How Bad Are Primewell Tires? [We Reviewed 5 Models]

Primewell is a very famous name in tires manufacturing area as the manufacturers produce more than 5400 different types of tires. Over a long time, it has become very well known to the people. Primewell produces tires for light truck, passengers’ truck or others. If you like to buy a tire with affordable price, you have no option other than the Primewell.

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The Primewell is different than the rests as the company researched a lot and developed it. Lots of experts applied state of the art tools to produce such type of tires. The driving experience is super of the Primewell. Drivers like to buy this tire as they able to save budget.

History of PrimeWell tire?

Giti tire of Singapore came forward to manufacture Primewell tires. The other tires of this brand are Runway, Dexero and GT Radial. There are eight plants in China and Indonesia. The company produces about 2,89,900 tires every day. Very recently the company has set up a new plant station in South Carolina and USA keeping the same ISO/TS16949:2002 concentration. The Primewell also set up its station in Asia also.

The attractive thing is that this tire is very cheaper than any other brand in the market. It costs less than Michelin and Bridgestone tires. But it isn’t cheaper than other cheaper tires of the other brands. It’s a good tire for the users who like to save money. With an affordable cost, they can get good tire if buyers buy Priimewell. Overall Primewell is price range and good for the cost saving customers.There are many brands of the Primewell tires. The famous variations are summer and winter, all season and ice. The manufacturer

is famous for SUV, passenger car, van and light truck, bus tires and heavy truck. All Season is popular brand of Primewell. Other brands are Sport 910, Valera Sport AS, Valera Ice, PS880, Valera winter, PS870 etc. Now we’ll see various features of the different names.

Are Primewell tires any good

Are primewell tires any good?

The quality of the tire is very comprehensive. So it ensures safe driving as well as standard. Primewell sells their tires more than 130 countries in the world every year. The materials of the tire are perfect. So drivers feel relax to buy Primewell tire. As there is no compromise with the quality of the tire, it becomes very popular to users.

Primewell applies a very comprehensive quality of the tires in its plants. As a result it meets the world standards. Every component of the tire fulfills the international standard. It became top than the other tires in the market.

One of the very important subjects is that prior to package the Primewell, there remains an ultimate inspection. It helps to trace any defect to the inspectors. Even they would be able to know which group is responsible for producing such type of tires. Even a very tinny defect is not ignored. If they get any defect big or small the company gives no permission to release the tire in the market.

You’ll get a single barcode to the border of the every tire so that you can trace the material of the tires. It helps you to find out the exact Primewell tires for your vehicles.

Environmental benefits

Primewell is a standard and environment saving tire in the market. It tries to keep the highest safety standard of the health for the customers and employees. It has got ISO/TS16949:2002 (the highest standard of quality control) and ISO14001 Environmental Management System for producing top most environment saving tires. For this reason the Primewell is now one of the leading tires manufacturing tire company in the whole world.

Primewell tires are environment friendly. The tires ensure the safety of the workplace as well as the health of the drivers. The materials are used here completely well. All materials reduce natural resource and ensure re-circle of the tires. The operation of Primewell is efficient and excellent.

Who Makes Primewell Tires?

A company launched to produce the Primewell namely Giti Tire of Singapore. It produces tires of different brands like Runway, GT Radial and Dextero. Giti also produces tire in Chian and Indonesia also.

The Primewell Valera Sport AS is a very dangerous tir


Primewell produces safe and best tire no doubt. The manufacturer applies best materials, good machines. The making process is completely computerized no doubt. There is a very strict process of curing, building, testing and mixing. It also gives more emphasis on the process, equipment and other standard of the matter.

So there is no doubt the tire is very popular to the drivers. Primewall gives importance on the equipments, techniques, processes and quality of the tires. So they are now on almost the top position in competitive markets. The raw materials are also good. Therefore the final product is good and people like this tire very much.

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