Top 7 Vee Rubber Tires Review

Rubber tires are an important part of a vehicle. They are the connection between a car and the road ground. Most rubber tires have the same physical features, irrespective of their styles, quality, and size. They can only differ in the type of cars they are used to. All rubber tires are made of rubber and other chemical compositions to enhance its life and operation. They are not totally made of rubber though, steel wires are assembled into the inner edge, to help them stay on the metal rims.

Rubber tires have adjustable qualities that make them bond with the abnormalities of different road surfaces. This helps to boost durability and braking capacities. Rubber tires are really strong, they are able to hold enough air force to operate well and withstand perforations from sharp objects on the road. The chemical composition of these tires makes them stronger to resist wear and tear. They also make them last longer.

Vee rubber tires group was established in 1977 by Veerawat Sukanjanapong. The group has since then grown to have factories all over, in Thailand, Hanoi, Vietnam, and India. They are known for all kinds of tires for bicycles, cars, trucks and agricultural equipment. Their tires are known for good qualities, durability, easy setup, puncture resistance and so on. The following different types of Vee Rubber tires have been collated to help you choose the most suitable ones for your cars, bicycles, and trucks.

Our Top Picks of Vee Rubber Tires Review

Vee rubber twin radial tire is made of high mileage combination. It has a great grasp of all weather conditions. The radial feature makes it more resistant to heat and ensures a smoother ride.

Vee Rubber Twin Radial Tire - 90/90R21


  • Sidewalls designed to carry larger loads of traveling bikes and large displacement automobiles.
  • Lightweight construction
  • Steel belts
  • Spiral layer

Pros & Cons of Vee Rubber Twin Radial Tire


  • Works well on both wet and dry roads
  • Higher durability
  • Has higher resistance to withstand wear and tear
  • Less vibration


  • Increased vulnerability to abuse when overloaded
  • Does not work well under the speed

They are tubeless tires designed for all types of trail riding and endurance racing. They come with seven rows of widely spaced knobs which helps for confident grip and firm control.

Vee Rubber Mission Folding 120Tpi Bike Tire 26 x 4in


  • Ramped and chisel-shaped center and transition knobs
  • The 120Tpi casing reduces weight and adds additional rolling resistance
  • Superior traction for medium-hard packed conditions

Pros & Cons of Vee Rubber Mission Folding 120Tpi Bike Tire


  • Works well on hard trails, gravels, and asphalt


  • It is heavy
  • Has no great grip

It is designed for touring bikes. Has specially formulated compound to deliver great grip in a dry and wet environment. This product has a superior weight carrying capacity for the larger displacement motorcycles.

Vee Rubber White wall Radial Tire - 200/60R16


  • High mileage combination

Pros & Cons of Vee Rubber White Wall Radial Tire


  • Flexible sidewalls
  • Less rolling resistance


  • They do not do well with minor bumps on the road

It is specifically designed for spiders, designed for both wet and dry environments. It has proper handling and flexibility structure. It is suitable for heavy construction and has a reasonable braking performance.

Vee Rubber VTR-350 Arachnid Front 165/65-14 Can Am Spyder Motorcycle Tire


  • Improved sidewall formation for better stability
  • High load rating for passengers and luggage

Pros & Cons of Vee Rubber Arachnid


  • Has proper handling and wear performance
  • It is durable
  • Provides a very smooth ride


  • It wears out quickly on the outside

It was designed for high velocity and minimal drag on hard paved roads. It comes with a honeycomb feature that gives it excellent traction in dry and wet conditions.

Vee Rubber Speedster Folding Black 26 X 3.50


  • Tapered cornering knobs
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Transition knobs

Pros & Cons of Vee Rubber Speedster Tire


  • Good weight
  • Good quality
  • Excellent grip on loose conditions


  • It is not suitable for off roads

It is designed for hard-packed grounds. It has a smaller tread pattern. It comes with a race rubber compound.

Vee Rubber BMX MK3 Folding Black 24 x 1.85"


  • Directional low knobs
  • Honeycomb sidewalls

Pros & Cons of Vee Rubber BMX MK3


  • Rolls fast and gives a smooth ride
  • Has a high resistance against wear
  • They are stable and secure


  • Nothing worries about

It is an all-purpose gravity tire designed for different grounds. It works well on mud, dry roads, and wet roads. It has a well-controlled grip and braking power.

Vee Tire Co. Flow Snap Tire: 27.5+ x 2.6" 72tpi Tubeless Ready, Tackee Compound Synthesis Sidewall, E-Bike Rated


  • Open center section
  • Crown lugs
  • Cornering lugs

Pros & Cons of Vee Tire Flow Snap


  • Balances well on all road types
  • It is durable and lasts long


  • Slow rolling speed
  • Has a rigid casing

How to choose Vee Rubber Tires

Vee Rubber Tires are known for their specific and good qualities. They are puncture-resistant, durable and have a high capacity to withstand wear and tear.

However, it is necessary to know which particular type of tire to choose for your trucks, cars or bicycles . There are some factors to consider when choosing the best tires at any particular time, the following factors have been carefully listed to help you choose which tires are best for you.

  • Know the tire size needed
  • Identify your environment, that is the route on which your tires will roll on always
  •  Know the perfect air pressure for your tires; too much pressure can shorten the lifespan of the tire

Why Vee Rubber Tires are the best in the market

The founders of Vee Group carefully designed their products to perform the function of both esthetics and capacity at the same time. They have a wide variety of types to choose from, so whether you're choosing tires for your cars or trucks, there is a Vee product for you.

Replacement indicator of Vee Rubber Tires

To get the best of your Vee tires, proper maintenance has to be done on them regularly. How well your product functions and how long they last depend on how well you treat them. Cleaning tires regularly helps to keep them from cracking. The cleaning should never be done with alcohol and petroleum-based cleaners, as these will remove the protective layer of the tire causing them to wear out quickly. Remove paint from rubber tires.

To maintain your tires adequately, the following steps should be ensured:

  • Correct inflation of tires
  • Check out your tire to know the tire pressure required for it to function well. Under or over-pressured tires may not move well or steer properly.
  • Rotate your tires regularly to enhance the performance

When you have to replace tires, it is best to replace altogether, as there might be a mismatch in fixing. And having mismatched tires can reduce the durability of the tires.

Your tires need a repair when you notice any sign of wear, crack or puncture on them. Prompt repair helps tires to last well and function properly.

VLOG: Vee Rubber Tire

How do I know when my tires need replacement? 

You need new tires when the tread becomes too work out.

Will my tire pressure monitoring system still work if I get new tires? 

Most monitoring systems use a pressure sensor that is part of the tire valve itself. In this case, it can be reused when you get new tires. But the valve may be damaged when removing them if care is not taken, it can't be reused by then.

How long should my tires last? 

The longevity of your tires depends on how often you use them and how well you maintain them. If you drive more often, the tire's tread will wear out in three to four years, but if you don't really drive much, you will only have to deal with your tires aging to lack of use.

Why do my tires wear so quickly?

This is caused by many factors which include, driving conditions, incorrect inflation, worn vehicle parts.

Final Words & Recommendation

Vee Rubber Group is committed to producing good quality tires. The group is known for continuous development and use of effective and efficient materials for their products.

To enjoy the combination of good quality and aesthetics in your tire, Vee Rubber tires are the best for your cars, bicycles, trucks and agricultural equipment.