How to Add Weight to Rc Rock Crawler Tires? Quick Guide

If your tires are too light for the terrain you’re trying to conquer, there are a few things you can do to add weight. This is especially important for rock crawlers, as they need all the traction they can get. Here are a few ways to add weight to your RC rock crawler tires:

One way to add weight is by filling them with liquid silicone. You’ll need to drill a small hole in the tire, insert a needle, and slowly inject the silicone. Once it’s full, seal up the hole and let the tire sit overnight so the silicone can set.

This method is effective, but keep in mind that it will make your tires less flexible and more prone to punctures. Another option is to simply glue weights to the outside of the tire. This is an easy way to add weight without changing the tire’s structure or compromising its flexibility.

You can use lead fishing weights, BBs, or even pennies – whatever you have on hand that’s heavy enough. Just be sure that whatever you use is securely glued on, so it doesn’t fall off mid-crawl!

  • Purchase the desired tires for your RC rock crawler
  • Fill a bucket with water and place the tires in the bucket overnight
  • This will add weight to the tires and help them grip better on surfaces
  • In the morning, remove the tires from the bucket and allow them to air dry before using them on your rock crawler

How Do I Add Weight To My Rc Crawler Wheels? Lower Center of Gravity. Redcat Gen 8 / TRX4 / SCX10

Diy Rc Crawler Wheel Weights

Looking to add a little extra weight to your RC crawler wheels? Here’s a quick and easy DIY solution that will do the trick! What you’ll need:

RC crawler wheels (of course!)

Some type of lead or steel shot (you can find this at most hardware stores)

Super glue or epoxy

A drill with a small bit (around 1/8″ should do the trick)

Brass Weights Rc Crawler

If you’re a fan of RC crawlers, then you know that brass weights are essential for getting the perfect crawl. But what exactly are brass weights, and how do they help your crawler perform? Here’s everything you need to know about brass weights for RC crawlers.

Brass weights are small metal weights that attach to the body of your RC crawler. They help add weight to the vehicle, which is important for several reasons. First, extra weight helps the tires grip the ground better, giving you more traction and control.

Second, it increases the stability of your crawler, making it less likely to tip over uneven terrain. And finally, heavier vehicles tend to crawl slower than lighter ones, so if you’re looking for a more realistic crawling experience, adding some brass weights can help. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing brass weights for your RC crawler.

First, make sure the weights are compatible with your particular model of crawler – not all brands and models will work with every type of weight. Second, consider how much weight you want to add – too much can make your crawler difficult to control, while too little may not provide enough traction or stability benefits. Finally, think about where you’ll be using your crawler – if you are crawling over rocks and other obstacles frequently, then heavier weights may be beneficial; but if you mostly stick to smooth surfaces like concrete or asphalt, lighter weights might be just fine.

Once you’ve selected the right brass weights for your needs, attaching them is usually a simple process. Most sets come with adhesive-backed stickers that make it easy to affix the weights directly to your Crawler’s body. Just peel off the backing paper, apply pressure, and voila!

Your new Brass Weights Rc Crawlers should be good to go.

Rc Crawler Axle Weights

Crawler axle weights are one of the most important aspects of your RC crawler. They provide traction and stability to your crawler and can make the difference between a successful run and a wreck. There are four main types of crawler axle weights: stock, light, medium, and heavy.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right weight for your particular crawling needs. Stock axle weights are typically the heaviest and provide the most stability and traction. However, they can also be the slowest and most difficult to maneuver.

Light axle weights are much lighter than stock weights, making them easier to maneuver. However, they don’t provide as much stability or traction as heavier weights. Medium axle weights fall somewhere in between light and heavy weights.

They offer good maneuverability while still providing decent stability and traction. Heavyweights are the heaviest type of crawler axle weight, offering the best stability and traction but at the expense of speed and maneuverability.

Trx4 Wheel Weights

TRX4 Wheel Weights If you’re looking to add some weight to your TRX4 for better traction and stability, wheel weights are a great option. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

What are they? Wheel weights are small metal weights that attach to your vehicle’s wheels. They help add traction and improve stability, especially on slippery surfaces like mud or sand.

They also help keep your vehicle from becoming bogged down in deep snow. How do I choose the right ones? There are a few things to consider when choosing wheel weights for your TRX4:

The size of your wheels: Make sure the weights you choose are compatible with the size of your wheels. If they’re too big or too small, they won’t work properly.

The type of terrain you’ll be driving on: Heavier weights are best for off-road use, while lighter weights may be sufficient for pavement or light dirt roads.

Your budget: Wheel weights can range in price from around $30-$100 per set, so be sure to shop around and find the best deal.

How to Add Weight to Rc Rock Crawler Tires


How Can I Add Weight to My Remote Control Car?

If you’re looking to add weight to your remote control car, there are a few different methods you can try. One way is to simply add lead weights to the body of the car. This will increase the overall weight of the car, making it slower and harder to control.

Another way to add weight is to fill the tires with a heavier substance like sand or gravel. This will make the car more difficult to turn but will also add traction and stability. Whichever method you choose, be sure to test drive your car after adding the extra weight to get a feel for how it handles.

How Can I Make My Rc Crawler Grip Better?

One of the main ways to make your RC crawler grip better is by ensuring that the tires are properly inflated. You can also try adding weight to the front or rear of the crawler to help with traction. Another option is to add a set of shocks that are softer in the front and firmer in the rear, which will help keep the tires on the ground.

Finally, you can also add some sort of texturing to the tires themselves, such as spikes or studs, which will help them grip onto surfaces better.


Adding weight to your tires is a great way to improve traction and performance, especially when rock crawling. Here are a few tips on how to add weight to your RC rock crawler tires:

Use lead weights or shots. You can purchase these at most fishing or hunting stores. Simply glue them onto the outside of the tire.

Use steel washers. These can be found at any hardware store and are easy to attach with zip ties or wire.

Seal the inside of the tire with silicone caulk. This will add some weight and also help to seal in air pressure.

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