How to put a New Tire on a Rim

Many people can quickly fix a flat tire on their own, but putting a new tire on a rim can be tasking for most people.

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Putting a new tire on your rim when a need is, is not so difficult a task to perform. You can decide to fix it yourself and keep your money to yourself. The steps involved are straightforward and require only a few types of equipment.

To put a new tire on a rim, you need to have the right size of tire for the rim. Tires and rims have different sizes, and so the right size should be used. Mounting tires on a rim can be done with a mounting machine or by hand. This article gives a step by step process of how to go about the two ways of mounting a tire on a rim.

Using a tire mounting machine - Step by step process

A mounting machine is used to install tires into a wheel. It is mostly used by expert car repairers but can also be used by car owners, as the process is easy to follow. It is the fastest way to mount a tire.

1. Grease the edge of the rim and the bead.

Once you have removed the old tire from the rim, the first step is to oil the edge of the rim and the inner layer of the tire (bead). The oiling makes it effortless to mount the tire on the rim.

2. Put in the valve stem.

If you had to remove the old valve stem with the old tire, you'd need to install new ones to inflate the tire when it is mounted on the rim. Put the valve stem from the interior of the rim, so it pushes out through the hole on the rim. You can then use a plier to pull it out till it is firm. You can also lubricate the valve stem to make it easy to pass through the hole.

3. Put the rim on the mounting machine

Put the rim on the tire upside down and hold it in place with the jaws there. Mounting machines come with a pedal. The pedal helps to keep the rim in place when mounting or demounting a tire from a rim.

4. Place the tire on the rim at an angle that ensures that one side is lower than the other. This is so that the mounting arm of the machine will have enough room to gild into the rim.

5. Press the mounting arm down, touching the outer layer of the rim. This is where the process in step 4 becomes essential because you'll have to adjust the angle to make sure the arm gets in. The mounting arm is what will be used to get the other part of the tire into the rim. This process gets the inner layer of the tire into the rim.

6. Press down the mounting arm once again and rotate the rim at the interval to get the outer layer into the rim. Turn the mounting table until you're sure the tire is correctly fixed into the rim.

7. Then re-inflate the tire by connecting the air compressor into the valve stem you installed earlier. Inflate to the right amount of air, and your tire is successfully mounted on the rim.

Mounting tires by hand - step by step process

Installing a tire by hand on your own is easy and saves you a lot of money. The following gives a step by step process of how to mount the tire on a rim by hand.

Mounting tires by hand - step by step process

1. Place the rim on the ground upside down

2. Grease the inner edges of the tire with oil or lubricant, both up and down

3. Put in the valve stem if there's none there. Oil it and put it in the hole on the inner side of the rim. Make sure the valve stem is firmly inside the hole of the rim.

4. Place the tire on top of the rim on the ground. A flat and smooth ground surface will help in this case. You don't need to place the tire at an angle like with the mounting machine.

5. Step on top of the tire to push it down into the rim. A lot of pressure will be needed to force the tire down into the rim. Make sure you have someone at hand to help you with balance, so you don't slip off and fall. You might need to hop and jump on the tire a few times to push the tire in. 

6. Apply more grease to the upper layer on the tire and the rim. Step 5 above only pushes in the lower part of the tire. You still have the upper layer on top. The grease will help to force down the tire over the rim.

7. Use a pry bar to create space between the upper layer and the rim. Push down one side of the top layer into the rim, because all cannot be forced in at the same time.

8. With the pry bar still in place, move around the rim to push the tire in very well. You will also have to use your hand here. By the time this process is done, you would have successfully mounted the tire into the rim.

9. Inflate the tire with an air compressor fixed into the valve stem. Put the right amount of pressure into the tire.

Tips on How to put a New Tire on a Rim


1. Make sure you have the correct tire size for the rim

2. Use sufficient lubricant

3. When using the mounting machine, make sure your rim is placed upside down, you can never get the tire to enter the rim if it is facing up.


1. Always put on eye and ear protection when using a mounting machine. This is to prepare ahead for any danger that might show up.

2. Be sure to inflate the tire to the correct air pressure after mounting

3. Do not try to mount the tire on a damaged rim; the assembling might have been tampered with

4. Do not mount a tire that has once been treated for flats. It might have been damaged inside and can blow out when inflating the tire.

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How to put a New Tire on a Rim FAQs

How much time do I need to mount my tires at home?

It shouldn't be more than 1 or 2 hours, but it also depends on how fast and perfect you are with it.

Is it difficult to mount tires on my own? 

Mounting your tire on a rim is not all that difficult, but it takes the right equipment and the right steps. Following the steps in this article will go a long way in giving you all you need to mount your tire on your own.

Can I mount tires incorrectly? 

It is possible to mount tires incorrectly if you don’t follow the right steps and procedures. However, mounting tires incorrectly does not cause damage the tire or the rim, and it just won't roll well

What is the effect of incorrect wheel alignment on tires?

Incorrect wheel alignment increases the rate of wear and tear of your tire. It can also cause the vehicle to pull to one side when you are driving. 

Is it safe to replace a tubeless tire with a tube tire?

For a smooth and comfortable ride, it is recommended and safe that you tires of the same type on the wheels of yours.

Final words and recommendations

To mount your tires on your own, you can either use a mounting machine or go by hand. Not everyone can afford a mounting device or have access to one, but knowing the steps involved in the use can help anytime.

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