Top 7 Windforce Tire Review

Guess the part of your body responsible for movement, your legs, right? Yeah. Our legs are unarguably the body part that connects us to the ground when walking, running or simply standing. Cars are pretty much like humans in some ways. They are comparable with humans in the design and functions of some body parts. It's not much of a puzzle than to figure out the "legs" of cars. They are tires. Car tires constitute a very important part of your car. This is why we will be embarking on the top 7 windforce tire reviews.

You can be given a hard time on the road if your car tires aren't in good shape. You definitely want a problem-free experience on the road. Then you need to start paying a great deal of attention to your car tires. We will be explaining all you need to know about windforce tire, a product of windforce tire brand in China.

Design Features of Windforce Tires

Windforce tire brand is a tire factory based in Shangdong province in China. Known for quality tire products, the windforce tire brand is a leading figure in the market world of car and truck tires. You can be ascertained of the best design for your car tire.

With recognition both domestically and internationally, windforce tires are top-notch and very high in quality. In a bid for the production of high-quality tire products, all the tread patterns and specifications of tires are well designed by the R&D team in concordance with market requirements that are the latest. The tire designs are built-in ways that are compatible with the dynamic nature of the modern world. You simply will get nothing but the best.

Windforce tires are designed to be compatible with all seasons. All-weather traction is well promoted. Structured with an asymmetric tread pattern, windforce tires have a good gripping ability on roads. To avoid hydroplaning, windforce tires are designed with four wide circumferential grooves that constantly clear off water or slush beneath the tires' footprint. As an added advantage, the hydroplaning resistance feature is a guarantor of safe-driving experience not in a few months, but throughout the year.

Designed to maintain good road contact, windforce tires enhance unique controllability on the road. Owing to the rib segment design of the tires, there is an even distribution of driving pressures throughout the tread area. This even distribution of driving pressures improves efficiency in handling the tires.

The tread design is fashioned in a way to give a noiseless driving experience. Windforce tires are designed with serrated groove walls that reduce road noise and give room for noiseless and quiet driving.

Windforce tire designs are many. You'll get to know more when you shoe-up your car with windforce tires.

Why Choose Windforce Tires?

Windforce tire brand is renowned for giving superb driving experience on the road. Every car driver wants a comfortable driving experience. Windforce tires give you just that. The tires have good gripping with the road, thus ensuring you have control as you drive. With the unique designs laced on the tires, you can be assured of comfortability and ease when driving. In the market, both domestic and international, windforce tires are recognized to produce high-quality and high-performance tire products.

Why Choose Windforce Tires

With special tread design, windforce tires offer you a noiseless driving experience. Isn't that cool? Driving on the road inquietude. Quite classic and grand! Windforce tires give you maneuvering ability on the road. You can maneuver your way around bends and corners while driving. What's more, windforce tires are designed to function in all seasons. And needful to let you be aware of windforce tires' durability. You can use windforce tires for a long time and still enjoy the goodies embedded in the tires.

The choice of purchasing is in your hands, but to have optimal driving experience, windforce tires are the best shot for that. There are more to the benefits to be enjoyed. Just a few have been mentioned here. You can only know more of these benefits when you try out windforce tires. You will love you did!

Top 7 Windforce Tire Review

We will be checking out the top 7 windforce tire reviews in this section, keeping you apprised of each tire's design, functionality and lots more. Are you ready? Let's check out!

This windforce tire is an all-season tire product made especially for passenger cars. It is available in different sizes ranging from 13 inches to 16 inches. In Windforce car supply, window catchgre GP100 is on entry-level. Not being associated with sophisticated designs, it can be used by people who are not in need of advanced features of tires.

Designed to be operational in all kinds of weather, the tire is built with four wide circumferential grooves and connected tread blocks. This design helps in giving fast steering, enhanced stability, and good handling. The tread blocks and center ribs are also specially built for the improvement of the tire's stability at high speed.

The key features of Windforce Catchgre GP100 are given below:

  • The warranty is limited.
  • Four wide circumferential grooves.
  • Special tread compound design.
  • Continuous tread blocks on both shoulders.
Windforce CATCHFORS A/T All-Season Radial Tire - 285/75R16 122S

Pros & Cons of Windforce Catchgre GP100


  • It gives optimal results in wet weather conditions and provides good stability, maneuvering, endurance and controlling ability.
  • It aids stability when cornering.
  • Steering ability is improved.
  • It is meant for quiet rides.
  • It provides a firm grip on the road both in wet and dry conditions
  • provision of long mileage.


  • It is big and heavy

A performance tire, Windforce Catchpower is designed for crossovers, sedans, and SUVs. Its available services range from 15 inches to 24 inches. It is recommendable and affordable for plus-sized purposes and applications.

For performance enhancement on wet roads and pavements, Windforce Catchpower is built with four wide circumferential tread grooves as well as lateral grooves. The continuous block pattern of the tire's shoulder is aimed at providing assistance in cornering during high speed. It is also to enhance lateral stability.

The rib design segment is geared towards enhancing even distribution of road contact area of the tire, for optimal handling and control.

Windforce Catchpower is compatible with driving in tight city streets. If you can't help but find yourself in city streets with lots of tightness and closeness of vehicles, Windforce Catchpower is a good choice.

Below are the features of Windforce Catchpower:

  • Special tread compound: This helps in delivering perfect grip both on wet and dry roads. Rolling resistance is also reduced for the purpose of saving your fuel as well as the environment.
  • Continuous block patterns on the shoulder: Cornering of high speed is enabled. Also, riding stability is enhanced through this feature.
  • Continuous outside tread block: This feature gives a precision of control when at high speed, especially cornering speed. Optimization of contact pressure distribution and provision of precise control through the special rib segment design.
  • Four wide circumferential tread grooves: This functions in providing water evacuation and optimal wet performance.
 4 New Windforce Catchfors M/T 126/123Q Tire LT285/75R16 285 75 16 2857516

Pros & Cons of Windforce Catchpower


  • Enhanced lateral stability.
  • It provides assistance in cornering speed.
  • Even distribution of road contact area of the tire. This gives a chance for optimal handling and control.


  • They are costly and can wear out very fast on pavement.

Windforce Performax is a highway terrain tire made for light trucks and sport-utility vehicles. Windforce Performax is also suitable for small crossovers. It is available in sizes ranging from 16 inches to 18 inches. This tire is specifically designed to satisfy the needs and demands of modern crossovers sport-utility SUV.

Designed with high-density sipes, windforce Performax has a unique rubber compound made for improving vehicles'  handling both on wet and dry roads. Equipped with four wide circumferential tread and lateral grooves, this tire offers the chance of having good stability when driving. Also, for noise reduction during speed, it has a variable pitch pattern on the treads.

4 New Windforce Catchfors A/T 120/116S Tire 245/75R16 245 75 16 2457516

Pros & Cons of Windforce Performax


  • It has variable pitch patterns for noise reduction.
  • Stability during driving.


  • They are heavy and it’s tread wears off easily.

Windforce Catchfors A/T is specially designed for light trucks and SUVs associated with massive off-load trailing, with the inclusion of ice and snow. The central selling point of Windforce Catchfors A/T is the price. However, it is also aimed at excelling in all-terrain traction with pronounced durability.

Built with a jointless nylon band in the carcass, this windforce enhances durability and strength. It is constructed with a tread block design multiple sipes for the improvement of traction in all kinds of terrain. The open shoulder grooves are designed for water evacuation from the tread for enhanced handling and good response in wet conditions.

Windforce Catchfors A/T is slightly busy on city streets but gives optimal results in traction. If you the tires for light trailing, the tires will cope with soil, loose gravel and a bit of mud.

4 New Windforce Catchfors A/T 109S Tires 31x10.50R15 31 1050 15 31105015

Pros & Cons of Windforce Catchfors A/T


  • Pronounced durability.
  • It has open shoulder grooves for water evacuation
  • Responsive in wet conditions.


  • They are not great on-road tires especially on wet conditions

The extreme and complex version of Windforce Catchfors A/T is Windforce Catchfors M/T. It is heavily built majorly for extreme off-road applications and purposes. It is a true mud-terrain. Windforce Catchfors M/T is a perfect match for SUVs with and pick up trucks designed with off-road wheels, rugged suspension system, and lift kits.

This windforce is constructed with three main grooves, which are zigzag in structure. It is designed with a very tough and aggressive tread for the improvement of traction. It is also for allowing good gripping of trucks on road during heavy and high-demanding off-road terrain. The shoulder blocks, which are open, have a high void ratio designed to perform self-cleaning functions on the tire. The open shoulder blocks are also designed for improving grip and control during muddy and wet conditions.

For the overall improvement of durability and strength, Windforce Catchfors M/T is made using a jointless nylon band. The price for this tire is quite affordable.

 4 New Windforce Catchfors M/T 121/118Q Tires LT265/70R17 265 70 17 2657017

Pros & Cons of Windforce Catchfors M/T


  • Good grip and control in muddy and wet conditions.
  • It is durable and strong.
  • Improved traction.


  • They are heavy and expensive.

This kind of tire can be used on trucks because of its friction against the ground. The different types of tires are mostly dependent on the weight of the vehicle and what it could carry.

This tire can be used even in a muddy environment and the tire treads are able to hold the ground firmly. It is also used by an SUV and has three zigzag grooves and serious tread design, it gives a wide footprint and enhances the experience of changing directions while driving or cutting corners. It amazingly provides traction on any kind of road condition. This tire has a stunning tread pattern and it is one of the reasons it can perform well in a very harsh weather condition.

4 NEW WINDFORCE LT35X12.50R20 121Q M/T TIRE 35 1250 20 35125020

Pros & Cons of New Windforce M/T Tire


  • It has good looks
  • It has low noise output and giving you a good driving experience.
  • It has a good grip on muddy ground and it is impressive.


  • Durability is questionable

This tires specifically is a strong one and it is durable and reliable. It goes through bad roads without having to get damaged. Not all tires are made alike, some tires are for different purposes.

This tire has four zigzag grooves and also the rough lateral blocks which provide excellent traction in every kind of road. It has multiple sipes that have a block tread design and provides outstanding off-road traction that helps reduce tread damage on a  rough road condition. It has an open shoulder groove that prevents aquaplaning with enhanced wet grip performance and also provides you with an excellent water evacuation. It has a nylon band, strong design as long as it provides the carcass to enhance the reliability and durability of the t. A wide footprint improves it’s tread life and gives you an outstanding brake on wet and dry surfaces.

4 New Windforce Catchfors AT 118S Tires LT265/70R17 265 70 17 2657017

Pros & Cons of New Windforce Catchfors AT 118S Tires


  • It has a good balance on the ground both on-road and off-road driving.
  • It has a better self-cleaning ability that would result in better off-road traction.
  • It has good sidewall protection.


  • It is noisy

How To Choose Windforce Tires.

Windforce tires are constructed in varying sizes, each without topic functions. The best way of opting in for any windforce tire is to first be clear of the nature of the job intended for the tire. Is it off-road terrain or not? Are you looking for tires with little or no need for advanced purposes?

You need to provide answers to similar questions like these. You can also lookout for the features and designs of the tires you've chosen. Are they going to be compatible with the nature of the job you want to use them for?

Maintenance Of Windforce Tires

Maintenance Of Windforce Tires

When tires are in good shape, stability, handling, and control of the vehicle are kept under watch. But when damaged, torn or worn out, every safety system associated with the vehicle will be thrown in confusion. Tires need to be maintained for the continual optimal service they deliver. Windforce tires are no exception to this.

Some of the useful maintenance tips are:

  • Ensure you always check your windforce tires on a daily basis, especially when you hit a pothole or any debris on the road.
  • Ensure the tire is also checked out by a professional, especially before embarking on a long journey.
  • Periodic rotation of the tires for achieving treadwears and increase mileage performance.
  • Ensure your windforce tire has correct air pressure and tread depth. Inspect it on regular basis.

When To Replace Windforce Tire?

Knowing when to change your tire is very important. When your windforce tire is having a fading tread depth for instance, it is important you note it and make move for changing the tire. Whenever you spot visible lines of damage on your windforce tire, inspect it closely. If it is serious, you should change the tire.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to change your windforce tire if it has developed faults. Faults like tire punctures, torn-out parts, inflation and sidewall blisters, when noticed shouldn't be ignored.

Watch Windforce Tire

Windforce Tire Review FAQs

Is tire pressure important?

Tire pressure is very essential. Having improper tire pressure can result in problems like structural wear, tire failure, and poor mileage. Always ensure you check your tire pressure. It will save you money and even boost your gas mileage.

What is the speed rating of my windforce tires? Why should I know it?

You can check out your tire's speed rating on the sidewall of your tire.  The speed rating is always represented in a letter. Knowing your tire's speed rating will make you aware of the maximum speed your tire is capable of.

What are the important points that can help me understand how to care better for my tire?

To ensure durability, ensure you always drive with care. Driving habits such as hard braking, aggressive starting, and cornering cause tire wearing. Also, temperature changes can affect inflation pressure. In warm temperature, inflation pressure goes up, but in cold temperature, it goes down.

Are there any useful driving tips I should know?

Ensure you have a good mastery of the road. Be also prepared for wet and rainy roads. It can meet you just when you're not expecting it. Be prepared for this. This preparation can improve the durability of your tire, however big or small.

Any advice for driving in ice and snow?

Firstly, it is important your visibility is good when driving in winter conditions. If there are ice and snow on your vehicle, clear them off before entering the vehicle. Secondly, decrease your speed. Your driving speed should match your driving conditions.

What should I do when stuck in the snow?

If stuck in the snow, don't spin your tires too fastly. Doing that will overheat your tire to the point of explosion, with a high tendency of causing injury. An advisable thing to do is rocking your car back and forth

Final Words & Recommendation

A comfortable driving experience with a low-quality tire is close to being impossible. You can only have a good time driving your vehicle when you have your vehicle shoed-up with high-quality and high-performance tires. Windforce tire brand, over the years, has shown to be a producer of high-quality tire products.

Windforce tire factories produce different tires with diverse specifications and use. To equip you with knowledge of the best windforce tires, we have presented the top 7 windforce tire reviews. We hope you can choose any of the reviewed windforce tires and have the best driving experience... like never before.