How to Remove Paint on Tires

There are many household ingredients to remove paint from the tire. Common ingredients are lemon juice, baking soda, vegetable oil etc. If one uses these household ingredients effectively, residue will remove from the tire no doubt. Additionally these things will do no harm to the tire.

At the same time these things will remove paint from the tire completely and keep the tire in a good shape. Lastly there would be no cracks on the tire.

Steps on How to Remove Paint on Tires

Step 1

Keep the tire into the water as long as it completely drenches well. You can use a heavy duty nylon bristle scrubber to remove paint from the tire. Move the brush back and forward to remove the paint particle completely from the tire.

Step 2

If you still get the tire wet, sprinkle baking soda to the problematic area. Sometimes, using lemon juice for the baking soda area will make the procedure easy. Lemon juice enhances the power of baking soda. Scrub the tire with nylon bristle scrubber. Then you will see paint begins to chip. Do the same process as long as you desire to get expected result. Water is enough to wash off the tire.

Step 3

When you fail to remove stains from the tire by using lemon juice or baking soda, you can use a coat of vegetable oil. Keep vegetable oil on the tire for more than two hours. It normally degenerate the paint and finally breaks it down.
Add water with the grease to promote oil of it and scrub again and again. It removes stubborn paints stains. Lastly you will find a shiny-looking figure of the tire. Vegetable oil is also good for tire. This will also keep a new looking appearance for the tire.

Items you will need

  • Baking soda
  • Heavy-duty nylon bristled scrubber
  • Lemon juice
  • Aerosol vegetable oil
Remove Paint on Tires

How to Remove Road Paint From Tires

Suppose you have covered up a road which is painted with colors. You have the possibility of getting paint on your tire. Driving through a painted area normally gets paint on the tire. Painting may be white or yellow.

It may add with the tire of the rubber. If you find some of these paint on the tread, it will remove from the tire generally by continuous driving. But paint would not come out of the tire if it adds with the sidewall of the tire. Driving is not enough to remove these colors. Here you have to go forward for taking action to remove it.

Step 1

To remove dirt from the tire, you can use a soap and water. To clean well, you can use a sponge. Loose the debris of the tire first, and then remove it from the sidewall of the tire.

Step 2

Rub the outside of the tire with bug and tar remover. You should better to use a soft bristled brush to get the best result. Rub it until the road paint remove from the surface.

Step 3

To remove residue and bug from the tire, wash tire with water and soap. Use a lint free towel to make the tire completely dry.

Take an applicator brush to use tire shine to the sidewall of the tire. The amount must not be more than the demand. It works like wax to the tire. The task of the tire shiner is to safe the tires’ surface from the dust. Moreover it aids to reduce the amount of road debris which adds with the tire surface.

Items you will need

  • Bug and tar remover
  • Sponge
  • Soap and water
  • Soft bristled brush
  • Tire shine
  • Lint-free towel
  • Applicator


Pain your old tire

The method is very helpful for steel, aluminum alloy wheels and chrome. But reality is that, it gives best result on steel. The things you need are spray paint, spray primer, rubbing alcohol, a wire brush, index cards, tire shine gel and soapy water.

At first wash the tire well with soapy water. Then you can use a wire brush if you desire to remove caked-on deposits and rust. You can enhance the speed of your work by applying an angle grinder having a wire brush attachment.

As you removed all deposits and dust for the first time, now you can ensure final cleaning by rubbing alcohol. Then use tire shining gel around the edge of the rim. Don’t touch it to the clean rim. It saves the tire from overspray. Moreover it helps to scrub the paint from the rim.

When you have finished doing the painting, you may select index cards. Enter the card between the wheel and the tire. It saves the tire from being over sprayed. Use 3 coats of paint and primer, finally use voila. You are just end of the work. Now you see a brand new looking wheel is just waiting for you. You feel proud having a brand new looking wheel for your car. Lastly enjoy safe riding.

Easiest way to remove tire paint (dIY 2 minutes)

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