Top 9 Hercules Tires Reviews

Has your vehicle been pulling to one side lately? Has it been slipping around? Do you have less confidence when you apply the brakes? If the answer to these questions is yes then you should know that it’s time to replace your car tires.

Often termed otherwise as being an unwanted and an unnecessary expense, it is also thought of as being an easy job. But in reality, getting new tires is a daunting task that requires not only financial investment but also investment of your time. Our article is an excellent guide that will help you save both hard-earned money and precious time when purchasing tires.

If you have read our previous Hercules 855 tire reviews and the Hercules rt5 tire review, you know by now that when it comes to tire brands, Hercules is a personal favorite, owing to its top quality products at comparatively reasonable prices. Let’s review this brand and some of its top picks.

Our picks of the 9 best Hercules tires:

Hercules is one of the leading American brands that provide their customers with the finest quality tires. It’s not wrong to say that they have an unmatched ability to providing such tires at cost-efficient prices. With an experience of over six decades in the field, they are fully equipped to cater to a wide variety of vehicles.

Coming with a warrantied dependability, their tires also provide you with the confidence that you are riding on powerful tires that have both strength and stability to take you down on any road that you decide to take.

To give you detailed information regarding finding the right choice for your vehicle and driving conditions, some top picks from the brand have been reviewed along with their pros and cons.

Let’s start off with a Hercules trailer tires review. As per the GVW rating, ST215/75R17.5 Hercules H-902 Radial Trailer Tire LR H, 4806 lb. Max Load gives a highway speed of over 70 miles per hour which is quite fast for an equipment carrier trailer. That does not mean that these tires will wear out quickly. In fact, dealing with a little care, they are sure to look as good as brand new even after several thousands of miles.

The irregular tread pattern provides a considerably improved grip on the road along with increased traction and level of comfort. When it comes to buying tires for your trailer, there are are several tire model options available in the market, but T215/75R17.5 Hercules H-902 Radial Trailer Tire is your best choice that will be well worth your money.

Plus when it comes to trailers, their ability to carry weight/load is considered to be their best feature. This tire does an impressive job of having a load ability of 4806 lbs.

ST215/75R17.5 Hercules H-902 Radial Trailer Tire LR H, 4806 lb Max Load

Pros & Cons of ST205/75R15 Load Range C/6 ply 101C HERCULES Radial Trailer Tire


  • Value for money
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lots of sipes for rainy weather
  • Durable, look as good as new even after
  • Fuel efficient
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Improved grip


  • Tires won’t last long in temperatures above 170 degrees during the day
  • Difficult to balance initially

Yet again another reasonably priced tire that is high in quality. Owing to its high strength it’s a top favorite of all low-platform trailer drivers, making it just perfect for the low-platform application. Their firm design provides maximum stability and durability. Similar tires from other brands give a lot of noise post-installation. However, that is not the case for this tire. It does not present you with any problems regarding noise, thus overall enhancing your comfort and driving experience on the road. The ride is smooth, and the trailer does not sway from side to side.

As opposed to some of the other top brands, these radial trailer tires come with a five-year tread warranty. There have been no known significant complaints ever since their launch.

 ST205/75R15 Load Range C/6 ply 101C HERCULES Radial Trailer Tire

Pros & Cons of ST205/75R15 Load Range C/6 ply 101C HERCULES Radial Trailer Tire


  • Maximum stability and durability
  • Come with a 5-year tread warranty
  • Zero post installation noise
  • Tread life warranty of 50,000 miles


  • No reported complaints

The Marketing Vice President of Hercules, when asked about the Hercules guard range said, “Hercules Strong Guard tires are next-generation truck tires.”

These tires are far superior in quality to their predecessors and are the perfect example of the brands' promise of providing supreme quality at cost-efficient prices.

Weighing at almost 40 lbs. on average, the Hercules Strong Guard HRA comes in different sizes. The tire is wide and incorporates a five-rib design that provides long mileage. The firm shoulder design and the zigzag grooves provide even wear and exceptional handling respectively. Whether driving in dry or wet weather, these tires live up to their promise of enhanced dry and wet traction. Suitable for trucks.

New Hercules Strong Guard Hra - 215/75r17.5 Tires 75r 17.5 215 75 17

Pros & Cons of New Hercules Strong Guard Hra - 215/75r17.5 Tires 75r 17.5 215 75 17


  • Outstanding wet grip
  • 5 rib design provides extra mileage
  • Long and even wear
  • Tremendous heat dispersion
  • Free of cost replacement in case of wear before 50% of its overall tread life
  • Comes with a 7-year Limited Protection Policy


  • Tread life could be better

The Hercules Ironman Imove SUV 45R22 is an excellent tire for your vehicle. It’s an all-season high-performance tire that makes it suitable for use throughout the year.  It does not matter whether you drive them through biting snow, on wet roads or in dry weather conditions, these tires will excel on any terrain. You will feel a remarkable improvement in handling and brakes as compared to your old tires. This is due to additional grooves and sipes around the circumference.

If you drive a sports utility vehicle, then regardless of its make and brand these tires will provide a perfect fit. Thanks to advanced technology, the tread design not only minimizes wear but also provides excellent handling and grip.

Hercules Ironman Imove SUV 305/45R22

Pros & Cons of Hercules Ironman Imove SUV 45R22


  • Excellent grip
  • Excel in all terrains
  • Improved handling and brake application
  • Perfect for a sporty vehicle
  • Tread design minimizes wear


  • NA

Hercules put their clients first and their priority is to keep them safe and protected. Hence they put a lot of thought into all their tires. They have designed this particular tire keeping in mind not only your comfort but also fuel optimization. The tire minimizes rolling resistance and therefore it results in a boost to fuel efficiency.

This aggressive-looking tire is perfect for light and heavy muddy terrains. To top it, it comes with wide Lugs that are self-cleaning and allow for maximum traction. Its tread rubber has an average of 40,000 Miles and the sidewalls have been remodeled for improved puncture resistance.

In case of some manufacturing defect in the Hercules tire, rare as it might be, the company makes it right. They replace the tire that has workmanship defects and that also at zero charges. Charges have to be paid if the tread life has exceeded 50% of its total life.

The 2-year workmanship warranty policy is an added plus. Finding anything better with this quality and the particular price range is next to impossible.

TreadWright CLAW M/T Tire - Remold USA - LT275/70R18E Premier Tread Wear

Pros & Cons of TreadWright CLAW M/T Tire - Remold USA - LT275/70R18E Premier Tread Wear


  • Puncture resistant
  • Fuel efficient
  • 2 year workmanship warranty policy
  • Excellent tread life
  • Suitable for light and heavy muddy terrains

Particularly designed keeping in mind the extreme winter weather, this tire can easily handle severe winter driving conditions.

Composed of a cold-weather compound named triple polymer, it has greater traction and control regardless of the severity of the weather. Snow tractions are now possible because of the design of its grooves.

They grab and hold the snow in the tread which eventually results in snow-on-snow traction. So don’t let the winters hold you back and allow the 225/60R18 Avalanche RT 100 H, to steer you forward.

225/60R18 Hercules Avalanche RT 100H Winter Tire

Pros & Cons of 225/60R18 Hercules Avalanche RT 100H Winter Tire


  • Suitable for extreme cold weathers
  • Maximizes traction and minimizes risks
  • Enhanced snow on snow traction, steering, and control
  • Features Exclusive Snow Grip Technology
  • Increased flexibility

Another popular choice from Hercules for winter tires is the Hercules Avalanche X-Treme LT 120/117Q E/10 Ply Winter Tires.

Composed of microfilament, it provides an excellent grip on the road, regardless of how slippery it might be.  Not all winter tires are suitable for use in heavy snow, like the Hercules Avalanche RT 102T Winter Tire.

But the Hercules Avalanche X-Treme LT 120/117Q E/10 Ply Winter Tires have been made with sturdy material keeping the harsh snowy weather in mind. This means it has prolonged tread life and maximizes traction in all kinds of weather conditions in the winters.

LT235/80R17 Hercules Avalanche X-Treme LT 120/117Q E/10 Ply Winter Tire

Pros & Cons of LT235/80R17 Hercules Avalanche X-Treme LT 120/117Q E/10 Ply Winter Tire


  • Optimized grip on slippery roads
  • Perfect for heavy snow
  • Consistent traction all around the year
  • Long tread life

The entire H/P 4000 series is known to have dependable performance. The Hercules H/P 4000 108T White Letter Tire is a high-quality tire that has smooth lettering on the side which looks great and makes it stand out in the crowd. This elevated letter is on the sidewall and comes in different sizes as per the vehicle in question, whether vintage or modern.

With a timeless look that beautifully fits both classic and modern muscle cars, these tires provide excellent traction in all conditions. What’s more, it has a solid center rib which adds to high-speed stability whereas sipes give an improved performance.

225/60R18 Hercules Avalanche RT 100H Winter Tire

As the name suggests, the Avalanche RT 102 is a pure winter tire.  Winter tire is a tire that has been specifically made to survive the harsh winters. The engineers working at Hercules, use specific materials for making the respective tires so that these winter tires can maintain their top performance even in extreme winter driving conditions.

The 225/65R17 Hercules Avalanche RT 102T Winter Tire features a built-in snow grip technology that provides exceptional control. The triple polymer maximizes overall snow traction even in deep snow.

These tires have specifically been made for use with all kinds of trailers. One would expect them to be heavy-duty, which they are, but unfortunately only in the winters. Their delicate tread design and the soft material used for their manufacture, are suitable only for snow (soft surface contact) and not for direct contact with dry pavements. Hence you are advised against using the Hercules avalanche RT 102T Winter Tire in the scorching heat of the summers.

225/60R18 Hercules Avalanche RT 100H Winter Tire

Pros & Cons of 225/65R17 Hercules Avalanche RT 102T Winter Tire


  • Fine handling and steering
  • Ideal for trailers and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Ideal choice for use in snow
  • Superior overall traction in deep snow

The reason why should you choose Hercules tires

As aforementioned, if you are looking into buying a tire that saves you money whilst giving you the best quality then Hercules is the brand for you. This brand promises its customers superior protection and immense confidence. The top reasons for choosing them as the next tires for your vehicles have been listed below.

a. Variety
There is a wide variety of Hercules tires out there. All those tires have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the general market. Regardless of whatever you drive, be it a sedan, a crossover, an SUV, a heavy trailer or even a light truck, they cater to all vehicle requirements and provide you with top-quality tires.

b. Affordable price
It is a popular mid-range brand that produces cheaper standard tires as compared to other brands that have similar tires at exorbitant prices. Hercules tires are not only excellent in quality but they are also cost-effective. This has made them a popular choice for consumers all over the globe. To sum it up in one line, Hercules tires prices are simply incomparable.

c. Fuel Saving Technology
All Hercules tires are made with a silica-infused gel compound and come with low rolling resistance. This results in a reduction of friction between the tire and the road itself, making lesser fuel consumption inevitable while having no negative impacts on its overall performance. Most of the tire models come with a default fuel-efficient design. Our Hercules road tour 455 reviews are an interesting read and suggested if you want a Hercules 455 tire review or how the entire Hercules line is designed to give excellent mileage.

d. Good tread design
Hercules tires have an attractive tread design that not only makes your vehicle look good but also makes it look more aggressive, thus adding to its overall beauty. In spite of having an affordable price, the company has not compromised on the detailing of its tread designs.

e. Meets legal standard
Hercules tires meet all forms of legal standards. They give their customers a particular mileage. If the tire wears out before reaching that particular mileage, then they will give a replacement. But of course, not all tires will be replaced. The tires will be carefully inspected by the Hercules team. If the tire has been well taken care of and it is indeed a manufacturing defect then it will be replaced. This standard does not apply to tires that have been mishandled by the customers.

f. Work All Seasons
For those who have been complaining about their car tires becoming flimsy during the summers or hard in the winters, then these are tires for you. The all-season tire range is designed such that they do not trouble their users in any kind of weather conditions, be it summer or winter, there is no decline in their performance. 

How Good Are Hercules Tires?

You can judge for yourself how good the Hercules tires must be as their manufacturers give top priority to making tires that contribute towards efficient handling and a comfortable drive. Their superior tread design, coupled with its grooves and biting edge details give the customers an enhanced traction experience, on all kinds of surfaces. Steadiness is experienced owing to the semi-solid rib designs.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Hercules Tires?

Hercules is a leading value brand for tires which is sure to exceed all your expectations, be it comfort, handling or speed. But when buying tires make sure you keep the following points in mind.

1. The right time to change tires:

Checking the tire treads or ideally getting a thorough professional inspection of your vehicles’ current tires should tell you about the right time for changing your vehicle’s tires.

2. Getting a perfect fit:

This part is really important when looking into buying new tires. Check the user manual of your vehicle and then check if Hercules offers a tire that can fit the particular model.

3. Choosing the appropriate tires

When buying tires make sure you keep your driving habits and conditions in mind. There is a wide variety of Hercules tires that are available both online and in the market. The success rate of finding a good deal on both platforms is equally good. Hence do thorough research and make a final decision based on your driving requirements/conditions.

All Nitto NT05 models are equipped with a warning that they are designed primarily for dry driving conditions. The details of the tires informs us that they are not recommended for freezing conditions or snow and ice. 

This is a common characteristic of high-performance sport designed tires.


Hercules Tires Reviews FAQs

Q. Are the Hercules used tires as good as the new ones, since their quality is much talked about?

Ans. That depends completely on the tread distance. But if it falls under the 50,000 miles mark then used Hercules tires should be okay. Make sure you do a thorough inspection of previous punctures and leak and the overall condition of the tires.

Q. Is it okay if I replace only two tires instead of changing all the tires at once?

Ans. It should be ok to replace only the rear or the front tires, provided you are upgrading with the same brand.  However, we suggest changing all four tires at once so that the performance and handling of your vehicle stay uniform.

Q: Why should I settle for the brand Hercules, instead of the other top tire brands available in the market?

The major reason to opt for Hercules tires is their quality and durability. They are a mid-range brand, that is unmatched in all departments- beauty, speed and efficiency and handling amongst others.

Q: Buying Hercules tires online vs. buying Hercules tires in the market. Which has a better success rate?

Ans: The Hercules website is easy to use. The success rate is good both online and in the market. Sometimes you can find good offers and deals online. 

Q. Are all seasons and all-weather tires the same thing?

Ans. They appear to be so but they are not. All-season tires are the tires that provide both dry and wet traction all year round. They do not have traction below temperatures of 7 degrees. Whereas all-weather tires are tires that are a hybrid of all-season and winter tires. They perform better in the winters as opposed to the all-season tires.

Final Words & Recommendation

Hercules provides its customers with a blend of superior quality and excellent selection, at an affordable price. Its tires provide both safety and top handling at an affordable price. You have a wide choice amongst the aforementioned models and more. Before choosing tires for your vehicle take into account some important factors such as your driving conditions, traction in snow and rain, their tread-wear, the noise that they make and their handling. Shop tires that offer not only outstanding performance and selection but are also pocket-friendly. Shop Hercules.

We hope our guide succeeded in helping you choose the right tire for your automobile. Look out for our detailed Hercules trailer tires 22575r15 review. An in-depth analysis of Hercules tires mt and the Hercules tire AT will follow shortly.