with Brushed Face and Machined Lip

Pros & Cons of TSW Avalon Custom Wheel


  • Beautiful brushed bronze finish that makes the wheel stand apart
  • Unique Y-shaped spoke design
  • Forged finish that makes it lightweight and durable


  • This is a custom wheel and has a custom price tag attached

The TSW Donington is quite similar to TSW Amaroo wheels design with slight differentiation. The spokes are wide and flat rather than small and angular. 

These wheels are another alloy option. This makes them slightly heavier but they are optimally designed. The concave shape brings life to the flat design making them unique and stylish. These rims will stand out on any vehicle type.

TSW Donington 22 Gunmetal Wheel / Rim 5x112 with a 35mm Offset and a 72 Hub Bore. Partnumber 2290DON355112B72

Pros & Cons of TSW Wheels Chapelle


  • Chic, mesh-style design that will stand out in a crowd
  • Fully machined alloy gives the rim a matte finish that is easy to keep clean and looking nice
  • Available in a variety of styles, finishes, fitments, and sizes.


  • Compared to the TSW Nurburgring, they simply don’t stand up to the test. Yet they are well-made and worth a try.

The TSW Jarama has a unique concave star design. This wheel sports no intrinsic patter or overdone style. Yet at the same time, it speaks of luxury and style with its simplistic curves and elements that bring it to life.

The rivets around the edges give this rim the character and style it deserves. This rim demands attention with a simple approach. The rivets are completed by CNC milling practices to contour and design the wheel. They add just a little something extra to a superior design option.

TSW Jarama Custom Wheel Hyper - Silver with Mirror Cut Lip 20" x 8.5", 20 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 76mm Hub

Pros & Cons of TSW Jarama Custom Wheel


  • Unique design that gracefully draws in the eye
  • Can be designed in a mirrored lip or a chrome finish
  • Sporty aggressive style that is highly sought after in racing


  • Available only in silver or black gloss finishes which are hard to keep shiny and clean.

How to Choose TSW Wheels

Choosing the right TSW wheels could quickly be overwhelming. They have so many options to choose from, including custom builds. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic style like the well-known TSW Nurburgring or you need something more outstanding like the TSW Amaroo wheels, there is bound to be something to fit your style and budget. 

It would be optimal to connect with a TSW dealer and discuss with them your particular style and character as you choose.

Why Should You Consider TSW Wheels?

TSW wheels have been a longstanding business. They have proven over and over that they know what it takes to provide quality wheels. From custom options to standard build and everything in between, you simply can’t go wrong.

TSW wheels are a high-dollar wheel option that will cost you $1,000+ to fit a full vehicle. However, they are designed to last and built to add a style and jazz to your ride.

TSW Wheels Maintenence


As with any tire or wheel set, you will need to perform routine maintenance to keep your rim in mint condition. 

The best maintenance routine includes keeping your tire properly pressurized to avoid excessive wear on the rim. Additionally, you should try to keep them clean to avoid them becoming scratched or scuffed.

The best way to clean your rims is with a gentle soap, a soft rag, and some warm water. That, combined with elbow grease, will keep your rims in tip-top shape. 


TSW Wheels were designed with racing and street style in mind. You will find that these wheels are durable and lightweight. They have various builds and fittings to ensure they offer variety to every type of vehicle and use.

Additionally, TSW continues to improve their designs and add new designs to remain at the top of the market. They remain successful with style, performance, and durability.


TSW Wheels Reviews FAQs

What Is TSW Wheels Known for?

TSW is perhaps most-known for the TSW Nurburgring style. This has become one of their more prominent and popular options. However, the company has been in busy for more than 60 years. They continue to expand and improve their lineup. 

Are TSW Wheels Forged?

TSW Wheels are forged alloy wheels. Some of the older models were heavy alloy but they have since improved models to be durable and lightweight. 

Do TSW Wheels Have a Warranty?

Every TSW wheel comes with a 2-year finish warranty. Additionally, the wheels are also covered by a 5-year structural warranty. 

Do TSW Wheels Have High Compatibility?

While not every style will fit every size, TSW does offer an extensive variety. TSW has a resource fitment manual to help you determine size compatibility for your ride. 

Does TSW Have Options with Extra Large Lips?

TSW has 2 models, the Snetterton and Stowe, that have 20x10 options. This is the largest lip available. They also have an extensive resource for reviewing lip and measurement information on all tires.

Final Words & Recommendation

We hope that you find these TSW Wheels reviews to be informative and helpful. We made an attempt to grasp at some of the most popular styles available.  This includes the newest models that are just beginning to roll out and be discovered. 

We think that you will find that TSW has a lot to offer. Their long-standing business shows finesse and style and they have earned themselves a good name.

Our top pick of the choices listed above is the TSW Clypse. It’s sleek and stylish and is sure to be a hit in the upcoming years. This is also one of the more affordable options TSW has to offer. Our second pick is the TSW Nurburgring. We anticipate it will continue to be a fan favorite.