Top 3 Yokohama S Drive Review

Did you ever want to be a race car driver? Maybe you just wanted to drive a sports car. Did you know that you can opt for sport drive tires and give yourself that sporty feeling?

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In this Yokohama S Drive review, we will share with you all about how. These ultra-high-performance tires are designed to be summer tires. They are made to enhance your sports cars and sedans with a premium tire option. 

Top 3 Pick of Yokohama S Drive Review

The following reviews are designed to provide you with the top 3 picks for these tires. We want to share all of the essential knowledge. 

The Yokohama 245/40R19 is comparable to the Yokohama S Drive 215 45r17 that is discontinued and hard to find. This particular tire is still available if you need a Yokohama S Drive replacement while you can still get it. 

These tires are ultra-high performance designed for passenger vehicles. The treads are optimal for wet and dry surfaces.
Yokohama S.Drive High Performance Tire - 245/40R19 94Z

Pros & Cons of Yokohama S Drive High-Performance 245/40R19 94Z


  • Designed to endure high speeds and last
  • Take your corners like a pro with enhanced tread
  • Tires are compatible with various sports cars, sporty coupes, and performance sedans. 


  • Product information describes as all-season tires. However, the company states not to use these tires in near-freezing temps or on snow and ice.

The available Yokohama 40R18 XL tires are considered advanced ultra-high performance tires. If you’re disappointed about the Yokohama S Drive discontinued options that you can no longer fine, take these for a spin.

These tires have the same groove-in-groove technology that the Yokohama S Drive 205 50 r15 tires had. 

Yokohama Tire - 245/40R18 97Z XL

Pros & Cons of Yokohama S Drive Tires 245/40R18 97Z XL


  • These tires are designed for the sporty and comfortable ride
  • These tires work great on wet or dry roads
  • The tread is optimal for corners and speed


  • Summer tires that do not work well in freezing or ice and snow.
  • These tires tend to have a lot of road noise as you add miles to them. 

In the list of Yokohama S Drive discontinued tires you will find this option that will be very hard to replace. These tires also contain the groove-in-groove technology that customers love so much.

You can expect outstanding traction on both wet and dry roads, although not snow or ice. Additionally, these handle quite well thanks to the intuitive tread design.

Yokohama S.Drive High Performance Tire - 255/35R18 94Z

Pros & Cons of Yokohama S Drive High-Performance Tire 255 35R18 94Z


  • Unmatched summer tire sports drive performance
  • Designed similarly to the Yokohama S Drive 19550r15 with durability.
  • Extreme performance tire that handles cornering on a dime.


  • Discontinued line makes this model hard to find.

How to Choose Yokohama S Drive Tires

One thing you may see in this Yokohama S Drive review is that many Yokohama S Drive discontinued tires are unavailable. Not to worry, this has happened before. If you’re in need of a Yokohama S Drive replacement, there will be plenty to find from this company. 

When you set out to choose your S Drive tire, there are some qualities you should look for. 

Here are our suggestions. 

  • Size – is the size available to fit your car model? There are a number of sizes and models and the appropriate one may depend on your car. Be sure that you choose a model suitable for your vehicle model. 
  • Price – The Yokohama S Drive price is quite affordable given the type of tire design. These ultra-high-performance tires are in the same price range as traditional tire options for many vehicles.
  • Climate – remember that the Yokohama S Drive tire is designed like a summer tire. It works well in wet or dry driving conditions. On the flip side, these tires are not designed to handle freezing temperatures. They also are not designed to drive through ice and snow.

If you take these factors into consideration, you are sure to find the most suitable Yokohama S Drive tire for you. 

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Why Choose Yokohama Tires?

Yokohama tires are a trusted name for those familiar with car tire brands. Yokohama has been delivering high-performance tires for a number of years. They continue to deliver. Despite the talks about the Yokohama S Drive discontinued line, they continue to be a valuable resource.

Technological Innovations

History shows that when Yokohama discontinues a line, it’s because they have something better in the works. If you’re curious about a Yokohama S Drive replacement, give a look to the Fleva V701 line they are introducing.

It’s understood this will be quite similar to the S-Drive line, but maybe even better. They continue to modify and improve their tires rather than sticking with the same old things.

Environmental Sustainability

Yokohama understands the environmental impacts tires can have. And they believe in standing up for our ecosystem. They conduct regular environmental assessments. Their efforts continue to develop to leave a positive environmental footprint. you can visit this page to know more

Yokohama tires, Tire Wear and Tire Aging

Yokohama S Drive Review FAQs

Does Yokohama Have Tires for SUVs and Trucks?

Yes, Yokohama provides a wide range and variety of tires for all types of uses and vehicles. 

Are Yokohama Tires Consistent in Quality?

Across the board, from model to model, Yokohama delivers consistent quality and reliability. Each type of tire they offer is reliable and comfortable. 

What Does Yokohama Do to Reduce GHG?

Greenhouse gas emissions are at the top of Yokohama’s priorities. In fact, their environmental plan relates they will meet a 50% reduction since 2005. 

What is One of Their Best Environmentally Friendly Products?

BlueEarth tires are considered to be fuel-efficient. These were designed to reduce the environmental footprint. 

Why Was Yokohama S Drive Discontinued?

This line was discontinued to make room for a new and innovative line that will be just as good if not better.

Final Words & Recommendation

Each Yokohama S Drive review above brings a unique option to the table. 

When it comes down to it, we prefer the #2 option, 245 40R18 97Z XL tire. This hire has advanced performance features that cause it to stand out. It is also one of the most affordable options that is still available for purchase. 

Yokohama S Drive tires contribute one of the best options to ultra-high-performance tires on the market.