How To Balance Golf Cart Tires

Golf cart tires need to be balanced to ensure a smooth ride. The first step is to check the air pressure in each tire. The next step is to find the center point of the tire. This can be done by measuring from the tire’s outside edge to the tire’s inside edge. Once the center point is found, mark it with a tape or a pen. The next step is to find the balance point of the tire.

This can be done by suspending the tire from two points and finding the spot where it balances evenly. Once the balance point is found, mark it with a tape or a pen.

  • Jack up the golf cart and remove the wheels
  • Inspect the tires to see if they are worn down unevenly.
  • If they are, use a tire knife or other sharp object to even out the wear.
  • Re-install the wheels and lower the golf cart back down.

Top 5 Questions Golf Cart Owners Ask About Their Golf Cart Tires

Golf Cart Wobbles When Driving

Golf cart wobbles when driving can be a very dangerous condition. It is important to have your golf cart checked by a professional if you suspect that it may be starting to wobble. Several things can cause a golf cart to start wobbling, and most of them are easily fixed.

One of the most common causes of golf cart wobbles is worn-out suspension components. If your golf cart’s suspension begins to wear out, it will wobble when you drive it. This is because the suspension components can no longer support the golf cart’s weight properly.

Golf carts are not particularly heavy, so even a small amount of wear can cause major problems. Another common cause of golf cart wobbles is improper tire pressure. If your tires are not inflated to the correct pressure, they will not provide enough support for the weight of the golf cart.

This can cause the tires to deform, which will, in turn, cause the golf cart to wobble. Always ensure your tires are properly inflated before driving your golf cart. If your golf cart starts to wobble, take it to a professional immediately.

How to Balance Golf Cart Tires


Can You Balance a Golf Cart Tire?

If you’re like most golf cart owners, you probably don’t think much about the tires on your vehicle. But if you’ve ever had a flat tire or a slow leak, you know how important it is to have properly inflated and balanced tires. So how do you balance a golf cart tire?

The first thing you need to do is find the right size tire for your golf cart. This information is usually found in the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. Once you have the right size tire, inflate it to the recommended pressure.

Next, place the tire on a balancer. This machine will help ensure that the tire’s weight is evenly distributed around its circumference. Once the tire is mounted on the balancer, spin it until the machine stops automatically.

Now it’s time to add weights to the wheel assembly. The goal is to get as close to an even weight distribution as possible. Start by adding weights to one side of the wheel until the machine indicates balance.

Then add weights to the other side until everything looks good on the screen. Finally, reinflate your golf cart tires to their proper pressure and enjoy having smooth-riding wheels!

Why is My Golf Cart Tire Wobbling?

If you’re noticing your golf cart tire wobbling, it’s likely due to an issue with the wheel alignment. When the wheels on your golf cart are properly aligned, they rotate smoothly and evenly. However, if the wheels become misaligned, they can start to wobble, which can cause several problems.

Your golf cart tires may become misaligned if you hit a curb or pothole while driving. This can throw off the alignment of your wheels and cause them to start wobbling. Another reason for misaligned wheels is wear and tear over time.

As your golf cart ages, the suspension components can loosen and shift, leading to misaligned wheels. If you suspect your golf cart tires are wobbling due to an alignment issue, the best action is to take it to a certified technician who can inspect and adjust the alignment as needed. Trying to align the wheels yourself could worsen the problem, so it’s always best to leave it to the professionals.

What Tire Pressure Should I Run on My Golf Cart Tires?

Assuming you have standard 8″ golf cart tires, each should be inflated to 15-18 PSI. Inflating your tires to the higher end of that range will give you a smoother ride while inflating to the lower end will give you better traction on slippery surfaces.

How Do I Make My Golf Cart Ride Smoother?

One of the best ways to make your golf cart ride smoother is to check the shocks and struts. If worn out, they will not be able to properly absorb the bumps and vibrations from the road, resulting in a rougher ride. You should also check the tires for proper inflation.

If they are underinflated, they will flex more and cause a harsher ride. Finally, make sure that the golf cart itself is in good condition. If it is old or has been well-used, it may not ride as smoothly as a newer or better-maintained one.


To find the ideal balance, it is important to consider the width and weight of the tires, as well as the terrain where the golf cart will be used. The tires should also be checked and adjusted appropriately to ensure safety and wheel life. With some diligence, balancing golf cart tires is a simple task that can help your golf cart perform at its best.

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